1929 Detroit Electric Headed Out and 1953 GMC Gas Monkey Garage Build

I’ll say it again, it’s not part of my daily routine (Although I which it was!!!) that I get to deal with some rare cars.   By day I’m the Director of Information Technology for a retail company with stores throughout Arizona  at home I’m a Corvette and Mustang (check out #ProjectSportsRoof) loving car guy.  But today the two intersected and that equaled a cool day.

If you look back at my post entitled Driving a 1929 Detroit Electric Model 97 http://wp.me/p2YxYx-4Qp you’ll get a good look at the Detroit Electric. Today it is headed back to its owner and the owner of our company.

We pushed the Detroit out of the building and into the sun light again – most likely will be its last bit of Arizona UV rays.  This beauty is on its way to Hood River, OR where the owner is loaning it to a transportation museum. The guys in this video, Tom, David, Lynn have worked and lived with this rare mode of transportation for over 10 years. It will be missed.

As if that’s not enough for one post, there’s more to this ‘most excellent day’ (to steal a phrase from Bill and Ted).

It’s tough to pick a transport company to move your special vehicle across country. I have used my share, transporting a Mustang, a Torino, a VW bug and a motorcycle via different carriers and it’s a big deal. The company selected for this rare car was FSI Transport Service and the care the driver showed was very reassuring that this 1929 electric car was in good hands. FSI is operated by Frank and Laura Martinez, out of El Paso, Tx.  Their rig was perfect for the job – being that the Detroit is a bit taller than the average car.

Often the car you are shipping travels with several other cars that are headed the same way. But this time there was only one travel mate for this trip. It just happened to be a beautiful 1953 GMC Custom pickup, according to the driver it build by the folks at Gas Monkey Garage and headed home to the owner.

That’s a beautiful truck and a worthy travel mate for the old electric car.


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Out and About!!! #ProjectSportsRoof

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detroit electric car

The world’s fastest electric car? – BBC Top Gear

Remember the Detroit Electric SP:01? Announced in 2013, it followed a well-thumbed recipe and promised to be an esoteric entrant in the eco-friendly sports car class. SP:01 Well, it’s back and in production form ahead of official sales in 2015. And it’s a bit different to before, adopting a new fastback …

1953 gmc pickup

FEATURE: 1974 GMC Sierra 2500 Camper Special | Classic Recollections

FEATURE: 1974 GMC Sierra 2500 Camper Special | Classic Recollections.


This 1974 GMC 2500 Sierra Camper Special was restored by the original owner's nephew.

Squared  nose and sturdy.  These trucks can last.

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CRUISE NIGHT: Downtown Barrington, Illinois

Downtown Barrington, Illinois's classic car cruise has been taking place for 9 years.Tucked away in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago is the quaint town of Barrington and every summer Thursday night, the classic cars come rolling in for the village’s weekly cruise. With its tranquil, tree-lined setting, easily accessible boutique shops and casual dining, this event is one draws automotive enthusiasts from all over.

Anne Garrett helps to oversee the downtown Barrington, Illinois classic car cruise night.

Anne Garrett

Anne Garrett serves as the Manager for Special Events and Marketing for the Village of Barrington and described to us how the cruise came to be.

“This year is our 9th year for the cruise, which got started in 2003. At the time, the village had been looking for ways to draw traffic and attention to the downtown area and knew a classic car cruise would be just perfect. Other neighboring suburbs had something similar so we did some research and determined we had what it would take to run a successful event. We settled on the South Cook street area and in all the years its been running, haven’t changed a thing.”

Anne informed us two village staff members and several members of the The Barrington Police will typically bring out a few vehicles to the classic car cruise.public works, as well as local law enforcement, are required to run the event.

“The Barrington Police will attend but it’s more of a public safety presence and a chance to interact with the local community.”

In addition, they also typically bring out vehicles from their fleet and allow spectators to get up close and personal with their high-tech cruisers. Volunteers from the Barrington Lions Club also help with the event.

Classic cars parked in downtown Barrington, Illinois for the classic car cruise. 2012“Four years ago we were approached by the group who offered their assistance. Every year since we’ve had 4 or 5 faithful volunteers help man the barricades and allow the cars to come in and out.”

Judging by the jammed lots, full of classic and custom cars, and the multitudes of owners and spectators milling about, it’s safe to assume the cruise has been a huge hit with the community.

“So far, the response has been tremendous. It seems every week people genuinely look forward to the event. They’re able to come early and go to the Farmer’s Market and then wander around the lots, checking out the cool classic cars. We rotate the onsite food venders and always have different entertainment so no two weeks are exactly the same.”

Classic cars parked in downton Barrington at the cruise. 2012

Expect the lot to be filled during the warm, cruising months.

The local businesses have taken notice of the increased foot traffic. Classic cars parked in downtown Barrington, Illinois for the classic car cruise. 2012

“We’re having more and more of our downtown merchants stay open late, which gives spectators many options for additional shopping and dining activities when they’re done seeing the cars. It really adds to the overall community feeling of the event and makes it a wonderful place to spend the evening.”

If you plan on attending the Barrington cruise and want to bring a four-wheeled relic, you’d better get there early.

“Our official start time is 6:30pm but the car owners will arrive and start cuing up around 4:30pm. Many of them want to make sure they get their ‘special spot’. Generally our end time is right at dusk, as the car owners don’t like driving home in the dark with their headlights on. We’ve been told they don’t like to run the risk of attracting bugs and having to put in the extra time cleaning them off.”

