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Two days into 2010 and  everything seems to be going fine, so far.  :^)

I promised some details on my 1984 Corvette, so here ya go.

1984 was the first year for the new much awaited body style.  There were no 1983 Corvettes, well depending on what you read, there were a few made but not production and were sold.  Each generation of the Corvette has been placed in to generation categories. These were designated as  C1 (1953-1962), C2 (1963-1967), C3 (1968-1982),  C4 (1984-1996), C5 (1997-2003), and the C6 (2004 to ……).

The C4 took long time to develop, starting in 1978 (we’ll do more details another time) and was very innovative. For example, it had the Z51 racing suspension (fairly new development), all digital dash with graphs as indicators for mph and rpms, extremely low drag co-efficient and all electronic shifting transmission.  We’ll cover more later on.

My C4 is red and came equiped with 205 hp 350 Crossfire Engine (more on this engine later on), Z51 suspension, electric drivers seat, trauga top.  Here is a picture:

The story of how I obtained the Vette is a good one.  So go get a beverage, smoking if you gott’em ( no no…smoking is bad!) and sit back and read.  This one of those stories that I’ve always read about and said “What luck that guy had…nothing like that would happen to me.”


Actually, it’s a pretty cool story on how I came to own the Vette.

Purchased my 1970 Mustang a while ago (picture attached) and I wanted a fox body Mustang to go with it.

I had a cherry 1995 Toyota Celica with Bella Niche rims and I put it up on Craigs List offering to trade it for one.

I got a call from a lady living here in Tucson that wanted the Celica for her daughter.  I told her I wasn’t interested in selling it and she said didn’t want to purchase it but to trade a 1984 Vette for it.

In the course of 3 months, it was an on again off again deal.  She wanted to give her daughter a car for Christmas, but her daughter wanted the Vette.  But props to Mom, she wasn’t going to give a 16 year old that kind of car. In our conversations it was revealed that the daughter tossed a fit and said she didn’t want the Celica.  Christmas came and went and in January the lady calls me again.

Finally, we set a time to meet, but still I was thinking either the Vette was trashed or something was up.  I was also concerned that the perception might be that I took advantage of her, to me who in their right minds would trade an American icon car for an import?  To my surprise we agreed to meet at her husband’s Auto A/C shop.  So I started feeling a little bit better, at least her husband must know something about cars.  So I showed up and things improved, the husband actually had a restored Ford Galaxy and another in the works.  They got better when he stated it’s her car and she won’t drive it and it’s just taking up space.  She bought it but never really drove it.

I was even more pleased when I found the Vette in excellent shape (recent repaint that wasn’t great but not too bad, I grew up in an auto body shop, so I know good paint).  It was all original, only 32k miles with the Crossfire engine (I didn’t know much about the Crossfire..but I sure do now as I’ve recently rebuild the injector towers).  Anyway, both cars went up on the lift and we looked them over and test drove each others.  Vette had very good power, shifted a little hard, but not too bad.  We agreed to sleep on it and within a week I was the 3rd owner of the C4.

Yeah, I know, this was one of those deals you only read about in a car magazine.

Thanks for reading.


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