Corvettes Classic and New-ish

Well, I’ve been preoccupied over the past week with …ok…don’t shoot me, you classic car lovers…….working a trade for a 2007 Corvette with my 84 Corvette.  Yeah, I know..WTH???  

I know, I know.  I love my 84, it’s unique and the value has increased since I’ve purchased it.  But there is a desire to upgrade.  This isn’t the first time I’ve considered getting another Vette, I actually considered a trade for my Mustang for a second Corvette. 

I have to admit the recent troubles with my 84 does play a small part of the desire to replace it.  And this 2007 Black on black C6 with 4oo plus hp, with a 6 six speed manual trans, with only 40k miles.  Still under factory warranty.  But the price was just unbelievable.  The original deal fell through because we couldn’t agree on a good price for my Vette.  But it looks like I might have a second shot at it tomorrow. 

Even if, it’s hard to get rid of my first Vette and there is always the concern that you’ll regret it later.  So I figured, I just add a third car to my stable!!!!!…..oh….that’s funnier then you might think….considering  how UNDERSTANDING my wife has been with my current stable of classics….but even I know that’s way…yea…way too much for even a saint such that she is.  “Love you cutie”  (just in case she gets really bored and actually decides to read my dribble.) 

So I’ll catch you all up by the end of the weekend.’s what we are looking at.  Drop me a note and let me know what you would do!!! 

2007 Vette Trade or not too Trade????


Another view...give you or not to trade???


I have a fun give way coming up  as well as some more auto factoids and a quick fix for my Mustang. 

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3 Responses to Corvettes Classic and New-ish

  1. Bill says:

    BTW, Denny and Dave went to look at the car, and they say the mileage is too high. I’d offer an even trade LeBaron for Mustang, but that wouldn’t solve your 3 car dilemma. What do you want for the C4? I may know someone interested if the price was right.
    Let’s do lunch next week.

  2. Bill says:

    I actually looked at this car today when I took a walk at lunch time as I now work across the street from this dealer (it is dangerous for a car guy like me to work so close to a car dealer). Personally, the C4 seems to be the Corvette I desire most; maybe that is because that was the world class car of my youth-the C4 was way ahead of it’s time, and always showed up the $180,000 exotics in some class race here and there. Even today the C4 styling looks as modern as it did in 1984.
    Today’s C6 also is world class, and beats the $380,000 exotics in almost every parameter on the track, and even has Honda-like rated reliability numbers, so it is a bargain.
    My heart says stay with the C4, but the engineer in me says the C6 is the right decision ‘on paper’.
    You’ll need to drop by my house and let me DriWash that black car for you (and of couse let me take it for a spin).
    Now, as to your 3 car dilemma, you could sell me the Mustang at a deep discount……..

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