Auto Factoids – Week of May 31, 2015 – Ford, Olds, Model T

Here are your Auto Factoids #AutoFactoids for the beginning of June, 2015.

May 31, 1927 – Ford produced the last Model T.    There is some debate as to actual date and it’s said that the 15th million Model T rolled off the production line on May 26th, 1927 and the Henry and Edsel drove it off the line.    The Model T was one of the major factors for governments push for the develop of our road system.  And did you know that Henry Ford was green?  Yes, he recycled the scrap wood from the production of the Model T and turned it into charcoal.  It was originally call Fords Charcoal.  It was later renamed for Henry’s brother-in-law who selected the charcoal plant – his last name was Kingsford – as in Kingsford Charcoal.

The 15 Millionth Model T!!!

The 15 Millionth Model T!!!


June 2, 1899 – Locomobile Co. was founded.   The company was formed by the editor of Cosmopolitan John Walker, after he purchase a design plan for a steam car from the Stanley brothers ( who didn’t being production of their Stanley Steamer until 1902).   Their plant was first located in Watertown,  Mass and moved to Bridgeport, Conn in 1900.   The first car bodies were just runabouts with steam engines. Loc-SteamThe company was the first to have their automobiles used in a war – The Boer War.  It was used as the tractor and chuck wagon of sorts.  The production of steam cars continued until Locomobile began R&D with internal combustion engines.  By 1902 they had seven body styles and had sold over 4000 cars.   Production of gas powered engined in 1904.  Their honors included the first U.S. built car to win an international race.

Vanderbilt Cup Winner

Vanderbilt Cup Winner

Powered by a 60hp, straight 4 cylinder engine it won the Vanderbilt Cup in 1908.


In 1919 they produced their most enduring car, the Model 48.  The 48 was a large car and powered by a side valve straight 6 cylinder with 525 cubic inch displacement and producing  48.6-hp.

Company was purchased by Durant Motor (Billy Durant of GM fame) and continued to operate as Locomobile, selling cars under that name until 1929.

Model 48

Model 48


June 3, 1864 – Ransom Olds was born in Genvea, Ohio – Founder of the now defunct Oldsmobile car manufacturer.  Although Henry Ford often get credit for inventing the assembly line production – Ransom was the first to use the assembly line.  (Ford gets credit for improving it and adding universal parts.)

1905 Olds

1905 Olds


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See Photos of the Ford Model T During Its Decades of Dominance

For years, Henry and Edsel Ford had been denying that the day was approaching. Asked whether they were working on a new model of car, after nearly two decades of producing the famous Model T, they kept mum. But, as TIME noted back then, “in the U. S. …
Bothell Park gets Ford Model T sculpture, dedication Saturday

Bothell Park gets Ford Model T sculpture, dedication Saturday. This Ford Model T Sculpture at Red Brick Road Park in Bothell was created by local high school students. — image credit: Contributed photo. 0 …

ransom olds assembly line


Locomobiles Logo

Locomobiles Logo

Auto Factoids for Week of April 26, 2015 – Lamborghini and Willys

Here are your Auto Factoids  (#AutoFactoids) for the last week of April 2015!

Light week for Auto Factoids unless you are Lamborghini or Ford fan.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was born on April 28,  1916 in Renazzo di Cento, Italy.

From humble beginnings

From humble beginnings


the Legacy

The legacy continues


April 29, 1953 – Willys is purchased by Kaiser-Frasier

Willy (Willys-Overland) was purchased by Kaiser and the name was changed to Willys Motor Company and moved the plant from Michigan to Ohio.  That same year Willys established an assembly plant in Brazil and imported the cars back to the U.S.  When the U.S. curtailed the import of assembled cars, Willys shipped all the tooling for the Aero to Brazil and produce and sold the cars there and they were built from 1960 to 1962.  After a redesign in 1963 Ford bought the Willys factory and produced the Aero until the early 1970’s.

1955 Willys Aero

1955 Willys Aero

1971 Aero (Ford made)

1971 Aero (Ford made)


April 29, 1959 – Ford Motor Company produces it 50 millionth car!!!

That car was a 1959 Ford Galaxie that came out of the Dearborn factory.  It was a white 4 door sedan with the 292, engine.  It was actually a Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie and the first time Galaxie was used on a Ford car.  Fast forward – but not too far – and the Fairlanes, Fairlanes 500, and the Galaxies were to become monster muscle machines in the mid to late 60’s!!!

Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie - 50 Millionth Ford

Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie – 50 Millionth Ford

The 50 millionth looks a like the 1959 Mercury Montclair

The 50 millionth looks a lot like the 1959 Mercury Montclair


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lamborghini factory

willys factory toledo

Auto Factoids for Week of April 12, 2015

Just got this out for the week!!   Here is your Auto Factoids (#autofactoids) for April 12, 2015.

April 13 1965  Pontiac 10-millionth

The car was a 1965 Catalina.

1965 4 door Catalina the 10th Millionth Pontiac

1965 4 door Catalina the 10th Millionth Pontiac


April 13 1904  Caddy assembly plant burned to the ground.  More info on this site:


April 14, 1927  First Volvo is produced

1927 Volvo "Jakob"

1927 Volvo “Jakob”

It had wooden (ash and copper beech) underpinnings, sheet steel panels, leather upholstery, live axles and long leaf springs – loosely based on an American design.  It had a 4 cylinder engine that produced 28 hp.


April 16, 1908  Oakland motors sells its first car.

I believe they actually began producing cars in 1907.

I believe they actually began producing cars in 1907.


April 17, 1964 Ford Mustang debuts

1964 2+2 Mustang

1964 2+2 – My favorite of the under 1968 Mustangs.



4/17/1969 Ford began selling the Maverick.  <cricket……>  Come was a good car and getting more and more collectible!!!


1964  Maverick

1964 Maverick – Proper mods and you’ll have a monster street car!!


April 18, 1955  Lincoln becomes a separate division of Ford.   Lincoln started out as a separate brand in 1917 with its plant at 6200 West Warren Avenue in Detroit, Michigan and was name after Abe Lincoln. They began business by producing Liberty aircraft engine with pistons purchased from Ford for WWI.  After the war the re-fitted the plant and produced luxury  Ford bought the company in 1922.
April 18, 1964  Sunbeam Tiger Debuts


Shelby Cobra was the inspiration for the Tiger.

Shelby Cobra was the inspiration for the Tiger.



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Auto Factoids for the Week of April 5, 2015 – Lotus and Tires

It’s a light week for the automotive history. April 5, 1923 Firestone introduces balloon tires. Everything we’ve accomplished with our rides has greatly depend and relied on Mr. Firestone’s improvement. It was a combination of …
Auto Factoids for the Week of 3/29/2015

Here are your Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids) to finish out March and kick off April 2015. March 29, 1980 – Audi introduced their all wheel drive 1980.

Ford Reportedly Filed Patent for 11-Speed Gearbox | Automotive News

We wonder when the number of gear wars will stop. It’s not something manufacturers are actually seeking to do (outdo one another by having more cogs), but the number is rising – the most recent report says Ford has already patented a 11-speed automatic gearbox; this is one more gear than they publicly announced.Ford had previously officially expressed its desire to equip the 2017 F-150 Raptor (pictured as design study concept below) with a 10-speed unit, but there had been no talk of an 11-speed one until now.However, even if Ford did file a patent, it doesn’t mean the gearbox will get made. Company spokesman for powertrains ambiguously said that “as a technology leader, we submit patents on innovative ideas as a normal course of business. Patent submissions help protect our new ideas but do not necessarily indicate future business or product plans.”

via Ford Reportedly Filed Patent for 11-Speed Gearbox | Automotive News.


Raptor - 11 speed?

Raptor – 11 speed?



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Ford is Working on an 11-Speed Transmission

Manufacturers start working on new technologies many years before we see them in production vehicles, and this patent from Ford points toward a new 11-speed transmission happening somewhere in their future. The official patent document was just …



Saleen Unveils its 730HP 302 Black Label Mustang via


We have always known that we wanted to create the most powerful production Mustang we have ever built,” explained Sven Etzelsberger, the Vice President of Saleen engineering. “I can happily say that we have accomplished this goal with great success.” And how do we measure success with the 2015 Black Label Mustang? Let us count the ways.

Black Label

Black Label


One, the Saleen Black Label will capable of 730 horsepower through its 5.0 Coyote engine by utilizing a twin-screw supercharger. This is a good bit more than the 640 horsepower we were expecting. Two, it will also come with 600 lb-ft of torque that will be eloquently put down to the tarmac with a set of staggered 20-inch tires. Three, as with anything this capable of speed, it must also slow down just as quick, which is taken care of with a set of 15-inch rotors and multi-piston brakes.


Finish the count don’t at:  Saleen Unveils its 730HP 302 Black Label Mustang via


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saleen black label mustang


Fords on 4th Ave – Torino, Trucks and Fav’s

So I’m going to warp up the articles on the Fords on 4th Ave car show and getting ready for live tweets from Good Guys show in Scottsdale, Az tomorrow.

