Corvette AutoX Firebird International Raceway Vid!

The next few posts will have pics and some video to show the fun that was had at this event.  This first one show one of my runs and where I left the course.  I did get back on, but the course rule were you  either stopped to limped home.  This was my worse time 44 sections plus.

Corvette Auto Cross Firebired International Raceway

This event was a smash hit.  So much fun. I’ll jot more later, but a lot of fast cars and good people.

By best time 34.89…not bad for no mods yet.  Left the course only once.  NO cones were killed by my C4.


Before the race

a pic.  Still processing the video…and yes I’ll post the of me losing it.

The Non-Mechincal Hurdles of Restoring and Modifying Cars (cont.)

So I left off with perhaps one of the worse fears, breaking it yourself.

Having it broken by someone else is only slightly better, YOU didn’t do it, so you can be mad at someone and chances are the signification other will lighten up, especially when they find you sobbing uncontrollably, laying on the hood your classic.

I have had that experience with my Mustang. Since kids might run across this blog I won’t use the language I might normally, when relaying this next incident.

I had just gotten the engine conversion done and I was happy.  Some work on my part and fair amount of money got me to where the car had the power it needed. I’ll talk more about the modification and conversion later on.  I think I had the car back for a couple months and one day…a rainy day….errk………..I live in southern Arizona ….what manner of horrible luck can you have to deserve such crappy timing?  I was only a  mile from home and I stopped at a red light.  10 cars in front me and as I waiting with them, I glanced in my rear view mirror.  There I see a small white pick-up in the distance coming my way.  As I watched, I realized that he was coming pretty fast.  A nano second later I was 100% sure he wasn’t going to stop.  I shoved the clutch in, dropped her in to first, cranked the steering wheel to the right, hit the gas and popped the clutch.  Well, the additional power I longed for, now realized…spun the rear wheels, in what normally would have been an enjoyable manner, but right that minute I was wishing for the straight 6 again…(well..maybe not exactly).   I was just able to nose the Mustang’s front end way from the car in front of me when I looked up and saw…(this was all happening in extremely slow motion – right now just playing it in my seems like ten minutes at least) this white pickup starting to stop and then I felt the slam from behind.  The force pushed the Mustang past the car in front of me by 3/4 of a car length.  If I had not gotten the few precious inches just before the tires began spinning, I would have destroyed my 3 month old bored out 302 and all the hard work that went into the engine bay, electrical, and new AC would have been for naught.

Ok I’m going to stop here for the now.  More tomorrow.

One more day until Corvette Auto X day.  Taking my son with me, he’ll be grabbing some vids and pics that I’ll share.

Thanks for reading and thanks for being able to read!!!!


Auto X Racing – coming up!!! 1/9/2010

I’ll be taking the C4 to Firebird International Raceway this Saturday.  Auto X is a lot of fun.  You can enjoy  yourself even if with the lower horsepower cars.  This one is being sponsored by my vette club Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts  (ACE) you can find them at

I’ll post up any pics I can get and maybe a few v-clips.  This will be a good test for the recently level two built trans and I haven’t done very much hard cornering with her since we redid all the bushing with polyurethane replacements.

Check back on Sunday for some details.

Thanks for reading.


The Non-Mechincal Hurdles of Restoring and Modifying Cars

So restoring or modifying a car will have hurdles, no way around it, face ’em and deal with ’em.  I think one could list them for days and still not cover them all.  But let me cover the psychological ones that I’ve encountered. (Beside the dual persona necessary to own and owning up to owning  a Ford and a Chevy….oh don’t worry you read the multiples talk to one other…right?…what ever you say….Yes they won’t have to read that again…we promise.)

Again, I’m sure there are many, but one by one I’ll list mine and discuss.  It’ll be good for us…I!!!

