Auto Factoids for the week of April 16. 2017 – Mustang, Lincoln

Hey guess what’s back?   Auto Factoids. 

Here they are for the week of April 16. 2017

April 16th, 1908 – Oakland car company sold it’s first car.  Oakland was formed in 1907 by Edward M. Murphy.  He was originally a buggy maker and then sold a 4 cylinder car designed by Alanson P. Brush.  It was a 4 cylinder car.

I believe they actually began producing cars in 1907.



The mother of all debuts, the Ford Mustang was on April 17, 1964.  Little did any one know what a success that little car would be. There were 3 engine available for the 64 1/2 Mustang, the 170 inline 6 cylinder, the 260 V8 and the 289 V8.  There were 97, 705 hard tops produced and 28,883 convertibles.

1964 1/2 Vert

1964 1/2 Coupe


April 17, 1969 another Ford debut the Ford Maverick. Just 5 years the Mustangs release Ford tried again to capture the magic my debuting the Maverick.  The Maverick was offered only in two door platform on a Falcon chassis and sported only one engine, the 170 cid.  That engine was called the  Falcon 6 cylinder with produced about 100 hp. Over 127k were produced in the first year.

1969 Maverick Clay moc-ups. I think the top model would have been a great look.  Although it did look a bit like the Mustang



Lincoln becomes  a separate division of Ford in 1955 on April 18th.  It came in a Custom and Capri series.  It took the form of 2dr, 4dr and convertible.  Believe it, or not the 4415 lbs car was considered “Sport” model.

Two door Capri


18 April 1964 Sunbeam debuts the iconic Tiger.   The Sunbeam Tiger a collectible car.  It only came in a convertible with 260 V8.

Referred to Sunbeam Tiger MKII or Series I


On April 22nd back in 1954 Hudson and Nash merged to from American Motors Corporation (AMC).  This would mark one of the last independent auto makers and brought us such coolness as the Marlin, AMX, Javelin, Rebel and don’t forget the Pacer and Gremlin.    Here are two examples of the AMX from a local car show here in 

1971  AMC AMX

1969 AMC AMX

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Auto Factoids for the Week of Nov. 1, 2015 – Packard Week

Here are your Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids) for the first week of Nov. 2015. I’m going to call this Packard Week (like Shark Week only on wheels)!!!   Here is why:

Starting right off on the Nov. 1st 1955 Studebaker’s Hawk showed up on the car scene.

  • They when on sale in 1956 and came in the Flight Hawk, Golden Hawk and Power Hawk and Sky Hawk. As you may know these were tough time for Studebaker/Packard so the Flight, Power and Sky Hawk models were only available in 1956.   The power plants for these cars ranged from Studebaker’s old straight 6 cylinder bored and stoked to displace 185 CIDs for the Flight Hawk, and their OHV 259″ V8, which came in a 2bbl and 4bbl configuration (180 HP and 195 HP ) for the Power Hawk to the Sky Hawk’s OHV 289 CID with the Golden Hawk sporting Packard’s 352 CID (5.8 L – V8) that managed to produce 275 BHP. That is pretty good power in fairly light car.

Sky Hawk

Sky Hawk

Flight Hawk

Flight Hawk

Golden Hawk

Golden Hawk

Power Hawk

Power Hawk

On Nov. 2, 1935 we have two events.

  • Cord’s 810 debuted as did the Fords’ (Lincoln’s) Zephyr. Cord 810 was a beautiful and advanced car. It was the first US designed and built front wheel drive car with independent suspension and sported a set of very cool hidden headlights (operated with a crank on the dash-board) – another US first!! It was power by a Lycoming 289 V8 (125HP) and had a 4 speed overdrive transmission.
1935 Cord 810. This the Sportsmen Convertible

1935 Cord 810. This is the Sportsmen Convertible

  • The Zephyr was produced under the Lincoln sub-brand and was powered by 267 cu in (4.4 L) L-Head with 110 HP. It sold 15,000 units in its first with was over 50% of all Lincoln sales for 1936.
1936 Zephyr

1936 Zephyr

Continuing on with Packard Week, on Nov. 5, 1863 John Ward Package was born.

