Auto Factoids for the week of May 3rd 2015 – Willys, Packard and Le Mans

Here are your Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids) for the first full week in May 2015.


Dateline May 3rd, 1948 – Willys Jeepster Phaeton debuts.

The production was only a 3 year run with a total units produced was  19,132.  The engines ranged from a  134.1 cu in (2.2 L) I4 and two I6, a 148.5 cu in (2.4 L) I6 and 161 cu in (2.6 L) I6.

1948 Jeepster Phatheon

1948 Jeepster Phatheon


Same day one year later (May 3rd, 1949 )  – Packard has its 50th Anniversary and to commemorate it they offered up 2,000 Gold Packard’s from Utica Proving Grounds. Yes that did happen.  They were painted in a special paint code of Gold.  Each were powered with 327 c.i.d., 150 hp engine.  Only 600 were convertibles.

This isn't, of course Gold, but only 600 Gold Convertibles were made.

This isn’t, of course, Gold, but only 600 Gold Convertibles were made with that special paint code.


Packard's Utica Proving Grounds.

Packard’s Utica Proving Grounds.


 May 4th 1923 – The first Le Mans 24 Hour race was held just outside Le Mans, France.  Initial the race was limited to ‘production’ cars  and  two drivers, now they require 3 drivers per car and the of course these cars aren’t in your dealers show rooms.  The race was won by one of the French teams  – André Lagache and Léonard driving a Chenard et Walcker  with  3.0L I4 engine.

This is an awesome looking car!!!

This is an awesome looking car!!!


May 6th and 7th, 1928– Chrysler debuts the De Soto for the 1929 model year and completes the purchase of Dodge, in part for its dealerships to sell the new De Soto.  In the course of the marque’s run (1929-1961) it set several sales records for Chrysler and the auto industry.  It’s first year (1929) saw 81,065 unit sold and it held the record unit 1960 when Ford beat it with the Falcon.

1928 Chrysler De Soto

1928-29 Chrysler De Soto

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Auto Factoids for Week of April 26, 2015 – Lamborghini and Willys #AutoFactoids
Auto Factoids for Week of April 26, 2015 – Lamborghini and …

Here are your Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids) for the last week of April 2015! Light week for Auto Factoids unless you are Lamborghini or Ford fan. Ferruccio Lamborghini was born on April 28, 1916 in Renazzo di Cento, Italy.




Auto Factoids for Week of Dec. 28, 2014

Here are your Auto Factoids for the last week of Dec 2014.


–  Charles Goodyear was born Dec 29, 1800 in New Heaven, Conn.   39 years and 4 days later he developed vulcanization or rubber (Jan 2, 1839)

– Jan 1, 1942 was the date that the us Government banned the sale of all non-essential car and small trucks in an effort to save valuable resources for the war effort.

– Back in 1966 on Jan 1st, Dodge rolls out the Charger.

1966 Charger  Love the lines!!!

1966 Charger Love the lines!!!

But it has had some changes over the years.


1969 Charger

1969 Charger – Nice!!!!!


1987 Shelby version of the Charger.

1987 Shelby version of the Charger.


2010 Dodge Charger - not a great looking car.

2010 Dodge Charger – not a great looking car.


2014 Charger - looks make you want to yawn...but it can move!!!!

2014 Charger – looks make you want to yawn…but it can move!!!!



– Chevy debuts its first air-cooled engine on Jan 2, 1923.

Copper/Air Cooled

Copper/Air Cooled


– On Jan 2, 1957 Ghia announced the production of the Crown Imperial limo.


Here is an 1958 Chrysler-Imperial Limo example.

Here is an 1958 Chrysler-Imperial Limo example.  That’s a nice looking car!!!

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1984 C4

1984 C4


Auto Factoids for Week of Dec 14, 2014

Dec 15, 1861 Charles Duryea was born in Canton, Ohio. He grew up to be an engineer and with his brother Frank, they began production bicycles. By 1893 they test driving the first U.S. gasoline powered vehicle. It was a …
Auto Factoids for Week of June 8, 2014

Let’s get right to the glory and the tragic historical events of this weeks Auto Factoids. June 10, 1927 the Graham brothers purchased Paige-Detroit Motor.
Auto Factoids for Week of May 18, 2014

If you thought last week was light…this week is weak!! Buick became a corporation back in 1903 back on May 19. It eventually became a major General Motors brand.

