Mustang Carpeting – Who knew!!??!

As part of the mods and upgrades for my 70 Mustang,  I plan on replacing all the carpet.  Before I do that however, I’m going to lay down some heat and sound proofing (but that is another post).

As I start project planning, I’m  looking around for parts and materials, as well as any helpful hints. (If you have any at any time, drop me a comment.)  Although certain portions of the restro-mod will have to be done together, like carb and intake or heads and cam (yes I’m all four will be done at the same time), many can be accomplished separately, like adding the  heat/sound proofing and the carpeting, before upholstery of the seats.  In the Mustang getting the seats out are easy enough (keep in mind my goal is to not have the car tied up too long between stages) so replacing the seats after the carpet installation, isn’t a problem.

As a reminder, the mods will be done in adherence to budget, time and events. So there maybe a need to move between different phases to accommodate either 3 of those factors.

O.K., so where was I, oh yeah..carpet shopping.

As I looking on-line for the best place for ordering carpeting, began to notice a lot of choices.  I start thinking “I’m going to have call up on deck my personal award-winning interior designer (that would be my wife – by profession…no not wife by profession although I’m sure thinks it’s her 3rd career, but Interior Designer by profession).   Here is a little bit of what I found:

Plush Cut Pile

Ultra-Plush Cut Pile

Neon Cut Pile

100% Nylon Loop

I’m thinking, “holy cow!!!…What the heck is this?!!  Ultra-Plush Cut Pile?  I’m not building a ’60 Love Van!!!  Oh it gets better..yeah.. you guessed it samples!!!!!


Misty Gray


My favorite - Cinnabar


Oh..come on!!!  Cinnabar!!!!  Really!!??  Um..yup.  Oh and there were many more, like Medium Gray and Silver Mist and Nutmeg and Fire Thorn!!!! I’m not kidding.

So I’m looking round to make sure know one’s looking over my shoulder (as I’m doing this over my lunch at work..on my personal smart phone…just in case “they” are reading!!!)  All the time I thinking…”It’s black..all I know is that it’s black!”

Who knew that there was that much to look at?  Not this Average Guy.

Luckily I found this snippet on one site and it all became clear:

Plush Cut Pile

Our nylon cut pile is constructed from 100% first quality yarn and is similar to what is found in most cars since 1974. It is tufted on a 1/8 gauge machine with 14 ounces of yarn per square yard. It is dyed using the finest dyes available and tested for ozone humidity fading & light fastness.

Ultra-Plush Cut Pile

This carpet is a super plush upgrade to our standard Cut Pile. A 100% nylon cut pile manufactured with over 40% more nylon fiber than our standard cut pile. It is dyed using the finest dyes available and tested for ozone humidity fading & light fastness.

Ok..still not sure here!!!

Neon Cut Pile

Our Neon Cut Pile colors are a great look if you want to make a statement! Although these are not stock colors, they would be appropriate for all applications. There is an additional 15% charge for all applications made with Neon Cut Pile.

What…not stock colors!!!??!!!   What?  Are you sure that is color

wasn’t stock?   It’s Pink!!!!

And the clouds parted and it all became clear.  The very last one was this:


100% Nylon Loop

A 100% nylon loop. This material is appropriate for pre-1975 applications only, and was the original type construction used in 1969-1973 Mustangs.

And it came in …………..Black!!!”

Thanks for reading



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2 Responses to Mustang Carpeting – Who knew!!??!

  1. Bill says:

    I do have a tip to offer if you are doing the install yourself. Unless you get true ‘restoration’ carpet that has the pre-cut holes, it is a bit of a hassel. I have used a low wattage soldering pencil iron to burn/melt perfect sized holes in the carpeting. You won’t have threads of material to tear, or loose piles to reip out since the soldering iron melts the hole perfectly.

    Remember this is a three man job, and take your time-measuring twice and cutting once.

    Also, to preserve that Mustang, I’d pull the old carpet, wirebrush the floorboards, clean the floorboards with mineral spirits followed up by Simple Green and lots of towels. Then a thin brush coat of POR15 rust stop compound.

    BTW, I have replaced carpet in two cars, and was please with el-cheapo JC Whitney replacements. Both times the color was black, so matching the factory color was not much of an issue. The carpet was cheap, and fit fairly well. You could tell it was not true factory carpet, but it looked good and wore well.

    Merry Christmas! Bill

  2. Steve Sears says:

    This is the exact reason I like In & Out Burger. Three things on the menu. Hamburgers, Fries and a drink. That’s it.

    I was going to say, as I was reading, that the nylon loop is the way to go. It looks good, like original and simple. Yet, you discovered that yourself. But it’s good to know that if I ever require pink plush or Cinnebar that it’s available. LOL.

Let me hear from you!!! Drop a note!!