Injury Time Out – 1973 Mustang SportsRoof

Other duties happen outside of working on #ProjectSportsRoof…like yard work!!!!!   While attempting to tame the foliage in the backyard on Sunday, my electric hedge clippers became self-aware and in true Terminator fashion, exacted revenge on two fingers on my left hand – index and middle.   (Yes I have pictures and no I won’t post them here.) Pretty sure I taught the neighborhood new curse words.

Of course this necessitated a trip to the ER, much to my dismay and my wife’s.    It took the doctor a fair amount of time sew them up – 31 stitches and to pass the time the doc and I discussed cars – specifically his new Tesla.   So over all it was a nice break from the average weekend routine and I scored some pain meds to boot!!  (HA,HA).

I’ll be out of commission for the next couple of weeks so maybe I can catch up on some blogging.  Might be a bit optimistic, considering how long it has taken to just type this post!!!

Note to self:  Don’t throw out the next door hanger for a landscape service.

I am slurring my typing, meds are kicking in …..SO…thanks for reading.



restorable classic cars | Tumblr

Thanks for checking back on #ProjectSportsRoof. I’m about the finish the cuts and
fitting for the right rear foot-well that was rust all the way!!!! Final Fit for foot-well …


restored classic | Tumblr

Thanks for checking back on #ProjectSportsRoof. I’m about the finish the cuts and
fitting for the right rear foot-well that was rust all the way!!!! Final Fit for foot-well …
1973 Mustang Project SportsRoof – Exterior Walk-Around

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof.  I run my car projects much like I run my IT projects.  You always have to know where to start and know the end game.   As with any project that isn’t being built from scratch, in other word, you have to work with what you’ve got, …

1973 Mustang – Project Sports Roof – Fender Fitment Part III

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof – the fender edition  (:^o).    Here is the next set videos that show the fenders on the 1973 Mustang.


There’s more coming up on the fender extensions but here is how the other fender fit.


The gaps need to be addressed with some shims  and a little persuasion, but these are going to be near perfect!!!!


Thanks for checking back in with the project.   Don’t forget to drop me a note.

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1973 ford mustang sportsroof

The Automobile and American Life: Cars in Film: A List

Gone in Sixty Seconds 1973 Ford Mustang Sportsroof “Eleanor”. Horatio’s Drive 1903 Winton. Iron Man 2008 Audi R8. Lawrence of Arabia 1920 Rolls Royce. Lemans 1970 Porsche 917K; 1970 Porsche 911S. Mad Max 1973 …



Video: Hellcat Challenger Takes On A Tesla, Then Blows It Big Time – Street Legal TV

I’d like to see a rematch.


With the Hellcat Challenger hitting showrooms and personal garages these past few months, you can bet that owners have been out showing off their 707+ horsepower Mopar to the locals. Whether it’s a few street races or even out at the strip, tires are being worn down and Hellcat owners are willing to take on almost everything in sight to prove they have the most powerful muscle car ever produced.We’ve seen a few roll races with a C7 that didn’t bode well for the Corvette, and even one perhaps overzealous attempt to take on an F-16 fighter jet. Racing a fighter jet is nothing new, however, and we would certainly hope that anything the Big Three can produce won’t outpace a jet that costs more than $14 million.

via Video: Hellcat Challenger Takes On A Tesla, Then Blows It Big Time – Street Legal TV.


I loved see the instant torque the Tesla has.  Recently got a ride in the S85.  It will snap your head back taking off.


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Video: Tesla’s amazing Model S P85D smokes a Challenger Hellcat in a drag race

As we’ve seen in the past, Tesla’s Model S P85D simply gets incredible acceleration and can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in an insane 3.2 seconds. While we’ve already seen the Model S P85D go up against a Lamborghini in the past, StreetCarDrags has …
Tesla P85D Destroys Dodge Challenger Hellcat On Dragstrip: Electric Car …

Say “P85D” to Tesla owners and fans, and you will see the drooling and twitching and heavy breathing and lustful stares–and more drooling–that Tesla’s fastest, highest-performance electric car brings. The same happens with the word “Hellcat” for fans

Panasonic partners with Tesla on Gigafactory – Jul. 31, 2014

Since Tucson, AZ (where I’m located) is in contention for the Gigafactory, I like keeping up to date with Tesla events…plus I think they are  nice cars!!!

The companies announced Thursday that Panasonic PCRFF will contribute an undisclosed sum to a proposed “Gigafactory,” the location of which has yet to be announced. Panasonic will also make and supply cylindrical lithium-ion cells to be assembled into batteries at the factory, and the two companies will set up a supply network for the materials used at the plant.

Check out the detail @ Panasonic partners with Tesla on Gigafactory – Jul. 31, 2014.





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tesla tucson

Tucson to Tesla Motors: Your building permit is ready

Tesla Motors has received a $3 billion building permit for construction of a battery assembly plant in Tucson. The permit is for a one-story building of up to 5 million square feet in size at an address “to be determined.” It was issued by the city of

Tesla sales will be banned in New Jersey starting April 1st | The Verge

Tesla sales will be banned in New Jersey starting April 1st | The Verge.

Just as well. You can’t keep any car charged long enough to sit through a governor sanctioned traffic Jam!!!

But the reality is that these states, AZ (my state – come on really!?!?!?!), Texas and NJ object to Tesla not having a dealership in those states and doing direct sales. It is not like residents of these states are banned from the driving of the electric car. So buy it in another state that doesn’t hate unrestricted free trade and thinks they must have a piece of the pie for the big business that is car dealerships.


I like the look.

I like the look.

Curb Weight – Tesla 7/2/2013

Tesla has begun making money.  After all was said and done they walked away with 11.2 million dollars. Helps when Motor Trend give your product the Car of the Year Award, as they did with the Model S.

Total units sold was 4,900.

I say good for  them.  I think they’ve earned it, after 10 years of various struggles.

Model S

Model S

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