Classic cars parked at the 2012 downtown Barrington, Illinois classic car cruise.Each night throughout the summer has a theme, highlighting a certain brand, style or type of classic machine. While all are welcome, the themed vehicles are given special attention. Here is the schedule for the rest of the season:

July 19: 70’s Night
July 26: “Orphan” Cars
August 2: Mopar
August 9: Convertible
August 16: Sports & British Cars
August 23: Corvette
August 30: Trucks/ 4×4

** Want to know what events are taking place near you? Check out our Cruise Calender **


At the downtown Barrington cruise, you’ll see everything from an ultra-modern Fisker Karma to all your favorite vintage Detroit muscle machines.

Classic cars parked at the 2012 downtown Barrington, Illinois classic car cruise.

**All photos and content by Classic Recollections and may not be used without permission. 2012 © **

Classic cars parked at the 2012 downtown Barrington, Illinois classic car cruise.

Classic cars parked at the 2012 downtown Barrington, Illinois classic car cruise.


Classic cars parked at the 2012 downtown Barrington, Illinois classic car cruise.

Classic cars parked in downton Barrington at the cruise. 2012__________________________________________________________________________________

**All photos and content by Classic Recollections and may not be used without permission. 2012 © **

COPO IS BACK!! The Camaro As it was Meant to Be!!

I just recently picked up a copy of GMs new Performance catalog and all I can say is WOW!!  But we’ll dive into that in a future post.

Gracing the cover was the latest and greatest COPO Camaro.  You remember those special order packages.  Well they have brought it back and factory racing just jumped up and shouted “LET DO IT!!!!”
[vodpod id=Video.15839761&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

COPO IS BACK!!, posted with vodpod

Engine Line-UP: Chevy Engines 1971

If you read any of my pieces on Engines, you’ll know that I enjoy learning all I can about the various makers’ details on their features.  I thought that I might start a series that took a year by year approach to what the US automaker build and used in the cars they produced.

So here is the engine line up for the 1971 Chevys.


Of course Chevy had the V8’s in 1971, not yet strangled by smog control, as well as 6 cylinders and 4 cylinders.

All of the 6’s were inline (often referred to as straight 6 – for the pistons all being in a straight line configuration) these were 250 cubic inch displacements – (very similar to the Ford 250, with the exception of the Blue upping the compression to 9.1:1 vs Chevy’s 8.5:1).  These were cast iron with hp running about 145 with hydraulic lifter,  and normally topped with a Rochester one barrel carb.  Any car that had a 6 in it had this engine and it was an option with most any Chevy model.


1971 Chev Inline Six (this one is in a Chevy Nova)

Next up is the 4 cylinder used exclusively in the Vega (remember those?). They were inline 4’s with Over head Cams, aluminum block (not iron) and managed to displace 140 cubic inches.  The compression ratio was less than they 6 at 8.0:1 with hydraulic lifters and a one barrel carb.

Vega Four Cylinder

There were 3 basic V8 that year the 350, 400 and the 307.

The 350 cid was cast iron with overhead valves and compression ratio of 8.5:1 with an hp of 245 hp when it was topped with a 2 barrel Rochester carb.  These were widely used in the Biscayne, Bel Air, Impala, and Monte Carlo.

The 400 was cast iron as well with matching stats.  However due to the larger bore  (4.125 vs the 4.00 for the 350) and longer stroke (3.75 inches compare to the 350’s 3.48) it was able to push the hp’s up to 255 (umm..seems like a lot of work for 5 hps) when it was topped with the same 2 barrel carb.

The 307 rounds this out  with its cast iron block and over head valves, it to had the compression ratio of 8.5:1 but with a smaller bore and shorter stroke  (3.875 and 3.5 inch)it bu down roughly 200 hp.  The 307 was used in Chevelle, Malibu, Nova and the Camaro.


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ParkingLot Spotlight 1951 GMC 9/24/2011

So you are out at the mall or grabbing some groceries at the store and you are headed back to your car in the parking lot and you catch something out of the corner of your eye.  It’s out of the ordinary, it really shouldn’t be there, especially parked between that 1998 Honda with almost no paint and the huge Cummings Diesel pick up with a bench car seat bungy corded to the tie downs in the bed, but there it is, glowing and out-of-place.

That is what these segments will be about.  Sometime there will be comments from the owner and sometimes I won’t have a chance to chat with them.  There is a fine line between loving cars and stalking. (Standing around while your milk getting warm and your ice cream is leaking out of the hole in the plastic bag, waiting for the owner is on the line.  Hey..it only happened once!!!…Come on now!!!..You’ve done it!!!)

Up this time is a GMC Panel van from about 1951.  Found this one at  a local Fry’s grocery store parking lot.  I got a chance to take a few pics and didn’t get to meet the owner.

Here are some pics.

Looks in pretty good shape



Huge grill opening


In the above pic you can see that the air conditioning is on. (OK..is just a vent but it is pretty cool.)

Needs a little chrome work.


These are not small vehicles


Those doors open up pretty wide and that bumper is HEAVY DUTY.

Quick peak inside


What are you finding in a parking lot?

Drop a note.

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Auto Factoids for 5/9/2010

Tough finding something historic for this week in May.

I do have a blurb on GM.

On May 10, 1923 they named Alfred P. Sloan as corporate president.  They didn’t just pick from the streets.  He was actually, a draftsman for a bearing company, Hyatt Roller Bearing.  That company eventually merged with a few other companies with United Motor Corporation.  Sloan became the president of that and shortly after that they were purchased by GM.

He served GM from 1923 to 1956 in some manner including board chairman.

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