Muscle Car Peeves

Ok..I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.  I have a couple muscle car and cars that aren’t but get “dressed up” like muscle cars peeves .

So here are three right off the bat.

1.  Don’t put Yanko strips on your 2003 Dodge Neon.  It doesn’t look right and you aren’t fooling anyone.

2.  I having nothing against body kits added to car.  I, personally wouldn’t do it to the two I have, but I’ve seen some pretty nice jobs done on Corvettes especially.  I’ve even see a lot of imports that look really good with body kit.  But here’s my peeve, don’t put them on the car if you aren’t going to paint them right way.  Save ups the cash and get it all done at once.  And one more note on body kits, why would you want to take you Honda Accord and make it look like 1946 pickup truck?  (ok..I’ve never actually seen one, but you know the what I mean).

3.  I recently saw a 1970 something Camaro, mounted on the frame of a raised Chevy pickup…almost monster truck size.  Why people…WHY???!!!

Ok, there are a couple of mine muscle car want-ta-be peeves.

Send me yours and we’ll get them posted up.  Come on I know you’ve got them!!!!!

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Muscle Car Peeves

  1. Steve Sears says:

    I agree with your peeves and wanted to add to the list.

    I’ve actually seen this.

    Big huge wing on the back of a 94 Mustang V6.
    Ricer muffler on the same 94 Mustang V6.
    Loud mufflers on a Dodge Magnum 2.7 V6, sounds horrible by the way.
    Carbon fibre hood on a 97 Honda Civic with stock steel wheels and the car is all stock.

    None of these modifications make sense. I want all money that normally would be wasted on foolish and useless modifications sent to me.

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