Goodguy’s Car Show AZ – Vendors

I hope everyone enjoyed the Nearly Live posts from the Goodguy’s Car Show.

The next few posts will be a wrap up the event by looking as some of the cars and a couple of vendors

Nearly on par with the Barrett Jackson auction, there were a lot of vendors.

Very impressive were the car’s brought by Drew’s Garage Cars

Take a look:

Custom Chevy

Awesome Pickup

Chevy Vert

Ironworks Speed and Kustom was there with some great looking frames.  Check them out at

Chevelle Frame


I found some great looking wheels being displayed by MHT Luxury Alloys.

They were very reasonable and ideal for my Mustang, but most of the size are 17″ and above.  I not thinking 17″ on my Mustang will work.

They had these Foose designs on display.

Legend-Black-SS-500 - They might look good on my all white Mustang

Nitrous-B-5-250 - These wouldn't look bad either.

Thanks for reading


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2 Responses to Goodguy’s Car Show AZ – Vendors

  1. Steve Sears says:

    I think the nearly live posts are great. The 56 Chevy is a little fuzzy but I think it’s a great idea. Keep it up.

    • timsweet says:

      Thanks Steve. Yes my Android was a little shakey….ok…it was just the camera guy!!! There are more shows and more events coming up I’ll try to each of these.

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