Name that Car – #1

Recap of the rules:

Here how it works.

A small excerpt of a car photo will be post and you have to guess the car and year.

Each pic will be accompanied by a few hints.  These will be production cars, not concepts or one off’s.

I’ll post as often a possible and keep a tally of the first right answers on the image that follows.

You have to be the first with the right answer and the first to reach 5 correct answers.

The first with five correct answers will win a free gift. Normally, car related DVD, CD or a Bolt Depot Fastener gauge (screw/bolt) – metric or U.S.  (These will be mailed to you, so you are going to have to provide an address.)

Additional note:  All of these cars will have had appeared on my blog over the past 1.5 years.

So here is the first image.

This is a GM.  Produced in the 1960’s.

Contest #1 Image

Post your best guesses.  First correct answer posted wins.

Thanks for reading…good luck.


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6 Responses to Name that Car – #1

  1. PDawg says:

    A Ford Fairlane?

  2. Steve Sears says:

    Oops. 66 Impala. I could have sworn the Bel Air had the silver on the front valance and the Impala had body color on the valance.

  3. Steve Sears says:

    1966 Chevy Bel Air.

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