  • Before building his first automobile in 1899, he successfully operated his own business, Packard Electric
John Ward Packard

John Ward Packard

On Nov. 6 is a very busy day in Automotive history we have 3 major mile stones.

  • On this day in Carlo (a.k.a. Karl) Abarth was born in Austria in 1908. He was ultimate gear-headed business man!!! Started out designing bicycle and motorcycle frames in Italy as a teenager for Castanga, then back to Austria and motorcycle racing where he managed to become 5 times European champion. After begin seriously injured in a racing accident he gave up racing, designed a sidecar and started a company with Ferry Porsche (and couple other guys) that was eventually called Cisitalia. They produced the Tipo 360 F1 prototype – which was a flop. Later on he founded the Abarth & C company that eventually produced racing cars with the scorpion logo then moved into the production of performance exhaust now called Abarth. He should the company to Fiat and they named a car after him.

Abarth Race Car

Abarth Race Car



  • Edsel Ford was born in 1883 in Detroit, MI on this same day. Often only known for the Edsel sub brand he was instrumental in design and development of the Lincoln as well. But we all love the Edsel.


  • To finish up Packard Week the first Packard car was test driven on Nov. 6, 1899.
The first Packard

The first Packard


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Auto Factoids for the Week of 5/10/2015 – GM and Corvair

Here is this weeks AutoFactoids (#AutoFactoids). May 10, 1923 – GM names Alfred P. Sloan as president. They didn’t just pick from the streets. He was actually, a draftsman for a bearing company, Hyatt Roller Bearing.

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Auto Factoids for Week of April 12, 2015

Just got this out for the week!!   Here is your Auto Factoids (#autofactoids) for April 12, 2015.

April 13 1965  Pontiac 10-millionth

The car was a 1965 Catalina.

1965 4 door Catalina the 10th Millionth Pontiac

1965 4 door Catalina the 10th Millionth Pontiac


April 13 1904  Caddy assembly plant burned to the ground.  More info on this site:


April 14, 1927  First Volvo is produced

1927 Volvo "Jakob"

1927 Volvo “Jakob”

It had wooden (ash and copper beech) underpinnings, sheet steel panels, leather upholstery, live axles and long leaf springs – loosely based on an American design.  It had a 4 cylinder engine that produced 28 hp.


April 16, 1908  Oakland motors sells its first car.

I believe they actually began producing cars in 1907.

I believe they actually began producing cars in 1907.


April 17, 1964 Ford Mustang debuts

1964 2+2 Mustang

1964 2+2 – My favorite of the under 1968 Mustangs.



4/17/1969 Ford began selling the Maverick.  <cricket……>  Come was a good car and getting more and more collectible!!!


1964  Maverick

1964 Maverick – Proper mods and you’ll have a monster street car!!


April 18, 1955  Lincoln becomes a separate division of Ford.   Lincoln started out as a separate brand in 1917 with its plant at 6200 West Warren Avenue in Detroit, Michigan and was name after Abe Lincoln. They began business by producing Liberty aircraft engine with pistons purchased from Ford for WWI.  After the war the re-fitted the plant and produced luxury  Ford bought the company in 1922.
April 18, 1964  Sunbeam Tiger Debuts


Shelby Cobra was the inspiration for the Tiger.

Shelby Cobra was the inspiration for the Tiger.



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Auto Factoids for the Week of 1/25/2015

Wow it’s the end of January already.  Here are your Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids) for the last week of January 2015.

Jan 26th 1920 – Lincoln Motor Company formed.

Lincoln Motor Company was actually started in 1917 and produced  Liberty engines with Ford parts for World War I.   After the war they began producing luxury cars.  By 1920 the company had financial issues and Ford bought the company in 1922.   Ford allowed the company to operate separately until 1940.

