More Car Art – Who says the Average Car Guy doesn’t like art??

Well, I don’t know about every car guy, but I do know what I like.

Some of my favorites are abandon car art, but I enjoy a lot of other subject matters as well.

If you look  to the right of this post you’ll see one of my favorites.  My old 1984 C4  red Corvette, closely following what would be my future car(unbeknownst to me at the time) a black C6 Corvette.  I have one other favorite and that’s a rendering of the interior of my 1970 Mustang.

My 1970 Mustang

I’ve known this starving artist (he’s not really starving, my wife won’t allow that) his entire life.  Ryan has a great eye for car art. (Shameless plug.  This image and the image of the Corvettes, nicely framed, make great gifts, tis the season.)

While tooling a round a little town in Southern Arizona this past Black Friday (Nov 26), I happened to meet an artist named Scott Taft and had to purchase  a picture of 1959 Chevy that he had transferred to metal.  You can see his work at

One other web site I ran across was this one, it’s got a little more bling, but some very nicely done pieces. It’s called Car Art Work and you can see their offerings @

Car Art Work

Just for the record I don’t receive any money, free stuff or benefit in any way (other than a big thank from my son if one of his images sell) for mentioning these artists or companies. This just stuff I like.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Infamousjim says:

    Looks cool, If you’re into car art check out my blog too…

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