In-depth Tech: Valuable Tips For Selecting The Right Crankshaft

Cast, forged, billet? Straight-shot or cross-drilled? Experts from Eagle, Lunati and Scat offer tips and advice on selecting a crankshaft for your engine.

Engine builders are often conditioned into selecting crankshafts based solely on the expected horsepower output of the engine, or at least that often-optimistic number carries the most weight in the decision process. But savvy builders — whether assembling an honest street engine, rogue weekend warrior or a savage race-only bullet — will recognize the importance of analyzing other factors before choosing between cast iron, forged steel or billet steel.

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Bryant Racing High Quality Custom Crankshafts | NASCAR …

It was a great weekend in Atlanta for Bryant Racing Crankshafts, as the winners for the Camping World Truck Series, Xfinity Series and Sprint Cup Series all use our cranks! We had a 1-2-3 finish in the Sprint Cup race with …

What Makes A Bulletproof Racing Starter? – Chevy Hardcore

There are some areas of your drag, oval or road course beast that are weak areas for the stress of 420 hp and 400 ft-lbs of torque.  Here is a great way to eliminate one.  Chase the link at the bottom for the complete story from Chevy Hardcore!!

When considering the essential parts list for a race car build, we tend to think of exhaust headers, cylinder heads, turbochargers and so on. While it might not be the most glamorous piece of the puzzle, the starter is an absolutely vital component in your build – if it kicks the bucket, you’re dead in the water. And though it may not see the same sort of prolonged stresses that a driveshaft or set of tires sees on race day, it’s still contending with plenty of abuse from heat exposure and demands of high performance components which typically operate far outside the design specifications of an OEM starter.

Source: What Makes A Bulletproof Racing Starter? – Chevy Hardcore


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F1 and the Nürburgring – hope dies last

But it was Dreyer’s government which plumped for an unlikely Nürburgring buyer: auto racing parts company Capricorn with a head office not far north of the circuit in Düsseldorf. Her transport minister, Roger Lewentz, said at the time that it was
Roo Motorsports leaps into NASCAR truck series from Salisbury

Roo Motorsports, the new Aussie NASCAR team based in Salisbury, plans to enter the truck-racing series next year and perhaps the Nationwide series in the future. Roo held an event, complete with satellite link to owners in Australia, earlier this month

A Look At Drifting Clutch Technology With Spec

Thought I’d share this technology.  I have a Stage 2 Spec in my Corvette and has served me well on the street and auto cross.  Chase the link below to get all the details.

For most of us, we like our Mustangs to be well-rounded. Many of us can only afford one, so it needs to be able to do a few things other than just getting us from Point A to Point B. Fortunately, we can make a Mustang be good at a couple different types of performance without making wholesale changes. It’s pretty hard to make it great at several things at the same time, but we’re willing to make concessions in order to make it more than a one trick pony. We can take it to the drag strip, that’s easy. We can also take it road racing – which isn’t as easy – but we can still have a blast provided we have outfitted it accordingly with the right brakes. We can even take it drifting.

SPEC Clutches is a company that knows after the act of drag racing, drifting is something that comes natural to a Mustang. SPEC’s David Norton has been involved with drifting since the sport’s beginnings, and knows V8 power mixed with a tail-happy suspension, getting a Mustang to drift isn’t difficult.

Spec/s Drift clutch

Spec/s Drift clutch

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2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 – The Bird Doc

… the track kicking butt and taking names. Big thanks goes out to London Chassis Dyno, Kenne Bell, Lund Racing, Revan Racing, Trucarbon, TruFiber, Viking Performance, SPEC Clutches, Jack Hart Body Shop, Bischoff Engine Service, and Bivins Racecars.

Video: Aussie Pro Stock 400ci SBC On The Dyno At Patterson Racing – Chevy Hardcore

As I’ve said before, I’d love the chance to hangout in car culture in Australia for couple months….maybe one day.   But it’s true you just don’t find a lot on the net.  Read on and chase the link for more.


Trying to find any substantial information about Australian Pro Stock racing on the Internet is like trying to get your kid to eat Brussels sprouts – simply speaking, it’s tough! Seeing the video of this Aussie Pro Stock 400ci SBC engine from Patterson Racing singing on their dyno takes your author’s mind back to the small-block Pro Stock Truck class and their high revving 358 inch engines that departed NHRA competition just over a decade ago.

Patterson Racing has been in business for 35 years and is widely known for their cutting edge engines and innovations in the racing arena. Naturally aspirated small blocks like the ones used in the Australian National Drag Racing Association‘s Pro Stock field are close to their heart. The typical engine puts out over 2.75 horsepower per cubic inch without any power adders and they spin at over 10,500 rpms. When compared to the NHRA Pro Stock engine of the 500-inch variety the little ANDRA version is not as tightly regulated in terms of rule restrictions on modification.

via Video: Aussie Pro Stock 400ci SBC On The Dyno At Patterson Racing – Chevy Hardcore.






