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Sometime ago I purchased a MAC tool box from a family member.  This one:


It’s vintage 1980’s all steel MAC Tools tool box – it’s Godzilla heavy – about 5.5 feet tall.  A month or so a go I was moving tools around in it and got to a section I hadn’t cleaned yet. So I emptied the contents of that section and found an interesting object and I tucked it away thinking I’d do something with it later on.

I  re-found it today and hence this brief article.  Oh…what is it?  Here ya go.

It is a DeSoto Adventurer key blanks

It is a DeSoto Adventurer key blanks

I can't tell what year it is from.

I can’t tell what year it is from.


It folds up like a pocket knife and pictures the likeness of an Adventurer.


Not a bad looker!  But they got even better later on!!!

Not a bad looker! But they got even better later on!!!

Was I lying?  Better looking 2 years later!!

Was I lying? Better looking 2 years later!!


So I thought…hmmm what don’t I know about this car…a lot.

I do know that the 1956 Adventurer is a rare car –  only 996 of these were produced and cost about $4k back in the day.  It was powered by the 320 horse powered 341 Hemi (considered their high performance model…well…yeah!!).

Here’s some stuff I didn’t know about DeSoto’s Adventurer model:

– They were first produced in 1956 and sported the Hemi 341 with dual exhaust.

– They were often referred to as the “Golden Adventurer” that year and had power brakes, power front seat, electric  windows, windshield washer and dual exterior rear view mirrors and dual radio antennas (rear mounted).

– In 1956 they only came in a hard top.

– They were produced from 1956 to 1961 which was not only the
Adventurer’s last year but DeSoto’s as well.

OH…Hold the Presses!!! Didn’t  I see one in person not too long ago?  Yes, I did.  It was a convertible!!  Now I recall.  I was at….Barrett Jackson Auction with……




and we saw this……

This car


…go for BIG MONEY $$$$.!!!

Here’s the rear end…

Please don't ask me 'why' this is the only pic took....!!!

Please don’t ask me ‘why’ this is the only pic I took….!!!

In fact the a car above was a 1957 and there were only 300 convertibles made that year.  Heck there were only 1650 hard top made that year as well.

In fact, again, they were all low production models:

– 350 hard tops and 82 convertibles in 1958

– 590 hard tops and 87 convertibles in 1959

– more cars in 1960 and 1961 – but they added a 4 door.  What!!?!?!?!?!?!  Boo!! Hiss!! Yup you could still get the 2 door version, yeah, in hard top only!!! (No convertibles…Double Boo!!!  Triple Hiss!!!)

– All the Adventurers came with the most powerful engine DeSoto offered every year – always over 300 horse power, but just barely in 1960 and 1961 when it topped out at 305. (Another article coming up with some engine specifics for this cool model.)

Thanks for reading.  If you know what year these key blanks are from drop me a note.  If you own an Adventurer,  drop me a pic @


Danbury Mint 1956 DeSoto Adventurer Diecast Car 1:24 Scale Black/Gold w/Box

Diecast Desoto: Diecast Desoto DeSoto Adventurer, met.-lila/light beige… ReTweets Appreciated

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