How to Start The New Off – Take the ’73 Mustang for a Drive!!

It just a great way to start the New Year, firing up the project car and take it for a quick jaunt down the road.  Of course the car is ‘under construction” but still have to take out for a short distance.

The ’73 Stang is a long ways from being completed and yeah…I would be taking it out on the freeway just yet, but I does need to get driving.


My New Years resolution for #ProjectSportsRoof?   “Get Her Done!”   Next Years Day’s video will be 100% different from this one!!!!



Rare trip.  Just far enough to get the engine hot, take the C6 transmission through the gears and top out at  about 70 mph.

Out and About!!! #ProjectSportsRoof

Out and About!!!

Got a “Car Resolution” for 2016?   Let’s hear it!!!


Thanks for reading.












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2 Responses to How to Start The New Off – Take the ’73 Mustang for a Drive!!

  1. Bill says:

    My 2016 resolution is to have a Mopar in my garage.
    Your car seems to be running and driving great; good progress. I’m impressed.
    Next time do a burn out. I volunteer to drive while you take the video.
    Happy New year.

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