Old Schoolin’ It 70 Mustang

Today I old schooled it.

No gadgets, no electronics, no error code readouts.

Just a ratchet, socket, feeler gauge and a set of 8 Autolite 45 spark plugs.  Oh and a crappy old garage radio, sometimes playing music sometimes just static.

It takes me back in reverse chronological order. Back to some of the important “car” stages in  my life.  Back to  my 82 Camaro, back further to my 69 Dodge Dart, back to my first 1966 Chevy (in 1976).

It takes me back one more stage, working in one of my father’s garages where I worked long days in the summer on customers cars and back a bit further watching my father work on our 61 Chevy Belair and his old Dodge pick up.  Even further back to my grandfather’s garage  with the half dirt half cement garage floor, watching the two of them trying to get that old early 1950 Ford or Chevy truck (we called it the “doodle bug” ..and no I don’t know how it got its name) running.

There was always a radio playing somewhere nearby often a baseball game or country music.

That’s one reason I love my 70 Mustang.  Working on it takes me back to those days.  Today I could have been 12 again, leaning over the fender of a real American made car, just the basic tools and an old radio tuned to a sports station recapping March Madness 2011.  It could have been 1970 again.

Finished up the job and fired the Mustang up and that started the way-back machine again.


1970 Coupe



Thanks for reading.


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8 Responses to Old Schoolin’ It 70 Mustang

  1. Steve Sears says:

    If I still had a points type car it would have to be a GM. Setting the dwell on a Ford is just a PIA! On a GM type just open the little window and the 1/8″ allen wrench will set the dwell spot on. Woo Hoo.

    But the odds of me having a points type ignition is way small. I’ve been spoiled with electronics. Not need for spares in the glovebox or worry about a balast resistor in the glove box (Chrysler). I think I changed the plugs once about 70,000 miles ago on my Ranger. No need to check the timing as nothing is adjustable. It doesn’t even have a distributor. I’m definately spoiled.

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  3. Roy Oberg says:

    Great story Tim! I thought I was the only “Old Schooler’!
    Have a great day…


  4. timsweet says:

    Only difference between the 6 and 8 is two cylinders and Partonix module to replace the points and condenser. Back then it was all adjusted with point feeler gauge and a good ear.

  5. Bill says:

    BTW, I can fix that old garage radio for you if you want!

  6. Bill says:

    Just think if you’d kept the straight six how much easier a job it would have been. Remember true ‘old school’ would have had you replacing the points, condensor, and rotor cap. I still have my NAPA dwell and idel speed guage in my tool box, although it has not seen the light of day in 19 years.

    I’m in Louisville, KY right now, trying to get used to 33 degree days. I forgot how cold that humid wind can feel. Hope to see you in Tucson soon!

    Take care, Bill

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