1921 Lincoln Model 'L'

1921 Lincoln Model ‘L’

Jan 27th 1974 – Not being able to drive 55 became against the law as President Nixon signed the national speed limit law in response to gas/oil issues.


Jan 28th 1950 – Preston Tucker was acquitted of mail fraud.

The history of the Tucker car is extremely interesting.  The Tucker car was an innovation ahead of its time and offered an alternative (rear  engine) to the typical cars being produced in that era.  The car industry was a powerful and influential business entity generally were not interest in a start-up threatening their share of the industry.   The car of the future (called the Tucker Torpedo – while under development) was produced in 1948 against insurmountable odds.   Only 51 Tucker 48’s (Model 48) was produced in 1948, 47 still exist.

While dubbed "Tucker Torpedo"  during production no 'Torpedoes' were produced.

While dubbed “Tucker Torpedo” during production no ‘Torpedoes’ were produced.




Some Tucker Specs:

– Engine: H-6 (horizontally opposed), OHV, 335 ci (4.50 x 3.50 in. bore x stroke), 7.0:1 compression ratio, 166 bhp, 372 lbs/ft torque.

– Size: 128″ wheelbase, 219″ overall length, 60″ height, 79″ width, 4200 pounds.

– Performance: 0-60 in 10 seconds, est. top speed 120 mph


Jan 29th 1886 – Benz developed the first gasoline (internal combustion) automobile.

Carl Benz's Motorwagon.

Carl Benz’s Motorwagon.

The Motorwagon engine was actually built in 1885, 1886 was when Mr. Benz applied for the patent

Some specs on the Motorwagon’s power plant:

     –  Rear mounted horizontal engine with vertical crankshaft

     –  Belt primary drive and final transmission to the rear wheels by side chains

     –  Displaced 984cc and mustered up .9 horsepower

     –  Top speed was achieved at 8 mph

–  Loud

– Smelly

It was a tubular chassis suspended in place by three large wheels.

Jan 30th 1958 – Rambler American debuts

This was the first car created by American Motors Company (AMC).  The company was formed by the merger of Nash and Hudson.  The American for 1958 was only built in a 2 door with one engine option, the 195.6 cu in (3.2 L) flathead, that  producing 90 hp.  There were a couple trim options the base or Deluxe and the Super.

The American was produced in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Australia and Iran.


Jan 31st was a big day in automotive history with the debut of Pontiac’s 2 door Custom Safari (1955)

Who doesn't love a two door wagon?!?!?!?!

Who doesn’t love a two door wagon?!?!?!?!

Rarer than the Chevy Nomad, the Safari was produced as the Star Chief Custom Safari with 3,760 made and as the Chieftan 860 “Colony” 2 door (two or three seats):  8,618 in 1955.

These sported the 287 V8 engine and were topped with 2 or 4 barrel carb.

Jan 31st Studebaker/Packard debuts the Clipper (1957)

Frankly this car was a mess!  Actually it was just a Studebaker with Packard tail lights, bumper and instrument panel, fitted with stamped overlays for body panels.  Referred to as Packardbaker, these were not well received.  They did use the 289 (4.7 liter) engine from the Golden Hawk, which produced 275 hp.  Also came in a wagon version.


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Original 1957 Packard Clipper with Factory Supercharged …

The 1956-1957 Packard Clipper was the car that was supposed to mark out Clipper as a brand in itself, despite the fact that the manufacturer was going through a really rough spot that, one year later, would spell the end of …
1948 Tucker – Classic Cars – Blogs – Times Union

I read a story at the time the Preston Tucker Movie was out that said they used a late 40s Studebaker as a “stand in” for the Tucker in the rollover stunt, modified to look like a Tucker. Dan Lyons says: February 23, 2013 at 8:03 …

lincoln motor company[ ATTRIBUTE: Please check: to find out how to attribute this image ]

Auto Factoids for Week of Sept 30, 2012

Wow…a lot went on this week.

