Car Show Comments

I often get emails from readers of this blog.  Here is  one from Mr. Stephen Sears on car shows.  He emphasizes the social interaction as his main reason for attending and I say “right on”.  Thank you Mr. Sears.  Any one else?  Post the comments or email me.

Stephen P. Sears

....I'd drop you a line or two on car shows.  I have a 1982 Mercury Cougar GS
Station Wagon.  Unrestored and a driver.  I've attended several car shows with
my car and the reaction to it are very polar meaning many just hate it and many
love it.  I mainly go for the interaction with other folks and of course I'm
more interested in looking at the other cars and chatting with the owners.  I
could care less about trophies and awards.  I do get to explain about Cougar
wagons a lot and most have not ever heard of them.  I don't think I'd enter a
show that gives out awards.  It's not my thing nor is my car award worthy.  But,
I liked your comments about the subject. 

I went to the Fabulous Fords Forever show last year and made the mistake of
parking with the other Cougars.  Not one of those folks came over to see.  But
the Fairmont/Zephyr folks gave my Cougar a lot of attention.  I'll be parking
with those folks this year.  My Cougar is a close cousin to those cars. 

Like I said the important thing for me is the interaction with the other owners.
Way too much fun. Not to mention I can get ideas and tips on maintenance and
restoration for free. 

Stephen P. Sears
Ridgecrest, Ca. 

(permission was granted for posting his comments)

Auto Factoids for week 1 of Feb 2010

2/1/1947 – Kaiser buys Graham_Paige (auto maker from 1928 to 1940’s) – The “Sharknose”

2/2/1899 – Renault incorporates

2/5/1923 – Ethyl gas available for sale

Kaiser buys Graham_Paige and on 2/5/1970 AMC buys Kaiser-Jeep Corp.

2/5/1846  John Dunlop  born in England…Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company.

2/6/1951 – Kaiser Silver Dragon debuts

Events listed on Hemmings Calendars.

Cleanest Garage of the Week – Disaster Garage of the Week Contest

Hey….send me a pic of you nice clean garage…I’ll post them up here….under the post…Cleanest Garage of the Week.  OH…don’t have a clean garage (me either)…send me  your cluttered up, messy garage photo and I post it up here..under the post…..Disaster Garage of the Week?

I like this idea soooo much I’m going to offer up a $25.00 gift card for the winner of each to Home Depot or Checkers Auto.

Send me your pics and at the end of Feb. 2010 I’ll select the winner.  Send the email to me and I’ll post the weekly winners right here.

This should be fun.

Car Shows (con’t)

We were talking about car shows and that taking them seriously when you’re just a hobbyist is just asking for a let down. We don’t have the funds, time or even space to a lot of the work necessary. 

I’ve taken both my cars to small and large shows.  I love both.  The large ones have so much to do and so many cars to view and owner to talk, you might forget you’ve got your there.  The small ones are great too.  They are usually busy as well.  But have more time to talk those walking by and the guy sitting on other side of you car.

Now if you really want to try for a trophy here a couple hints.  I found this out by accident.  I was merely trying get my cars in the right class for the show and wound up with two trophies in the same show.

Tip 1 – Smaller shows.  Of course that’s just math, the less cars the better odds of winning something. Not only that, the judging isn’t all that “professional”.  Some shows have the contestants vote for the cars they like. 

Tip 2 – Check out the Classes that will be judged.  If your cars aren’t exactly finished, or there’s a couple issues that user will notice look for the under construction Class.  I won two trophies in that class.   Read the class descriptions carefully.  I went to one car show where the class were “Other Sports Cars” and Corvettes from 1962 to present.  ’62 to present covers a LOT of corvettes and there’s no way my C4 will compete with 1967 427  C2…just no chances there.  Because I wanted to park my Corvette and Mustang together, they made me select the “Other Sports Cars” and I didn’t win…but I got a lot of votes (and that was one of the larger car shows in the area).  In a smaller show I entered the Corvette in the C4 class and I picked a show that was for a charity and just by luck there was a huge Corvette Show on the other side of town.  I pick of a trophy there for Best in Class (yes there were other C4’s) but part of it was that they appreciated me bringing the Vette there and forgoing the big show. 

3. Most important tip – Have a good time.

4. Take a friend.  I’ll have a friend drive one of my cars while I take the other.  It just adds to the fun.

I’ll do more later on car show and give you some more ideas for having fun.

Car Shows

Yeah…I know, I’ve been jumping around a lot and I’m going to do it again in this post – and there’s a good change I’ll do it again.  This blog has a main theme, but current cars ‘things’ pop up and I like to get them down before I forget.

I’m taking the Mustang to a car show this weekend.  For many that’s why we restore show them off, right?  And we mod them to show the off too…..just faster!!!!

But if you are an average guy like me, don’t take the shows seriously, we aren’t “professionals”, we aren’t making a living doing this sort of thing.  Sure we don’t mind the praise and mini ego trip when someone likes are car, but you have to have fun!!!

Now, having said that I my two cars have won 3 trophies, the Mustang as won one and the Corvette has won 2….but hold on there’s a catch. Well it’s not really a catch but something that can make it easier to maybe bring home a trophy.

We’ll talk about that in a minute, but first let me toss you a story.

I had a couple of guys help me with the Mustang.  There’s just some things that the home owners association frown upon – doing an engine swap in the drive way is near the top of the list.  Come on now….in a normal size two car garage who has the room to actually do that inside???  Hey….send me a pic of you nice clean garage…I’ll post them up here….under the post…Cleanest Garage of the Week.  OH…don’t have a clean garage (me either)…send me  your cluttered up, messy garage photo and I post it up here..under the post…..Desaster Garage of the Week.

Anyway these guys do some very nice restoration work, everything but their own painting.  They produce some beautiful restro-mod (we’ll discuss restro-mods later) camaro and beautiful Chevelle.  I was at a car show and parked next to one of their beauties and I took home a trophy (Corvette best in class).  Needless to say there was some groaning.

My point is have pride in your work and you’ll find people at shows that appreciate it, trophy or no trophy.  Now days cars show have tons of events going on in side them..they are more like mini “carnivals” you use to see in shopping center parking lots.  The large ones are completely a family event.  My wife has enjoyed many and she’s not a car carzy person..but girl loves a car with horse power.

Talk with people.  That can be the best part of a show.

OK..I have to get some work more later today.
Don’t forget the Cleanest Garage and Disaster Garage photos send them to:

Self Inflicted – The Worst

If you recall in a previous post I mentioned the psychological hurdles that some (at least I) have to over come when working on our own cars.   The one of them was the “fear” of breaking it yourself.  Remember?  Well ya go….

It’s the end of January and I still had my x-mas lights up….so yesterday  (1/24)  I decided they had to come down.  I didn’t want to be the guy taking them down in June (like my neighbor).

So, I pull the Vette into the lower part of the drive and then proceeded to back the Mustang down.  The Mustang takes a while to warm up so instead I just release the e-brake, pushed the clutch in and coasted down the driveway.

Had a neighborhood kid in the driveway so I was keeping an eye on him (he’s 5 yrs old) and I left the door of the Stang open.

Yeah…you guessed it….I heard a crunch and I looked over to the left and there was my Mustang door (good old American steel) stuck in my Vette’s fender!!!!!

All I can say is plastic bumpers saved the day….not so much for the fiber glass fender and  belt molding on the vette.

Oh..adding insult to injury the 5 yrs old said..”That’s why you need to close the door..that’s what my Dad says!”

If it ain’t one thing it’s another!!!

Thanks for reading.



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