In a previous post I mentioned the lack of Mercury’s (other than Cougars) at the show, there were only a couple Thunderbirds and sadly only one Torino. I love  the Torino! I should have kept my 1974 GS with Cobra Jet engine!

1974 Grand Sport Torino

So as a warp up I thought I’d share my (non-Mustang) favorites from the show.


First up is the one and only Ford Torino.


Very Nice 1973 Torino. Love the body style! This one didn’t have any of the badge and I couldn’t tell if it was a Grand Torino. It appeared to have a 351 engine.



Can’t say I like the grill.



Nicely done and mostly stock!!!


Here is the oldest Ford in the show:


1915 Ford Model T.



Doodlebug – defined as vehicle used for work around the farm. My Grandfather had one (1930’s Ford) and we called it the Doodlebug.



This Falcon is amazing!! Nice V8 (351 I believe).


Yes I know it’s a wagon!!! But check out the quad exhaust exiting in front of the rear wheels. Now that’s very cool!!


Interior was so nicely done!!!


Fairlane 500 Retractable!!!!

Fairlane 500 Retractable!!!!


This Fairlane GTA was the bomb!!!

This Fairlane GTA was the bomb!!!

The Econoline had a V8 wedged between the seats!!!

The Econoline had a V8 wedged between the seats!!!


Hope you enjoyed this recap of Fords on 4th Ave, here in Tucson, AZ.

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Fords on 4th Ave Continued III Galaxies

While there were an abundance of Mustang and other Ford products at Fords on 4th Ave, missing was the Ford sub-culture of Mercury’s. For the past few years you could find a small group of Montereys, Montclairs, Park Lanes …
It’s Car Show Season….YES!!! Fords on 4th Ave!

‘The most wonderful time of the year!!!’ No not Christmas – BETTER! It’s car show season!!! From March though Oct here in the southwest is prime car show.
Fords on 4th Ave Continued II

Although the newer Mustang are awesome, you still can’t be the those of the 60’s and early 70’s, you just can’t! Check out these fine specimens!! Nicely restored.

Fords on 4th Ave Continued III Galaxies

While there were an abundance of Mustang and other Ford products at Fords on 4th Ave, missing was the Ford sub-culture of Mercury’s.  For the past few years you could find a small group of Montereys, Montclairs, Park Lanes, Marquis, Turnpike Cruisers, and Montegos.   I think I saw first Park Lane and Turnpike Cruiser at that event a few years gone.   They were there this years.

That being the case there were some stunning examples Falcons and their spinoffs, as well as Cougars, trucks and everyone favorite Ford Fairlane/Galaxies 500’s.


On of the larger groups were the Ford Fairlanes/Galaxies, everything from the 500’s GTA’s and GT’s it was a great representation of what I think was one of Ford best designs. Check these out:



Cobra Le Mans


Check out the specs!!!


One of my favorite wheel types.


Here one more up close:


This is a GT.


That is the 390!!!


Interior is well restored. Original steering wheel.


Stacked Headlights and Stacked Tail lights

I do have to show you one custom version – lowered.


Galaxie 500 Stacked Headlights – Single Tail lights


Perfect Interior. Nice to see the steering wheel with horn rim.


Lowered with lots of chrome in the engine bay.



Here is the group shot.

An awesome sight

An awesome sight!!


Still more to come.  Drop me a note if you a favorite Ford!!!

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CLASH OF THE CLASSICS: Ford Galaxie versus Chevrolet Impala

Before there were muscle cars, there were big block racers. Designed to do battle on track in NASCAR, they had all the trappings of a big, luxurious car but with the beating heart of rampant V8. The two main proponents were Chevrolet’s Impala and Ford
Auto collection to be auctioned to benefit Baker Center

The six vehicles include a 1941 Lincoln Continental, a 1951 Hudson Hornet and a 1962 Ford Galaxie. They are scheduled to be auctioned at the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy on the UT-Knoxville campus on Saturday. Baker, who died last year …
Red Cruze’s latest trip, to the “Dark Side of the Moon”

(I will never forget riding back from Pittsburgh in one of those 1970s blizzards with him driving his perfect 1966 Ford Galaxie. One tough winter driver, and he had no traction control computers aiding him, either.) Now, I await those new motor mounts

Fords on 4th Ave Continued II

Although the newer Mustang are awesome, you still can’t be the those of the 60’s and early 70’s, you just can’t!

Check out these fine specimens!!


Nicely restored 289


#IWantOne of these G.T. 350’s


Riding low – Nice custom


#IWantOne of these GT 500 (1967)


GT 500 (1967) Scoope-ville


Original interior – You don’t often see the steering wheel!!!


