Lisa’s 1973 Mach I Restore!

I love it when a fellow car enthusiast shares their projects.

This is Lisa’s 1973 Mach 1

1973 Mach I

1973 Mach I










Saved after sitting in a junk yard for 21 years.   WAY TO GO LISA!!!   Daunting project to be sure…but you GOT THIS!!!

Lisa73MachI-b Lisa73MachI-c

Lisa wrote:

“Thank you. That is the stock engine out of the original car. The car sat in a junk yard for 21 year before I got it, I thought for sure that it would be too far gone to do anything with but I was completely wrong. The fluids still looked new and once we had the engine out and sitting on a pallet, we rigged it so we could see if it would turn over and sure enough it did. Mine is also a 2v with a 4brl intake. ”
“I wanted to rebuild the engine as affordably as possible so the cam and lifters and the valve guides and seals are the only thing new other than the valve covers which I had to get because sand blasting the factory ones was pointless. The oil pan a friend of mine bought for me after I helped him install his transmission.”
My husband and I own a performance shop that also does machining and I was able to learn how to do the machining on my heads and block to save money on labor. I’ll definitely keep you posted as I progress. I hope you decide to get that mustang and restore it. I would love to see pictures.
You can definitely use my pictures on your blog.”

Here is the engine for Lisa Mach I.

So nicely done!!

Getting ready for some paint!!


So nicely done!!












Lisa, we are looking forward to seeing the progress on this beauty!!!

Oh…and google #ProjectSportsRoof or just stop by and you can follow the progress on my 1973 Sports Roof.

Thanks again for sharing your project.




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