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2016 Shelby GT350 Planned With High-Revving V8 | News

2016 Shelby GT350 Planned With High-Revving V8 | News.

Do we like this?

I am going to have to say…yes…I think I do!!!


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CRCSE SHOW: 1965 Chevrolet Bel Air « Classic Recollections

CRCSE SHOW: 1965 Chevrolet Bel Air « Classic Recollections.

You can’t help like this car.


Barrett Jackson Recap Part II – Shelby Mustangs

Perhaps is was my imagination but there seemed to be a lot of guys dressed like the late Carroll Shelby (dark clothes, dark wide brimmed hat).  What wasn’t my imagination was all the Shelby Mustangs up for sale, there were a lot.  Normally, there are quite a few but there were more than usual.

I grabbed a lot of shots and I thought I’d share them.

1967 Shelby Mustang:


Here is a quick vid of them bringing a Shelby GT 350 in from auction.  I had hoped they would fire it up but they were waiting for few cars in front of them to park.

I really like this next Shelby and the color, but it’s not Eleanor:

Here is a custom Mustang that looks to be pretty good imitation of  Shelby:

I like the wheels:

Check out the Shelby GT 500C

A Shelby GT500 E

And another Shelby:

And an interesting Shelby made for a racing team. (I will have a separate post on these in a bit.)

Here is a GT 350T

And although there were many more. Let’s round this off with a few GT500  – WARNING!!!!…some of these colors are ghastly.

You REALLY need the Drag Pack if you are going to show at the strip with this color of a Mustang!!

More Classic Mustangs and some new ones coming up.

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Steve Strope 1965 Mustang Ford Design Award Winner SEMA 2012 – Hot Rod Magazine Blog

Steve Strope 1965 Mustang Ford Design Award Winner SEMA 2012 – Hot Rod Magazine Blog.



Is this the best Ford at SEMA?  SEMA gave the Ford Design award to Steve Strope’s ’65 Mustang rally car. “I wanted to imagine what if Martini Racing was involved with Ford,” said Steve at the press conference at SEMA 2012. This re-imagined race car was introduced at SEMA 2012.

1965 Steve Strope Mustang Pure Vision FORD LOTUS Indy Engine 650x433 image


Auto Factoids for the week of Sept 23

We have a couple of debuts’ this week and a couple of Birthdays.

First up on Sept. 23 in 1969 the iconic and now recreated Dodge Challenger.

From this:

1969 Challenger

And this:

The Iconic General Lee

To this:

The 2012 version.

Virgil Exner was born on the 24th of Sept in 1909.  Who was “Ex”?    A car designer.  Oh…ok…of what?  Just a couple of designs, like all of these:

Studebaker Champion
Studebaker Starlight
Chrysler C-200
Chrysler 300 letter series
Chrysler 300 non-letter series
Chrysler New Yorker
Imperial 1955-1961
Chrysler Diablo Concept with Ghia
Plymouth Savoy
Plymouth Belvedere
Plymouth Fury
Plymouth Suburban
Plymouth Valiant
Dodge Coronet
Dodge Firearrow Concept
Desoto 1961
Desoto Adventurer
Bugatti 1965 concept with Ghia
Mercer-Cobra 1965 concept
Duesenberg 1966 prototype with Ghia
Stutz Blackhawk

Bill France was born on the 26th in 1909 in our nations capital.  Mr. France was an American race car driver. He is best known for co-founding and managing NASCAR, a sanctioning body of United States-based stock car racing.
The final debuts was on Sept. 26, 1967 when AMC released the Javelin.

1967 Javelin

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Formula 1 Engine calculations

I wanted to share something I did related to piston speeds. As you know Formula 1 is near the pinnacle of technology in engine development. Back in 2003, I read an article about how the BMW Racing team developed their engine. The article stated they were very proud that for the 2003 season, their engine was a 3 liter V10 design which had a maximum racing RPM of 19200 and the piston sustained a maximum piston speed of 40 meters per second (which equals 7872 feet per minute maximum). The article further stated their piston sustained a maximum acceleration of 10,000 times the force of gravity at maximum revolutions per minute.

I was always curious about the bore vs stroke for such a small displacement, high revving engine, but they always kept that secret. I grabbed my old Dynamics book and realized I could solve for bore and stroke by two methods, using angular velocity and again by piston acceleration.

Please note, I found a typo on Page 1. It says VA and VB are parallel, when clearly it should be written VB and VC are parallel.

Enjoy and discuss!

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From Ted Yoder on ACE

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