Goodguys’ Car Show – Favorites

So I thought I’d take the last few post and just show you some of my favoriates.

First up is a 1957 Ford Fairlane.  Beautiful car with a little some’in extra under the hood.  Check it out:

1957 Ford Fairlane - great looking wheels!

 Great view of the portapotties  – I guess I should have photo shopped them, but that wouldn’t make you feel you were actually there. 

Oh..I bet you didn’t see that one coming!!!! Knocking out some HP with that set up.
Sorry but I have to go back to the wagons.  The two doors are the best!
1957 Chevy Wagon - 2 doors - Great...newish LS2 Corvette engine...enough already!!!
You need to check out this next car!!!
They did this 1960 Ford Starliner just right!!

Header cutouts with side pipes and those headlights!!!!

But check out the bling!!!

Now say that ain't nice!!!

Thanks for reading.
Couple more coming up.
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3 Responses to Goodguys’ Car Show – Favorites

  1. Bill says:

    I too am a station wagon kind of guy. Not much on ‘cute yutes’, crossovers, or SUVs. In fact, when it came time to replace the family’s grocery getter Impala two years ago, I wnet searching for a Dodge Magnum. They do not exist on the used car market. I was told that owners do not want t o part with their Magnum wagons.

    Then I discovered that Buick Roadmaster wagons with the fabulous Corvette LT1 were bringing $17,000 for models with over 150K miles. Talk about re-sale value.

    I know it would not be a volume market, but I wish one of the big three would return with a RWD wagon. If 20 year old Buick wagons bring such big money in the used car market, that tells me there is some demand.

    BTW, you didn’t happen to see any K Cars at the show, did you? It would be nice to see an Aries wagon up here with the rest of the pictures.

    Take care, Bill

    • timsweet says:

      I rented a Magnum and drove across the great Northeast a couple years back. It was a nice ride, not as much power as you’d think a “Magnum.”

      Gee Bill, there seem to be a shortage of K cars, what’s up with that???!!!!

  2. Steve Sears says:

    There is no way I’d call you a Dork. Those wagons are very nice. Especially the blue and white 57 Ford. Wagons are the next big thing in collector cars. You need to get it while they are still affordable.

    Great advice since I’ve sold mine. It was getting too hard to satisfy the state of California every two years and I was too lazy to replace the drive train. It’s in a happy place in Texas now with other Mercury Cougars to keep it company.

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