Classic Mustangs – #ProjectSportsRoof’s Marti Report

Mustang lovers check this out.  There is place in El Mirage, AZ called  Marti Auto Works.  They own the rights to the Ford databases and records prior to 1974 (some models up to 1989).  These guys have everything..I mean everything.  Give them the VIN number and they’ll pile on the data (it’s not free but very reasonable).  They are authorized by Ford to reproduce window stickers and Protector Plates (identification plates that go on the inside door jamb) and more.

If you have a classic Mustang you’ve got to get this report.  I thought I’d share mine with the readers.  The link below is to the .pdf and here is an image.


Whether you are just interested in the car history or doing an original restore this report comes in very handy.  It’s pretty cool to see when it was ordered and build and all the original options are there to match.

The Statistics section – so cool!!!  This section lets you know where your car ranks compare to those produce that year.  As you can see above #ProjectSportsRoof is o1 of 76 with that paint and trim coat.   If nothing else it bragging rights and in some small way this may add to the value of the car, but that’s tough to measure.

The list of items in the Door Data Plate Info, helps you determine how original your might be.  For example you can see that my 73 Mustang left the factory with 302 and if you’ve followed my posts on #ProjectSportsRoof you’ll know it now sports a 351C V2 date coded 1972 and a C4 transmission but now it has a date code 1972 C6.

Visit the Marti report site and see what they offer.

To you have a Marti report for your Ford?  Share it!!!

Thanks for reading.


1973 Mustang SportsRoof

1973 Mustang SportsRoof


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2 Responses to Classic Mustangs – #ProjectSportsRoof’s Marti Report

  1. Bill says:

    I saw a Barry Mequair car crazy show on Marti’s garage. He has replicated a Ford service area from the 1960s. Lots of Autolite stuff, even a parts counter just like the good ol’days.

    Is Winner Ford still in business?

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