– Cool Concept in Used Car Parts. is a very interesting concept in marketing and selling used car parts.

The video explains the concept.

Check out the site at

I thinks a great idea!!!


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4 Responses to – Cool Concept in Used Car Parts.

  1. JamesJackson says:

    The idea presented here is good. It will be nice to put it in practical.

  2. It seems like is a great idea, but I haven’t personally used them before. Anyone have any personal experiences with them? I’ve been using GM Parts House to get my original gm oem auto parts. They’ve worked out pretty well for me so far. They don’t always have the parts available that I’ve been looking for, though. Anyway, I’ll check back later but thanks for the tip.

  3. Bill says:

    I like the visual ideal of marketing the parts/parts car. The last three salvage yards I have dealt with were nothing but hassles; rude, tempermental guys on the phone just trying to sell the whole ‘dog house’, or the entire dashboard. They did not want to even discuss a small trim piece, or a molded dashboard vent.

    I actually have parted out two cars in my lifetime; one pre internet and one post internet.

    The pre internet was back in the late 1970s. My motorhead buddy neighbor and I bought a 1974 Camaro LT that had been totalled in the front end. We paid a whopping $200 and trailered the car to his backyard gloating all the way on how much easy money we would make. Well, in the pre internet days, you had to advertise your car in publications, and that meant $$$. We took out classified ads in newspapers in a 300 miles radius of Louisville, KY (Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville, etc). That alone cost another $200, or so. Then we went for a few magazines ads that were expensive. Also, these were the days of LONG DISTANCE phone charges, and returning calls to other cities cost money. Playing phone tag in those days ate profits quickly!

    In the end, we made some money, but it wasn’t worth the time. Interior parts and trim sold fast and for big bucks, and the turbo hydromatic and rear end brought decent money, but everything else was piecemeal and really not worth the effort. Also, paying the junkyard another $200 to crush the remains ate the profits.

    Then in the early 1990s my fellow MOPAR club buddy asked me to help him part out a 1985 Shelby Charger that was in really good shape less blown turbo motor. The internet was still young in those days, but I had email addresses for most MOPAR clubs across the nation. These clubs happily advertised our parting out in their club newsletter for FREE. Over a two year period, we made several thousand dollars on that car. THANK YOU information superhighway!

    My point to all of this rambling is I think is great. It definately helps keep cars on the road and away from the crusher by making very affordable used parts available to us ‘junk yard illiterate’ who wants to keep our future collectibles and daily drivers on the road!

  4. Thanks for your support Tim!

    After 25 years in the Salvage Business Kevin Fullerton, founder, built the site to help both professionals and hobbyists, re -builders, collectors etc buy & sell used parts online. Have a Happy New Year!

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