Livin’ with the Glitches – 07 Corvette

Technology…you love it, you hate it.

It’s the technology that can take a stock small block Chevy engine produce 420 hp and still get reasonable mpg’s. It’s the technology that kicks in the Active Handling when you get yourself in trouble ( I personally drive with it off).

But it’s the technology that can be troublesome and cause confusion.

My 2007 C6 has equal to or in some areas more technology them my wife’s 2011 Lexus RX.  Her car will let you know when the tire pressure is low, the Corvette lets you monitor it was you drive, right on the  Driver Information Center (DIC) and you can toggle between front and rear.  However my Corvette has nasty habit of giving me a false reading every now a then – gives me the “ding ding” warning and then prompts me that my is flat..not just low pressure, but straight to flat and then warns me not go to over 55 miles per hours.  The computer assumes you have run flat tires and that it’s safe to do so.  Of course there is nothing wrong with my tires pressure, (however, I always pull over to check it anyway with $1800 worth of rims and as much in rubber, you can’t be too careful).  Normally it clear up after a while.

Another interesting glitch is the “headlights suggested” warning.  That’s great but in the middle of a bright sunny Arizona day?  Happens all the time.  It darkens the dash so I can’t read it and then as some point it goes away and allows me to continue with just the daytime running light.

Every now and then the light for the passenger air bag show on, without a passenger.

One of other glitches which isn’t technology based, however none-the-less interesting.   It’s emerging now that, that C6 Corvettes with manual 6 speed transmission does not shift well in cold weather.  I’m not talking  85 degree below zero, I’m talking just under 50 degrees (above zero).  I live in southern AZ where under 50 degree weather isn’t as common as else where in the country. How do those of you in northern climates adjust?.  The most common issue is that the driver is unable to shift into reverse.  That is the issue for my 07.  Others have reported not being able to reach 3rd and 4th gears.

How about the known issue with the removal roof?  It often becomes unseated and squeaks unmercifully. The quick solution is to stop the car, unlatch and lift the top and the re-latch.  First ride I took my wife on, give her the impression that I got a lemon.

So are the glitches worth it?  Is the prestige of owning a world reknowned sports car worth the glitches?  Is 420 plus horsepower and suspension that sticks to the curves like a fly on flypaper?

What do you think?


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3 Responses to Livin’ with the Glitches – 07 Corvette

  1. walter magdziak says:

    I have the fuel system problem with my 07 vet which looks like a brother to the black one shown in the fuel info picture… I’ve had this problem for 3 yeaRS NOW ..I just use the trip odometer to keep track of gas usage…I know the my C6 gets 400 + per tank full…I have approached Chevy for assistance with their choice of a faulty product but all they do for U is to open a customer case number regarding the issue U bring to their attention… I was told to repair (replace both fuel pump units) would cost about 4500 at dealership.. so I continue to drive an watch odometer…I now have 80K on vehicle.. Hopefully it will last till they bury me…

    • Tim Sweet says:

      Walter – I tried keeping up with that for over a year and got stuck 3 times with an empty tank in traffic. The C6 as you know has two tanks and two level sensors. One is by it’s self and the other is part of the fuel pump assembly. My car has just over 75k. So next up on my blog will be my dealership experience. But I ended up paying for the repair.

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