Auto Factoids for 12/17/2017 Datsun 510, Lexus, Ford Probe

#AutoFactoids are back!!!  I will be changing them up a bit but they’ll still be fun.

Factoid – The Datsun 510 in the late 1960s it competed with the likes of BMW on the front lines of the then-new sports sedan category. Paul Newman use to race one.

Factoid – Lexus SC300 shared a lot of important parts with the now-legendary Toyota Supra, including the same straight six engine.


Factoid – Ford Probe was basically a Mazda 626, and was originally intended to become the new Mustang. Thankfully, those plans were scrapped because Ford was concerned of the back-lash.

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Auto Factoid 9/8/2013 – 9/14/2013

Auto Factoids are back!!!!   Lets just get started. Happy Birthday (Sept. 8, 1903) Preston  Tucker – nice cars!!!   On Sept 9th 1935 Studebaker put the first car on a Pennsylvania RR rail car headed to NYC  but the final destination was London.  (Actually there were 163 cars in that shipment.) These are …
Auto Factoids – Chevy’s LS9

Here some interesting facts for the new in 2008 LS9 engine. – It was a combination of upgraded LS3 and LS7 components  and took 3 years to develop – All 2000 units were hand-assembled in GM’s Performance Build Center in Wixom, Michigan -It displaced 6.2 liters – Bore and stroke 4.06×3.62 with a compression ratio of 9.1:1 – …

Project BeepBeep Gets Re-Hinged – Wrap Up

The 68 Road Runner gets the bottom hinge replaced. Bill toss a few good tips in for completing this project.



Thanks Bill – great tips in this one.

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Introducing #ProjectBeepBeep – Code H 1968 Road Runner

I’d like you to take a look at one of my constant readers classic muscle car. First let me say that Bill has been an a long quest to find a car to replace this car:   Back in the day. It was a long search with lots of phone calls with many …
73 Mustang (Project SportsRoof) Engine Dress Up and Venting/Vacuum

Did you think I sold #ProjectSportsRoof?  Nope.  I’ve been busy and I’ve been serving as editor to another cool project – my constant reader Bill’s ’68 Plymouth RoadRunner (#ProjectBeepBeep). However, I have been doing some work on the sports roof and in this video you’ll see a little bling under the …
Project BeepBeep – ’68 Road Runner – Drum or Disc – The Decision

1968 Ply Road RunnerProject BeepBeep Welcome back to #ProjectBeepBeep.  Bill is looking at the brakes and gets some professional assistance to help him make a crucial decision.  You know if you’ve got a lot of GO…you need a lot STOP. It not an easy decision to alter a car’s originality, especially …
Project BeepBeep – ’68 RoadRunner – Door Panel Tips

Ready for some more #ProjectBeepBeep?  Bill takes you through a few tips for restoring your B-Body door panels. Take a look:     Great stuff!!!  Thanks Bill!!! Have a few Mopar tips – Post them up or drop me a note @ and we get you video/tip posted on the site. Thanks for reading Tim                 Introducing …

Project SportsRoof – 73 Mustang – Getting in Gear with the Transmission Part 2


Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof.  I’m finishing the re-positioned shifting rod above the transmission’s cross member.




Next I’ll need to go top side and give the selector a try.  If that is working properly, hitting the proper gears I can spin the torque converter and properly torque its connection to the flex plate.

More coming up.



1973 Mustang – Engine Bay Work

If you look back at #ProjectSportsRoof post you’ll see the condition engine bay.  During those videos I mentioned that I was going to clean it up and hit it with a rattle can.  Again this isn’t going to be a concours restoration, it’s going to look nice and it’s going …
1973 Mustang – Project SportsRoof – Compression Test Part I

I’ve done all the clean up and all the adjustments necessary to get a good reading on the health of the ’72 351C engine in my 1973 Mustang. The next step is to check the compression. First up was to warm the car a bit and then pull the plugs. Here’s what the …
1973 Mustang – Project SportsRoof – Compression Test Part II

This is the wrap up on the compression testing for the 1973 Mustang w/ a 1972 351 Cleveland power plant. You’ll might have notices that I referred to the remote tester, which is my code for remote starter…yeah…that’s it!!! All of these tests were dry test and I should have done a …


Project SportsRoof – 73 Mustang – Getting in Gear with the Transmission

It’s past time to get it in gear and get the transmission back in shape to get the power from the newly bored out .040 351 Cleveland to the rear wheels.

With the help of my nephew Josh (thanks Josh!!) the transmission was effortlessly (ha) in to place…almost.




Here a more current status video.



All Bolted in.


Now that it’s all bolted in place, I need to work on the getting the kick down road back in place. That’s coming up next on #ProjectSportsRoof.

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#ProjectSportsRoof – 1973 Mustang

1973 Mustang Project SportsRoof – Exterior Walk-Around

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof.  I run my car projects much like I run my IT projects.  You always have to know where to start and know the end game.   As with any project that isn’t being built from scratch, in other word, you have to work with what you’ve got, …
1973 Mustang – Engine Bay Work

If you look back at #ProjectSportsRoof post you’ll see the condition engine bay.  During those videos I mentioned that I was going to clean it up and hit it with a rattle can.  Again this isn’t going to be a concours restoration, it’s going to look nice and it’s going …

1970 Mustang Front End – What should I do?

My Nephew’s 1970 Stang needs some attention.

I get to park in my office!

