Mod Decisions for 70 Mustang

After much internal debate about what to do with my 70 Mustang I’ve decided on a direction for Mustang.

Running out of car projects (there was always something to ‘fix’ on the ’84 Vette).  The 07 Vette is going to stay as if for a while, I like just it as it is for now.  The Mustang is nearly done, with just a re-upholstery with the front seat, restoring the back of the rear seat and replacing the steering column cover and new carpeting.  That’s all coming up soon.  But there are a few more things that are going to happen.  The time frame will be fluid given the availability of funds (Average Budget) and time.

I wrestled with keeping the car original in the beginning.  But with the tired old 250 straight 6 wasn’t going to make it possible, coupled with my desire to have more horse power.  I’ve often thought that the 302 swap wasn’t horrible and by keeping the 3 speed manual transmission, my changes didn’t reach the level of a resto-mod and I still think I’m good there.  Keeping it period (swapping out items that were actually available for a coupe as options in 1970) I thought was noble in trying to bring it up to a level of performance I “could live with” without straying too far from its original configuration.  However, I understand that a ’70 Coupe isn’t ever going to reach the value of  any other ’70 model or configuration of Mustang nor will it receive a comparable level of the attention at car shows.

So I’m working out a plan for taking this under rated coup to an all new level.

Currently as configured the car has the following:


– Original color – paint 2 years old.

– Mach 1 mirrors (Left and Right – I added those)

– Rear wing – added by previous owner


– Center Line with spinner centers


– Original dealer installed AC unit

– Original materials  and color

– Dash pad replaced


– Original 3 speed transmission

– Original rear end 3.00 standard axle ratio

Engine: (my mods)

– Re-manufactured 302 (1970) bored .030

– Larger radiator

– A/C dryer kill switch

– Typhoon Intake

– Holly 650 4 barrel carb


– Hooker headers

– Dual exhaust

– Thrust mufflers


– Standard

– Front and rear stabilizers (after market)


– Power assist Drums

So what’s my plan?

That is coming up next posting.

Thanks for reading


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  1. PDawg says:

    If you’re ever at a total loss I’ll let you do a little work on Burt!

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