Curb Weight – 2/27/2013

This is my latest segment.  It will be a frequent blathering of car stuff – current and maybe some old stuff.  I hope you enjoy it.

Bench seats started as the first front seats, clearly a hold over from the old ‘buck-wagon’.  Over the years the  bench was a stable, but has somewhat faded  Well for American cars it comes to an end the last 2013 Impala, which is the last U.S. car and the 2014 Impala will have bucket seats.

'61 Chevy bench seat.

’61 Chevy bench seat.


2012 Impala w/bbench seet and 2014 without

I was really excited to see C-X75 Super Car for Jaguar back in 2010 at the Paris Car show.  The car was to sticker at about 1.1 million dollars. However, it has been killed after just 3 prototyped.

Great Looking from the front.

Great Looking from the front.


Space ship?  Maybe it's butt killed it?

Space ship? Maybe it’s butt killed it?

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One Response to Curb Weight – 2/27/2013

  1. Bill says:

    Ah the bench seat. Now that they are no longer available makes me want to keep the Grand Marquis forever. What’s the reason for having an auto shifter on the floor, anyhow? Wasted space in my opinion.

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