Most of these stem from always longing for that special car and then finally getting one.  Now, if you pick up a “project” car then chances are you aren’t going to get where I am until at least you have it running, driven it around while and developed that special bond.  You know the bond I’m talking about, where you’ll do anything to spend time with it.   Like take the long way to work even though you might be couple minutes late or the “Sure honey, I don’t mind running to the store for you for the 14th time today.  ” I don’t mind missing a little of the game.”    That bond.

I bought both of my cars in very good to excellent condition.  The Mustang was my almost daily driver, even when it was just a 6 banger and the Vette replaced my Celica as the daily design.  So I developed the bond pretty quickly.

This bond drives “fear”,  yes, I said it…”FEAR”.  Fear that something might happen to the car, a crazy fellow driver, a knucklehead in a parking lot, the old guy that leaves his shopping cart in the parking spot next to you on a windy day.  All truly horrible, truly.

But there is one thing worse, breaking the beloved thing yourself.  It’s like accidentally stepping on your pets paw or knocking your child down while playing basketball.  It a can actually make you feel ill…right?  You all following me?  CAN YOU DIG IT? (from the movie Warriors).

Remember, I’m the Average Guy I have a basic skill set, you won’t find me (Yet) pulling the tearing down an entire working engine.  At least not alone and even then with much trepidation.  I can’t image being deprived of driving my dream, due to circumstance within my control..that’s just NUTS!!!!!

If you are on a limited budget this multiples the fear 120 fold…AT LEAST.  You break it….you have to wait to get it fixed.  Then your significant other is going to AT LEAST mention how much it might cost (over and over and over)   errrk…(when every you see…errrk…. in the middle of my written thoughts,  image a quick brake screech – this means I’m braking for a side note…”witty” comment or in this case a disclaimer) “The commentary in this blog relates to a  fictitious individual, any similarities or assumed similarities that might point to an actual person are merely coincidental and not intended to be projected onto my very understanding spouse.”  (Love you..Honey!!!)   ( was that…pretty good huh?..Yeah that should cover my butt…JUST fine.  Of course we have a very nice couch!!!)

OK..enough therapy  for today ..more tomorrow.

Thanks for  reading.


AutoFactoid for 01/06/09

Sorry for no entries yesterday.  I’ll make up for it today.  We’ll start with a couple notable events that occurred today.

Back in 1925 John DeLorean was born, famous for his name sake car and the work he did with Chevy and contributions to the automotive design industry.

On this day in 1917 a gold-plated Studebaker was displayed at the N.Y. Auto Show.  No, I don’t know why they’d do that!!!

Thanks for reading.


Cash for Clunkers – The Down Side

If you are reading this then you might like cars, old cars, muscle cars and even VW’s.

I’ve read some of the articles and I even watched them kill a Corvette, with that “gunk” they poored in the engine.  It took a long time for it to die.  Excuse me….I need a minute. OK, I’ll be  fine.  But maybe you won’t after you read this list of cars that got crushed.  I clipped this out a magazine Hot Rod Magazine ( I think).  Another fine periodical worth having.

I’ll give you a minute to go grab a tissue……………..waiting……………..waiting………..waiting.

Ok ready?  Read on if you dare:

1 Buick Grand National GNX (rare?….do ya think?)

1007 Chevy Camaros

131 Chevy Corvettes (Haters!!!!)

209 Chevy El Caminos (ok some of the later ones..maybe)

3842 Crown Victorias and LTD (big engines..gone)

24 Ford Lighting trucks

1611 Ford Mustangs (curse them!!!)

107 Ford Taurus SHOs (almost don’t care here)

3060 Ford Thunderbirds (sad)

sit down for this one

571 Pontiac Trans Ams and Firebirds (one was a 20th anniversary) (WHAT!!?!?!?!?! Son of…)

Approximately 690114 were destoryed.

Get this I have a distance relative, that had an old truck sitting in a field for years. Got it running and brought it in for an easy couple grand..yeah…your taxes at work.

Tomorrow we’ll get back to talking about mods and I’ll tell you my “issues” that I need to work through.

Thanks for reading.