1951 Chrysler New Yorker Is the Most Unlikely Rally Car – Carscoops

Ever wondered what’s it like to run a long-distance vintage car rally in a 1951 Chrysler New Yorker? Well, consider this: the car is as heavy as it is unbreakable.At least that’s what owner Jake Auerbach says in the following Petrolicious video about his 1951 New Yorker, a car that unfortunately hit and killed two deer at the same time during a rally and carried on like nothing happened.Bought from eBay, the car has an impressive racing pedigree. It ran in the famed La Carrera Panamericana race in Mexico and the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in Colorado. Since Auerbach and his father bought the Chrysler, they drove many miles in it, running the New York-to-Vancouver leg of the Trans-America Challenge in 2012 in addition to numerous other events.



via 1951 Chrysler New Yorker Is the Most Unlikely Rally Car – Carscoops.

Check out this amazing story.   Cool Car…Cool Story!!

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The Ten Worst Car Factories In History – Rootes Group Linwood

The Ten Worst Car Factories In History.


Remember the Volvo P1800? Well, you want the S version because it was built in Sweden instead of Scotland, along with many of the Chrysler-Rootes Group cars.ranwhenparked has more:

The Chrysler-Rootes plant in Linwood, Scotland was pretty terrible. It was constructed specifically to build the Hillman Imp (full disclosure, I actually kind of like that car, my dad’s British expatriate friend had one for decades).

Chrysler wanted to build the car at their existing factory in Ryton, but oh no no, the UK government had other ideas. With Scotland’s shipbuilding industry essentially dead (partly, OK, heavily due to government policy), the idea was to replace it with car production. So, Chrysler was denied the necessary permits to expand the Ryton plant, but was given generous subsidies to build a new factory in Linwood and really needed to build the car somewhere, so they went with it.

All their suppliers were still located in England, Linwood was basically in the middle of a vast no-man’s land for the auto industry, which led to high transportation costs and frequent parts shortages. The local workforce was inexperienced in car assembly, which led to poor quality and low productivity (the rush to get production going was also to blame, as it shortened training time). Turnover was high and labor problems were rampant – there were over two dozen strikes in one year alone. The factory operated deep in the red throughout its existence and was ultimately closed in the mid ’70s after only 13 years in operation.



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The Ten Worst Car Factories In History

Well, you want the S version because it was built in Sweden instead of Scotland, along with many of the Chrysler-Rootes Group cars. ranwhenparked has more: The Chrysler-Rootes plant in Linwood, Scotland was pretty terrible. It was constructed

Auto Factoids for Week of May 11, 2014

Light week this week.


5/14/1969 – Last Corvair build.  If you know only a little about automotive history or maybe politics or the consumer safety revolution of the 60’s and 70’s you’ll know the name Ralph Nader.  With a little Google’in you’ll find various search results linking him to the demise of the Chevy Corvair (and apple pie and America) – most are not flattering to Mr. Nader.   According to most accounts the last Corvair carried 6000 as the last 4 digits of it’s serial number.  The car was blanketed by the press when it rolled off the assemble, but then disappeared.   There are various stories as to the actual disposition of car #6000  but it remains a mystery.  We do know it was a two door, hard top,  Monza, Olympic Gold was the color and it likely had a Service 140 replacement engine.

I'm seeing the Corvair but can't help notice the Nova's on the rail car.

I’m seeing the Corvair but can’t help notice the Nova’s on the rail car.

The last Corvair convertible was #5997 which was a Forest Green Monza that has come up for sale a few times.


The last Corvair Vert.

The last Corvair ‘vert.

If you are a Corvair fan you’ll enjoy this read:  1969 Corvair: Finger Tip Facts by Corvair historian Dave Newell.


5/17/1868 – Horace Dodge was born in Niles, Mich.    Horace and his brother started out working in a boiler plant and invented a dirt proof ball baring and begin producing bicycles (1897).   In 1901 they began production automotive parts which led to a contract in 1902  to build transmissions for Oldsmobile.  The following year they refused a contract renewal with Olds and began producing engines for Ford.  By 1913 the Dodge boys were producing trucks, ambulances and other vehicles for the military.  The produced their first commercial car in 1917.

Dodge Half-Ton Military pickup

Dodge Half-Ton Military pickup


1913 Dodge Brothers Touring car.

1913 Dodge Brothers Touring car.

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Timhorace dodge

Horace Elgin Dodge

Horace Elgin Dodge, Sr. (May 17, 1868 – December 10, 1920) was an American automobile manufacturing pioneer and co-founder of Dodge



Unrestored high-desert Mopars sell for bargain-basement prices | Hemmings Daily

Unrestored high-desert Mopars sell for bargain-basement prices | Hemmings Daily.


Just a field full of vintage Mopar metal!!!!   You’ve gotta love the prices that these car brought.

I often read where automotive writers type, “Where are all the classic/muscle cars?”   They really need to get out more. There are many places just like this one across the U.S.   Take a drive a cross the Painted Desert.  I’m sure I saw at least 10 muscle Mustangs in the backyards, garages and car ports!!!


