Has the Mercury Marauder gotten better with age?

I’d have to say that I like the look of the ’03 Marauder – remind me a lot of the when Chevy brought back the Impala, the look similar.

Maybe lowered a smidgen, and some wider tires (low profile?…maybe) and a little tuning (you know there’s more HP to be dragged out of that V8 – it would be an awesome ride!!!

2003 Marauder

2003 Marauder

Check out the test drive.


In a recent Retro Review, MotorWeek reminds us why Mercury was cool for a hot second in the early aughts.

Source: Has the Mercury Marauder gotten better with age?

So I’d say yes, I think it would be cool to own one.  However, I’d take the 1969 Marauder any day!!!

1969 Mercury Marauder

1969 Mercury Marauder


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Why The Mercury Marauder Is A Future Classic

Before I start talking to you about why the Mercury Marauder deserves future classic status, I want to start by talking about biology. Specifically, evolutionary biology, and the concept of the “apex predator.” It’s science-learnin’ time! An apex


Racing History – The Manufacturers – Mercury Part I

Read on and let me know what you think.

1950 was the year Mercury produced its one millionth  car and it also produced two Mercury NASCAR Grand National wins and was the official pace car of the Indianapolis 500.

1950 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car ’50 Merc Convertible

One of those wins on  June 18, 1950 – Blair piloted a 1950 Mercury owned by Sam Rice to victory in a race at Vernon fairgrounds in Vernon, NY.

Mercury was able to reproduce that success with two wins in 1951 as well.

There was a bit of a dry spell until 1956 when they won 5 NASCAR Grand Nationals.

One of those wins was Tim Flock, with his Mercury in rather wet conditions in the 258-mile NASCAR Grand National event at Elkhart Lake‘s Road America.

1956 Mercury

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mercury nascar historymercury nascar history

The Marauder

I like off –beat cars. By that I mean, the ones nobody thinks about immediately.  Some of those are cars like, Studebakers, Edsels, and Mercurys.

A few years ago, actually shortly after we moved to Tucson, AZ., I was at the local Safeway and I saw this black car moving through the
parking lot.  I was on foot and I hurried to the end of the parking row to see if I could catch the manufacturer and
model.   To my surprise that sports-roof-like, long black car was a Mercury Marauder!!  It was beautiful.  I’m still not sure what
year it was but I believe it was a 1969 and possibly an X-100, but I can’t be sure.

'69 Marauder

I’m not totally unfamiliar with Mercury’s, having lived with grandparents who  for years would only buy
that Ford brand – mainly the Marques and other 4 door models. Frankly back then I wasn’t all that impressed.
But the Marauder, like the Cougar, wasn’t your grandparent’s car!

So coming up is my write-up on the Mercury Marauder.

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What’s coming up? Take a look!

I have a couple of interesting pieces coming up.

1.  Mercury Marauder name plate

2.  Closure on the upholstery for my ’70 Mustang.

3.  Reader choice – you choose the next engine to highlight

I have a couple commercial ventures on the near horizon:

1.  Certified Auto Appraiser – I’m about to finish my certification and will be specializing in Classic, Muscle, Antique and speciality cars.

2.  Auto restoration project management.  Focus is on those individuals that love their cars, but don’t have the time nor the experience to know what needs to be done.  I’m actually waiting for my first car.  It is a 1975 VW Bug coming all the way from Iowa City, Iowa, should be here this will for inspection and the beginning of its restoration.

So what engine would you want to see highlighted?  Drop me a note here or on Facebook.

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