Parking Lot Spotlight – 1969 Mercury Cougar – Awesome!

I haven’t done a Parking Lot Spotlight in a while and this is a great car to pick the series back up with.  Check this one out!!!!!


Wheels look great!!!!


Love the chrome work and the wrap around backup lights. That two tone paint is pretty good looking too!!!

I find these to be such a great looking vehicles and dare I say in some cases even better than some of their Mustang cousins.  The hidden headlights and the full (nearly full) length tail lights make these so distinct and much more difficult to restore then the Mustang – as far as getting NOS parts.

I’m not alone in thinking that the new for 1967 Cougar was unique and that first year through 1970 were the best years.  After that they became cross-bred with a Marauder and then by the mid 70’s virtually indistinguishable from the squared off T-bird not to mention it’s overtly plushiness.

In 1969 you could get the Cougar with a 302, 351W  in either a V2 or V4 configuration or Boss 302.  Previous years a 289 was available and in early 70’s  the 351C, 351 CJ, and  351 Boss were options.  Those are the best engine Ford had to offer at the time!!! (May be ever!!)

For 1969 you could get the Cougar in the Coupe, Convertible with a standard trim, Eliminator or XR-7  packages. Production numbers totaled just over 100k units broken down like this:


Coupe –  66,331 Convertible – 5,796
XR-7 Coupe – 23,918 XR-7 Convertible – 4,024


Got a Cougar?  Let’s see it!!!!

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1973 Mustang SportsRoof

1973 Mustang Sports Roof


Readers Cars 01/03/2010

I enjoy seeing readers’ cars.  Here is a 1982 Mercury Cougar Stationwagon…..YES!!!  That’s what I said…”They did what????” Submitted by Steve Sears. There were 19,254 Cougar wagons built, in GS and Villager trim, in 1982. The only other year there were Cougar wagons was 1977 when 9,700+ built. I’d be willing to bet that …



The Marauder

I like off –beat cars. By that I mean, the ones nobody thinks about immediately.  Some of those are cars like, Studebakers, Edsels, and Mercurys.

A few years ago, actually shortly after we moved to Tucson, AZ., I was at the local Safeway and I saw this black car moving through the
parking lot.  I was on foot and I hurried to the end of the parking row to see if I could catch the manufacturer and
model.   To my surprise that sports-roof-like, long black car was a Mercury Marauder!!  It was beautiful.  I’m still not sure what
year it was but I believe it was a 1969 and possibly an X-100, but I can’t be sure.

'69 Marauder

I’m not totally unfamiliar with Mercury’s, having lived with grandparents who  for years would only buy
that Ford brand – mainly the Marques and other 4 door models. Frankly back then I wasn’t all that impressed.
But the Marauder, like the Cougar, wasn’t your grandparent’s car!

So coming up is my write-up on the Mercury Marauder.

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