First up is the car that started it all.  Oct 1, 1908 the Ford Model T  went on sale.   Perhaps the only car that is always referred with the word “Model”.  You never hear it called the Ford T (like Ford Focus) or the T (like Mustang).

1908 Model T

Model T Ford – Rag Top

1927 saw the 15 millionth Model T produced and the last.

On the same day 46 years later (1954) Packard and Studebaker merged.  It was debatable was to who the merger would benefit the most.  It is was reported Packard was broke but Studebaker had money troubles as well.  This was not a great partnership.  They attempted to sell the cars separately in the same dealerships.  The Packards were just Studebaker’s President with more chrome. They were unflatteringly called “Packerbakers”.

’56 Studebaker President

57 Packardbaker – You got to love the fins!!!!!

The Packarbaker only lasted 2 years and Packard essentially ceased to exist.

Oct 1, 1974 was the last Imperial  debuted.   The Imperial was at one time its own company.  It was incorporated in to the Chrysler family and then sort of released back as its own brand.

1974 Imperial. The two configuration was the best looking.

Chevy delivered one of the most iconic cars in automotive history on Oct 2. 1959.  That was the day they debuted the Corvair.  It was a huge media blitz with some every innovative sale/marketing demonstrations.  Including running through field and stream.

Any Ralph Nader fans? This is a great car and they came in four door, station wagon and drop top configurations!!!!

On Oct. 4, 1962 Buick debuted it’s Riviera.

Distinct (grill/headlight over-hang) but familiar (Skylark like). I really liked the early Riviera, right up until the boat tail design.

Now I didn’t really want to consider this next historic moment but in my opinion this really isn’t automotive related, except that it did have tires and moved along the ground, but in 1983 on Oct 4 the land speed record was broken.  A British team accomplished with the Thurst SSC and setting the record at 633 mph.  But really it was just a plane with jet engines – minus the wings.

The UK Team’s Thrust SSC. Notes below are from the Wikipedia

The car was driven by Royal Air Force fighter pilot Wing Commander Andy Green in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, United States. It was powered by two afterburning Rolls-Royce Spey turbofan engines, as used in the British version of the F-4 Phantom II jet fighter. The car was 16.5 m (54 ft) long, 3.7 m (12 ft) wide and weighed 10.5 tons (10.7 t), and the twin engines developed a net thrust of 223 kN (50,000 lbf), a power output of 110,000 bhp (82MW),[2] burning around 18 litres per second (4.0 Imperial gallons/s or 4.8 US gallons/s). Transformed into the usual terms for car mileages based on its maximum speed, the fuel consumption was about 5,500 l/100 km or 0.04 mpg U.S.


Next up two debuts on the same day 11  years apart.

First 0n Oct 6 1955 the  Lincoln Continental MK II showed up at the Paris Auto show.

Look a bit like a Thunderbird in this pic.

That’s a huge grille!!! Great looking car.


Eleven years later in 1966 Cadillac debuted the Eldorado.  Perhaps the most famous Caddy model.

Here it is in a beautiful blue drop top configuration.


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Selling Cars – Lincoln 1961

This another post where we are amused by the content of the write-up and this time the pics as well.  At the bottom check out the very cool dash.

Here is an excerpt from the write-up:

“”Car stopped running due to a split in the intake. I could not find a replacement part, but have not looked in 6 years. I talked to a machine shop about fabricating the part, but just never followed through. At the time, this was the *only* thing mechanically wrong with the vehicle, although this was over 6 years ago.

Please excuse my dog and my thumb in the pictures. Dog and thumb not included.””




Thumb again.


Ok, joking aside.  I love this dash.  Love the way the gauge clusters are separated and  the AC unit in the center sitting on a shelf.
Is this a 360?  I feel an engine spec article coming on.
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