Name that Car – #7

Ok…we are rollin’ along  now.  I’m also running these over on Armed Forces Car Club, so there will be two winners, one for this site and one for theirs.

Here is the next car.

This is (again) a 60’s era car.  This is not of the Big 3 but this company brought us some excellent cars with some healthy power plants  under the hood.

In it natural state (right off the assembly line), this car was not a muscle car, but now days you can find them with all kinds of transplants.

Name that Car #7

Good luck with this one.

Thanks for playing.


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One Response to Name that Car – #7

  1. Bill says:

    1968 Rambler American. My good buddy in California loved these cars; he had three straight six Rambler Americans from 1967 to 1970.

    These cars were truly what the acronym “AMC” met, which is “All Makes Combined”. The Rambler American’s from this era had Chrysler Torque Flite A904 transmissions (re-named ‘Power Flite’ by AMC), Ford Carlite Glass and Motorcraft carbs, GM sourced Delco Remy alternator, regulator, and ignition, and GM sourced Saginaw power steering and Harrison radiators and heater cores.

    Have a nice day.

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