New addition to the C4

It’s been a few days since I posted last, every once in a while life gets a little busy, business travel and a vacation.

However, this blog might have been idle but I wasn’t.

For as long as I’ve owned my vette, I’ve dragged around the original Bose stereo.  Yup, 1980’s technology, with a cassette  and AM and FM radio.  (You kids won’t remmmbbberr….hang on while I put my teeth back in…there…better…remember these and I use to walk to school when I was a kid, up hill both ways and snow up to here!!!!) It sounded really bad.  The cones were mostly dried out from the AZ heat and I think I’ve spent enough on original used speaker and amps (each speaker had its own amp) to buy four stereos with big amps and have the vette vibrate down the street without starting it.  I just didn’t want to get read of the thing….because it was original equipment.

Well, I finally broke down and replaced it.  HOWEVER, not with just a cd player and radio.  Nope.  I wanted something a little more fitting for the car. 

The 1984 C4, as more Corvette peeps know, was the most technologically, advanced car at the time.  It was the first car with computer controlled fuel injection, electronic shifting, and a dash-board with digital and graphic displays….and you can switch it from English to Metric.  So I wanted a stereo, befitting the other technology, but…..say it with me….Average Guy with and Average Budget!!!!!

So I couldn’t go to crazy.  What I did find was an all digital Pioneer Media Center.  No CD.  USB connection for IPODs or just a thump drive.  HD Radio that finds adds all the radio stations and …..wait for it…..drum roll………blue tooth phone connections.  KOOL or what…my wifes’ 08 Lexus has got nothing on my 84 Vette now…..ok..well she does have air-conditioned seats and navigation (…but my phone has that)  and the rear camera and a back seat (over rated!!!) and moon room (but my roof comes off!!)…away there’s more.

I did not want any thing to happen to the original speaker covers nor did I want any new holes, I wanted great sound and an original look.  So I added Alpine SPS 699’s in the rear, 260 watts and 85 RM and Alpine SPS 400 for the door speakers, 140 watts peak and 45 RM.  She sounds great.

 The original Bose system is safe,  all packed and stored.

Thanks for reading.  Drop me a note.


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