Field of Mopars.  Someone's Field of Dream!

Field of Mopars. Someone’s Field of Dream!


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Reilly Motorsports’ Street-Lynx Rear Suspension Install

Ok, let’s get overly simple: Your classic Mopar has come from the factory with a leaf-spring suspended rear end. This setup has been installed in cars and trucks since the automobile’s humble beginnings. It works well in factory-designed situations
Classic “A” Body Mopar Enthusiast Forum,, Celebrates a …

With over 30,000 members, has become the largest and leading authority online for information focused on “A” Body Classic Mopar cars and is pleased to celebrate a decade of serving the community. Chicago, IL — (SBWIRE) …

Car News – Viper Production

I guess Chrysler….or…um Fiat…can’t seem to generate enough interest in the new Viper selling only 91 cars so far this year.  Nor did they sell that great last year only 591 went to new homes.





Chrysler laid of about 90 employees recently at SRT and now the Viper assembly plant is closed until June.

Maybe they can’t compete with…..well you know…..

2014 Stingray

2014 Stingray


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viper assembly plant

AD #1336 – Mary Barra on Message, China OEMs in Brazil …

A source in the supplier industry tells Autoline Daily that the Viper assembly plant will be shut down for 15 weeks. Chrysler says it will be shut for 11 weeks starting the week of April 14. The plant was originally going to shut for …

Auto Factoids – Week of 4/20/2014

Here are your Auto Factoids for the week of April 20, 2014;


Only 3 major hits this week.

The first is that the American Motor Corporation (AMC) was formed by the merger of Nash and Hudson that happened on 4/22/1954.  It was actually Nash-Kalvinator and Hudson.   Cars were still produced under the Hudson name until 1957.

Hudson Hornet Hollywood.

Hudson Hornet Hollywood.

You know that AMC brought you some pretty out of the ordinary cars (Gremblin, Pacer) as well as some class muscle, (AMX, Javelin, Rebel).

There is great article on a Rebel in the May 2014 Hemmings Muscle Machine on a 1970 AMC Rebel.



Next up Chrysler purchases Lamborghini on 4/23/1987. What?   Yes….funny now Chrysler is owned by an Italian car company (Fiat).  Oh it was a smoking deal, only $25 million dollars.  That lasted until 1994 when Chrysler sold Lamborghini to an Indonesianan company.  In 1998 Volkswagen took over Lamborghini.


Finally this week back on 4/25/1970 Mazda’s first cars show up on U.S. shores.



Mazda’s 1970 RX-2

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lamborghini countachamc





Mopar ’14 Challenger is Sold Out – Cars & Parts

Gone in a Flash – Cars & Parts.

Andy Bolig – April 03, 2014 10:43 AM

If you blinked, you missed it. The limited-edition Mopar ’14 Challenger, the latest Chrysler Group LLC vehicle to come straight from the factory already upgraded with Mopar products, has sold out in just the first day after being made available to dealers.


New Mopar ?14 Challenger model revealed: only 100 serialized coupes will be built, offering ?Mopar-or-no-car? fans the rarest factory-produced Dodge Challenger model to date with unique ?Moparized? equipment New Mopar ’14 Challenger model revealed: only 100 serialized c

The Mopar ’14 Challenger is the most recent limited-edition vehicle offered by the brand, continuing the success of the Mopar ’10 Challenger, Mopar ’11 Charger, Mopar ’12 300 and Mopar ’13 Dart in demonstrating how owners can personalize their rides with Mopar products — even before driving away from the dealership. With only 100 built, the Mopar ’14 Challenger is the rarest limited-production Dodge Challenger offered to date.


Did you get a 2014 Challenger?  Let me know.


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2014 challenger shaker


@Dodge 2014 Challenger Shaker!!!!

Parkinglot Spotlight – 1963 Dodge 100

You gotta like the trucks.  They worked their tail pipes off for you. This one appears to be nicely restored and serves mainly as a “grocery getter”.

These were manual transmissions and featured either 292 (4.8L) Chrysler B engine, the 309 (5.1L) or the larger 302 (5.2L) B V8.


I love these Dodge trucks.


Some shadows can’t distract from the this nicely done truck.



Love the Chrome wheel covers.


Massive U.S. steel front end. Just enough chrome for some bling without taking away that “I’m a work truck” look.


The D100’s came in several other body styles including several pickups, panel wagons with either 114 or 122 wheel base.

Cost ran from about $1,468 (basically a chassis and cab) to $2,319.

Got one of these beauties laying around?  Post me up a note.

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1963 dodge 1001963 dodge 100