Well it’s been a long week getting her back on the road. But she drove well enough given her condition.

I am looking for opinions on kits for front suspension rebuilds, mine is shot. At this point I’m probably looking for the cheapest most comprehensive kit given my pony’s condition.

My entire front suspension is not suspending, or bouncing, or quiet. Its time for a full rebuild but I’ve been waiting to blow my motor to justify a full car build! It’s been on its last leg for at least 10 years so at this point I’m trying to see how far I can go to prove Ford’s reliability before tearing her down and she just won’t die! A true survivor.

Also I have a mean top end tick I have lots of play in my lifters, I’m assuming that’s the problem. Already replaced the valve caps, but I probably lost one or two again, any tips or tricks to adjust these ticks?

Although she really like cruising at 50 mph everywhere! I had a hard time keeping it under that speed.


You will get a lot of opinions and have a lot of options.  Basically is comes down to what you want the car to be.  If you just want a cruiser I think you can’t go wrong with just building like it came from the factory.  I did that with my 1970 only difference is I use polyurethane bushing.   Polyurethane bushing improved the ride without ruining the feel of how the car would have handled when it came from the factory.  Properly greased the don’t squeak.   If you want it a bit better ride you can upgrade components as you go.

I recommend the RPS kit (it is under $300)

Front Suspension Kit, 1968 – 73 Mustang Restoration Parts Source
This suspension kit includes new upper and lower control arms with bushings and riveted ball joints installed, new spring perches and insulators and new strut rod bushings with washers.

Here is the link –  RPS Suspension Kit


1970 Mustang – Getting the Boot!!!

Replaces that is, boot as in shifting boot.  (Were you thinking…since I just got back from the Barrett Jackson Auction.. I was considering getting rid of the Stang ?   Nope..but I tell you there were a couple of cars I’d even swap for…that’s for sure!!) When the 4 speed trans got …

1970 Mustang – Replacing my Pillar Post Moldings Part I

If you searched and found or followed my posts on restoring the dash-board of my ’70 Mustang, then you might recall my planning/scheduling issues.     As I was taking the old dash pad off, I realized that I hadn’t order the plastic pillar molding.  When I finally called a few Mustang parts …

1970 Mustang – Replacing my Pillar Post Moldings Part II

I’ve the pillar post moldings painted and ready to installed.      I put on 3 coats of paint.    Now I have to remove the dash pad (again) and install.  That will be later this week, my Corvette is still in shop and the Mustang is my back up car.  Thanks for reading more to …

1970 Mustang Dash Replacement – Part Arrives!!!

Ok now I’m excited.  The dash pad replacement arrived and it looks great.  Here are some pics:          I ordered this part from Dallas Mustang, but I thinking I should have ordered directly from I’ll check the web site and see if it was cheaper there.  When you have an average guy’s budget …

Mini Car Show – TMC

It always cool to stumble upon a car show regardless of size.

TMC (Tucson Medical Center) opened up a new office just down the road.  My wife is a commercial interior designer and does a lot of work through her company for at the TMC facilities.

We were aware of the Grand Opening for this new building but we weren’t there’d be a car show.  Here a few of the cars that showed.

You just could walk past this 1959 GMC 100 Pickup.  So nicely restored.


Love the steel painted rims!!!

Lots of Chrome on that front end!!

Still being powered by the straight six! The golf club hood prop is a custom touch!

Sparse interior but 100% effective.

Here is a great looking 1962 Ford pickup  – still sporting its original V8.

Are you kidding me?  Look at this beautiful 66 Malibu!!!


327 Engine (245hp) with Factory Air!!!

Back end jacked up just right!!

There is a lot of tire on that back axle!

That’s all original interior folks!!!


Here are a few more Chevy’s

Beautiful Super Sport w/vinyl top

Wow…is that a BLOWER on top of that power plant?

And another BLOWER!!

56 Chevy Sporting a huge radiator

1980 El Camino – In great shape.

Beautiful Impala…OH…YES..that a Corvette LS3 engine!!!

If you are going to have only one Mopar show up, you want it to be the GTX!!  Take a look:


Plymouth Belvedere GTX.

Yes that is a 426 Hemi….going to find two carbs under that air cleaner.

Clean and original interior.

Here a few more of the cars that showed up.

Thanks to my wonderful wife who didn’t mind an interruption in our errands to spend a few minutes at this show.

Coming up more on #ProjectSportsRoof and #ProjectBeepBeep and keep an eye out for our first Facebook Live event.

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Project SportsRoof – 73 Mustang Distributor Install

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof.  I’m moving ever closer to getting her back on the road.  Popped the distributor in recently.  Take a quick look.


Of course the 351C will need to be timed but I think I have this close enough so it will at least start when I’m ready to fire it up.

I have a bit more transmission work to do, I’ll show you the status in the next post.

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1973 Mustang – Engine Bay Work

If you look back at #ProjectSportsRoof post you’ll see the condition engine bay.  During those videos I mentioned that I was going to clean it up and hit it with a rattle can.  Again this isn’t going to be a concours restoration, it’s going to look nice and it’s going …

1973 Mustang – Project SportsRoof – Engine Bay Components.

I thought I’d take a minute and catch the readers up on #ProjectSportsRoof. I wanted to touch up some of the engine bay components, horns, vacuum canister and battery tray.  I didn’t want to alter some of these too much, I like having the numbers, logos and other info visible, not …