Let’s Admit It: Manual Transmissions Need to Go

You just have to read the entire article and then seem my comments.

I make no judgement (like some of the other commenters) on whether Aaron is a “real car guy”, in fact I’m sure he is a ‘car guy’ – just one of ‘THOSE’ car guys. (If you are a real car guy you’ll know what I mean).

Courtesy of BMW By Aaron Miller @aaron_m_miller


I’m going to take a lot of heat for what I’m about to say. While no manufacturer can expressly admit it, behind closed doors, deep within the bunkers in Detroit, Munich, Stuttgart, and Tokyo, most engineers will nod in agreement. With enough soul searching, quite a few of my fellow automotive writers will find themselves agreeing, too. The visceral allure of the manual transmission as we know and love it isn’t….

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07 and 73

07 and 73




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14 Responses to Let’s Admit It: Manual Transmissions Need to Go

  1. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit BelongingsintheYard via /r/Mustang sent 12 hours ago

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    I actually really like the fiesta. But I’m on a ’94 GT budget. Which relating to the original article one is a manual and one I own is an automatic. The auto car is no fun.

  2. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit LIL_CRACKPIPE via /r/Mustang sent an hour ago This guy made no points whatsoever. The bottom line is, a lot of people like driving manuals, and that’s not likely to change soon.

    Driving enthusiasts tend to prefer manuals because it’s more fun and engaging. Non car enthusiasts who use their car simply as a tool tend to prefer automatics for simplicity.

  3. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit montrevux via /r/Mustang sent 9 hours ago

    he compares a ferrari, with what is obviously an external mic, to a new ecoboost mustang, with an internal mic. he uses this as an example to portray all ‘modern muscle cars’ as muted and fake, lol.

  4. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit garreth001 via /r/Mustang sent 8 hours ago

    The distinction is in having an automatic that is viable of holding up to this journalists claim. They are few and far between. Typical automatic transmissions very much still suck.

  5. Tim Sweet says:

    from Reddit 91_1LE_ via /r/Mustang sent 6 hours ago

    I can’t read this without wanting to blow my head off.

  6. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit lazarus870 via /r/Mustang sent 6 hours ago

    Let’s say the automatic is more efficient, more bearable in traffic, and quicker.


    But…buying a car like a Mustang is an emotional choice. You don’t buy it for practicality purposes. So I like to rev-match, hear the engine, have control and have fun while I do it.
    Enthusiast cars will always come in manual.

    Super exotics that have magazine numbers to achieve and will be driven as status symbols by the ultra-rich can be auto because it doesn’t matter about fun so long as people look at you in those. But enthusiast cars, gimme a stick.

  7. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit directrix688 via /r/Mustang sent 7 hours ago

    Why stop with getting rid of the clutch? Get rid of the steering wheel! Let’s just have google drive our car for us.


  8. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit; AnotherAllusion via /r/Mustang sent 45 minutes ago

    Ahaha, the guy writing this article is a moron. He claims that new manuals are disconnected but then suggests we all buy autos, which give you the least connected driving experience possible. I don’t know what kinda cars he’s been driving but I feel pretty connected to my car with a manual transmission and wouldn’t trade it for an auto.

  9. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit AirUpThere15’16 GT PP, ’11 G8 GXP 4 points 2 hours ago

    I know that my Mustang doesn’t have the fastest transmission, it probably can’t even hold as much power as the auto box. The gears are notchy and sometimes I get locked out. But I feel like I’m driving the car not just steering. I had an auto Holden Commodore SS (Pontiac G8) and having an auto car was a let down.

  10. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit midsprat1231998 Black V6 “Black Betty” 2 points 2 hours ago

    i know my car so well that i can get it up to ~35 mph without looking. I know when to shift and when to lift off.

    Very helpful the time the cluster fuse died omw home from school

  11. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit thecommentghost 3 points 2 hours ago

    f@#$ that $hit

    Fully agree…

    There’s something about actually “operating” the vehicle that is so much more involved in shifting your own gears. I’ve had both in mustangs and thoroughly enjoy my 6 speed more.

  12. Tim Sweet says:

    from REDDIT AirUpThere15 via /r/Mustang sent 2 hours ago

    I know that my Mustang doesn’t have the fastest transmission, it probably can’t even hold as much power as the auto box. The gears are notchy and sometimes I get locked out. But I feel like I’m driving the car not just steering. I had an auto Holden Commodore SS (Pontiac G8) and having an auto car was a let down.

  13. Bill says:

    Back in the mid 1990s Car and Driver took two Z28 Camaros; one a 6 speed manual, the other a 4 speed automatic. Drivers Jeff Gordon, Emerson Fittipaldi, John Force, and several others were given each car to drive on a road course, drag strip 1/4 mile, and oval track.

    In the 1/4 mile the auto won all passes with all drives.

    On the road course, only Emerson Fittipaldi had a lap time in the manual that was quickest, but total overall times in the auto were still best across the drivers.

    Same with the oval.

    In fact, the averaged times showed the manual trans at a big disadvantage.

    Long gone are the days that the automatic trans is a ‘slush box’.

    When you consider that clutch replacement can be $800, or $1000, an dthe fact that the auto is actually a better performer, I totally agree that the day of the manual should be long gone.

  14. Tim Sweet says:

    My 1973 Mustang is an automatic. I don’t particular like that part of driving it. My 1970 Mustang was a 3 speed manual and then a 4 speed manual (period correct transmission), my 1984 Vette is an automatic and my 2007 Vette is a manual. From a pure reliability and maintenance perspective a manual transmission is superior. Just the up keep on the automatic transmission is a good reason to have a manual – new or otherwise.

    I can take my daily driver (C6 Vette) and I can race it on the weekends, SCCA, drags, and road course. The manual transmission just performs and lasts. Doing that with my 1984 Vette cost me 2 transmission rebuilds. Participating with 1970 Mustang as a 3 and 4 speed manual in drag racing events – never posed a problem – I never even replaced the clutch!!

    My 2007 Vette has had one clutch replacement in 90K auto-cross, drag, spirited city dirving and long haul highway – miles – I now have a stage 2 clutch and it will last longer than the car will.

    Of course that’s not a great business model if you are car manufacturing. Failing automatic transmissions, helps the bottom line at service department and parts suppliers.

    Manual transmissions keep the driver in touch with the car, the road, traffic and speed. You have to be present to drive.

    Case in point: My wife’s 303 hp Lexus RX350 with 6 speed automatic. The ride is so smooth and the shifting so muted that it’s possible to hit 100 m/h and not even know it. You don’t feel anything…it just goes!!! When I hit 100-110 in my C6 Vette you are in it…it doesn’t get there without you fully participating.

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