Engine Factoids- Chapman, Lotus and Ford Engines

I love History, always have and I love engines.  I find learning about an engine’s history, its development and how and where it was used over time a great past time.  (In case you are unsure of my sincerity – check out my to engine series on Mopar’s 318 http://wp.me/pKHNM-gW and Chevy’s 283

I also find fascinating, the involvement of U.S. car companies with the development of  cars for overseas companies.

Ok..this is a larger introduction for a one of my “factoid” entries, but here they are:

– In the  1950’s and 1960’s the main player of Lotus was a guy named Colin Chapman (aka Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman – tossed that in there because in several of my reading variations of his name was used).  Mr. Chapman was responsible for such cars as the Lotus 6, Lotus 23 and Elan.  Having developed his own engines and now desiring to improve on their racing performance and btw he was also known to be a bit tight fisted with the cash. This all led him to use technology, as it was back then, that was already developed elsewhere.  Give that propensity he used Ford engines for his cars and greatly (at least overseas) enhanced Ford’s racing repetition.  The engines he used were Ford’s 105e and 109E engines the Cleveland and Windsor respectively.

Fords 105E used by Lotus.

– These two engines were sometimes referred to as the “Kent” engines.

– They were fitted with twin cams designed by Harry Mundy. These heads were aluminum with hemi combustion chambers sporting .375 lift, 264 degree duration shafts, 1.53/1.325 valve with 9.5:1 compression.  All topped off with a Weber  twin sided-draught carb.

– They were a starting point for Lotus and Ford racing development and were uses for experimental purpose as well as racing.

– Heavy duty use showed some flaws in the engines due to the 3 bearing mains, resulting in broken cam shafts.

–  Was the impetus for Ford to developing the 116E engine with 5 bearing bottom ends, which was basis for the Lotus 1600 Twin Cam.

Ford's 116E soon to be Lotus 1600 with Mundy's Twin Cams

Lotus 1600..Looks it's TWINS!! with weber carbs.

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