Old Part “To Keep or Not To Keep” That is the Question

I’m always reading where a guy had replace every part on his car and saved all the old parts.  As with all things there is line of demarcation.  What made me think of this was the new front end of the Mustang and a previous conversation when I was needed to rebuild the transmission for the 2nd time in the Corvette.

I was pretty fed up with the T400R (I’ll share the story when I talk about the mods for the Vette in another post).  I had trouble with it when I first got it —only 32K miles,  and then a horrible rebuild and on the second rebuild I was considering just replacing with another level 2.  A fee of the guys from the Corvette club (ACE) that I belong to encouraged me to keep the old trans because it would be important at some point to have the matching number trans.

I’ve read were some have even kept old sheet metal because of the part number and the new after market ones don’t have that.  But there can’t be much value in having an old front valance for my Mustang laying around..ya think?  (Ok..fine I do still have it and it does have the original part number on it..but I wouldn’t put it on again.)

So saw no reason to keep the old control arms no value in that.

BTW I had the Corvette transmission rebuilt.  This really leads me to another topic I read about in a car magazine.  The topic was survivor cars or the most original.  That one later.

Thanks for reading.


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