Muscle Car, Classic Car, Collector Car — What’s it Worth

First let’s get a couple of …sayings out-of-the-way.

1.  It’s worth what someone will pay for it!!!!

2. It has sentimental value!!!!!!

These comments are so useless, but you hear them all the time.

Determining the value of your car isn’t easy.  Especially these days with  the roller coaster ride that is  collector car prices and the huge difference between a million plus ‘cuda and a run of the mill rare Charger.

What makes it tougher is the fact that you might not have a cuda or even a run of the mill Charger.  I have a 70 Mustang coupe…you aren’t going to find them on Barrett Jackson bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars.  One of our readers has a Mercury Cougar Station Wagon, come on..I love that car, but you won’t see it crossing an auction block.

So there are several ways to ‘try’ to obtain a reasonable value.  This is important for resale, estate planning, and insurance.  In the next few posts I’ll toss out a few options.  Here are the areas:

Blue Book


Bean Counter


On line sales.

More tomorrow.

Thanks for reading


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