Mom & Pop Racing Teams Highlighted

This site is getting a lot of hits and as all of my readers know  it’s not a commercial in I don’t sell anything, nor do I have sponsors.  I do it for fun.

A few months back while I was surfing the web I ran across a web site that offered to find small “Mom & Pop” racing teams sponsors for their companies.  I read the site and I thought it was a really cool ideal.  Then I got to thinking, which is often a laborious effort, and more times than not ends in some sort of less than optimal situation, I’d like to do something like that. Small draw back…..oh you know what’s coming…..Average Guy, Average budget….hell most of the time I can afford my this hobby of mine either.  So there won’t be any cash involved. (Hear that?!?!!??!  That’s the sound of internet browsers slamming closed!!!)

Well if you are still with me, here is what I’d like to do.

I’m going to add a portion to this site called “Mom & Pop’s Racing Corner.  I’d like to feature the small racing teams from anywhere in the in the world from time to time.  What’s in it for me?  Nothing.  What’s in it for the racing team?  Some recognition outside their local areas.  Maybe you get noticed pick up a sponsor or even a couple fans!!!

So if you want to play here is what I need:

1.  Name and size of your racing team

2. Details on the vehicles you race…i.e., cars, and trucks (other types might be considers but NO…ABSOLUTELY  NO…..LAWNMOWERS!!!!..unless they are really cool) like engine, mods, horsepower, transmission, you get the idea.

3. Type of racing (oval, drags, drifting)

4. A brief paragraph (or longer if you desire) on history and resent racing results and even next event you are going to attend.

5. Include some way for a reader to contact you. (email, facebook or other social media)

6. Include some pictures. At least one of your vehicle. It would be really cool to show the drivAdd an Imageer(s), owner(s), pit crew, engine builder, stuff like that.

I’ll select one every two weeks or so, depending on the response and run the information in that corner.

It’s going to be fun to introduce these small racing teams and learn more about their cars and their type of racing.

You can drop me a comment here and I’ll get back to your or just email  me directly at with your information.

This should be fun.

Thanks for reading


My Coupe taking of from the line. Before the new paint!!!

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