Missed Car Show – Mustang Front End – Closure.

We all love closure and especially when it ends well.

Mustang is back from the shop. Buying the control arms ahead time saved a few dollars.  HINT:  If you know you need a part, but not right away, but you have the funds (too many buts???) look for a sale.  I’m continually sent emails with discounts from Mustang parts places.  I purchased these on an email and got free shipping.  What I didn’t have was the spring perches.  Luckily I found them at a local place that specializes in muscle cars and in particular Mustangs.  They ran about $80 for the pair. 

 While they had  a part I splurged for a set of shocks…no labor because they had it apart already. (Hint:  More savings!!)

So I drove over to pick it up and drive it around the corner to the tire place and got two new tires tossed on.  I can’t believe the difference the new front end makes.  Took it out for a drive.  This car is nearly done. 

Side note:  I’m enjoying this Blogging thing.  Although we are light on the comments..Mr. Sears is always helping out there, it’s good fun.

Got to give a shout out to a loyal reader…HEY PDAWG!!!  Get me that pic of your garage!!!!

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6 Responses to Missed Car Show – Mustang Front End – Closure.

  1. Jack Kline says:

    In my garage rests my son Conor’s 68 Buick Skylark GS carcass. It has been in the restoration process for five years. He just completely re-built (bored) his GM 350 and it rests on a stand in the basement TV room, a remarkable conversation piece when entertaining important guests and foreign potentates. I’m still waiting, have been for two years, for him to actually put something back on the carcass. As of now, we step around bumper, quarter panel and headlight land mines strewn all over our garage. I’ll stack my garage against P-DAWG’s or just about anybody’s.

  2. PDawg says:

    Yo, T-Money –

    Always enjoy reading your blog and it’s been great picking up hints for future work on Burt.

    Garage photo to come this weekend. You’ll find that I’m a strong contender for the grand prize. (Hint: Never engage in this sort of frivolous activity during the workweek lest one’s project manager think one is not properly applying oneself to one’s chosen profession. This could lead to a performance evaluation in which one does not exceed expectations. Oh, wait …)

  3. Lydia says:

    Hey Tim,
    First time reader, first time poster here. I enjoyed your blog, was impressed with your typing. 🙂

    I’m glad the mustang is getting fixed up. I recently found a picture of a mustang that my brother used to have. I will bring it to work so you can tell me ‘wow, that’s a cool mustang!’.

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