Has the Mercury Marauder gotten better with age?

I’d have to say that I like the look of the ’03 Marauder – remind me a lot of the when Chevy brought back the Impala, the look similar.

Maybe lowered a smidgen, and some wider tires (low profile?…maybe) and a little tuning (you know there’s more HP to be dragged out of that V8 – it would be an awesome ride!!!

2003 Marauder

2003 Marauder

Check out the test drive.


In a recent Retro Review, MotorWeek reminds us why Mercury was cool for a hot second in the early aughts.

Source: Has the Mercury Marauder gotten better with age?

So I’d say yes, I think it would be cool to own one.  However, I’d take the 1969 Marauder any day!!!

1969 Mercury Marauder

1969 Mercury Marauder


What do you think?

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Why The Mercury Marauder Is A Future Classic

Before I start talking to you about why the Mercury Marauder deserves future classic status, I want to start by talking about biology. Specifically, evolutionary biology, and the concept of the “apex predator.” It’s science-learnin’ time! An apex


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  1. Bill says:

    Being a very happy Grand Marquise owner, I’d say the Maurder is the best kept secret in modern muscle. The reason this car failed is because it needed Shelby power under the hood.

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