Engine Line Up for the 1967 American Motor Company

With names like  Rogue,  Rebel and Marlin you have to imagine some monster power plants moving these hunks of steels across the face of the earth.  So where they?  Here is the line up.

The body styles ranged from stately station wagons to slick fastbacks.  Some of the names are iconic like Rebel SST and Marlin.

1967 Rebel SST

1967 Rebel SST



Both nice cars and you could get them with the following engines.

First up was the Inline (straight) Six.  This engine was has a cast iron block and overhead valuve.  Displacement was 199 cid with a bore and stroke of 3 3/4 “x 3″.  The compression ratio was 8.5:1 and producing 128 hp.  It sported seven main bearings and topped with one of two single barrels carbs a Cater Type RBS or a Holley Model 1931C-3705.

From there  you could graduate to the next level Inline Six.  This one mirrored but with 232 cid displacement and a bore and stroke of 3.75″ x 3.50”. Compression ratio stayed the same and so did the carb options.    However it did manage to squeeze out 145 hp.

Now you could get both of these in the other models, including the wagons, but the engine you wanted in your Rebel or Marlin was the  V8.

This was an overhead valve cast iron block engine.  It displayed 287.2 cid and have a bore and stroke of 3.75″ x 3.25″ and had a compression of 8.7:1.  Five main bearings and hydraulic lifters topped with either two barrel Carter WCD or Holley.


Inlline Six


1967 V8

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3 Responses to Engine Line Up for the 1967 American Motor Company

  1. Bill says:

    You can see Chrysler B Body styling ques on these AMC products. It is a bit ironic that Chrysler acquired AMC in the 1980s as they both seemed to share some styling similarities and AMC used MOPAR transmissions, AC, and many other components.

    AMC also used Harrison and Saginaw components from GM, and Motorcraft carbs and Carlite glass from Ford.

    Like the old joke used to say; AMC=all makes combined

    • admin says:

      AMC was always a ‘joke’ when I was growing up on the East Coast (late 60’s – 70’s). Rambler wasn’t well respected – my Dad was a Chevy guy, his Dad always had a Plymouth and on the other side my grandfather always had Fords and AMC was though of has a new car company – just remade Ramblers. Not until I got to drive a girl friend’s Javelin ( forget the year but it did have the V8) did I realize that they made some nice cars (not withstanding the Pacer and Gremlin).

      I was just reading an article in Hemmings where one of the writers was comparing the Gremlin he had as a teenager (he actual built a 1971 Gremlin out of two cars, a 70 and 71) against the cars his friends had. One had a Ply Sprint (Spirit? Sprite?) (British made), one had a Pinto and the other a Vega. As he ran through such things as quality, speed and reliability the Gremlin came out in front. I’ll post of the info on the article.

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