In case the 1967 GT 500 is a little rough riding, try the new version!



DSC_0142 DSC_0147


The Fox bodies had a few beauties as well.

Hard to tell from this photo but this was done in  matte yellow.

Hard to tell from this photo but this was done in matte yellow.

Nice and nicer with NOS

Nice and nicer with NOS




This car show was primarily put on by the Southern Arizona Mustang Club (SAMC) and although there was a higher percentage of Mustang, a few other Fords showed.  Those are coming up.

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soutern arizona mustang club

4th Of July 2014 Celebrations Around Southern Arizona …

The Southern Arizona Mustang Club showcases their vehicles from 7-9:00 p.m.. FC Tucson 4th of July Kino Sports Complex, 2500 E. Ajo Way, Tucson 85713. Game starts at 7:30 p.m.. Fireworks start 30 minutes after the game …

It’s Car Show Season….YES!!! Fords on 4th Ave!

“The most wonderful time of the year!!!”  No not Christmas – BETTER!   It’s car show season!!!  From March though Oct here in the southwest is prime car show season.

Normally I start feeding my car show appetite in January, during the car auction month that kicks off with Barrett Jackson in Phoenix, AZ.  With my budget these are just fancy car shows, rather than a shopping trip.  Then I suffer quietly until March when all the shows start kicking-in.   This year I didn’t attend the Barrett Jackson event so I starved until this past weekend when I could attend my first show of the year.  That show was Fords on 4th Ave, Tucson, Az.

I’ve attend this show for the past 4 or 5 years, even entering my 1970 Mustang one year.  It is always a great time!

This year either with the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang, you’d expect to see a lot of the new cars and you would not have been disappointed.  If you follow me on TWITTER (@AGCarRestore) you would have seen live shots.  (You may want to follow me on Twitter, this weekend 3/13 I’ll be tweeting from the Good Guy’s show in Scottsdale, AZ.)

Here is a sampling:

This is the 2015 GT.

This is the 2015 GT.

Back end looks great!!!

Back end looks great!!!

2015 GT

2015 GT

Great looking Hood

Great looking Hood


Check out this customized beauty.

Lambo Doors!!!

Lambo Doors!!!

Hood slides forward

Hood slides forward

You have to appreciate the skill!!!

You have to appreciate the skill!!!

Here is a sampling:


Love the 2+2!!!


Nice looking art work on this GT!

DSC_0008 DSC_0024


More coming up!!!!


2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition Sporting Huge Dealer Markups

… their own price increases over MSRP for limited edition models, but even though the 2015 Ford Mustang has been in dealerships for months now – there are still some dealerships adding massive markups on the special 50th Anniversary Mustang GT.

Auto Factoids for the Week of Feb 8, 2015 – N.Y. To Pairs 1908 – Ford Flatty

As we run through the middle of the 2nd month of the year, here are your Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids).   A light week this week.


 Feb 10, 1942 – Pontiac stops car production for WWII

– As you know WWII took a lot of sacrifice on many countries and their citizen and even corporations.  A lot of resources were used in producing automobiles, in particular metals that could be used to produce planes and Liberty ships and ammo.   That is why the U.S. government asked the car industry to halt production and assist in producing just about anything to support the war effort.  Pontiac was one of the last to comply with the request.  Pontiac’s main contribution?  It was the 20-mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft cannons.   Check out what they could do!!!

Feb 11, 1932 – Ford announces new V8 engine

The Model A was history and the Model 18 ruled – with Ford’s new FlatHead V8 in 1932 (also referred to as the Ford Flathead or Flathead Ford or just Flatty).  It lived on in the Model 40 in 1933 and 1934. It continued on the 1950’s.

1932 Flatty

1932 Flatty


Feb 12, 1908 – Start of the New York to Paris car race.

– The race route was from NYC, Albany, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Valdez Alaska, Japan, Vladivostok, Omsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin and finally Paris. It was sponsored by the New York Times and the LA MATIN   (Paris news paper) and finished 169 days later.

Asia Europe Route - 1908

Asia Europe Route – 1908


US Route 1908

US Route 1908


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Trajka z silnikiem Ford Flathead V8

Oczywiście, trójkołowe motocykle są świetnym rozwiązaniem dla wszystkich tych, którzy z jakiś powodów nie posiadają już pełnej swojej sprawności i nie mogą jeździć konwencjonalnym motocyklem. Skoro to stwierdzenie mamy z głowy, to co musi wydarzyć …
Porsches, hot rods featured at Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

“The East Coast rod is a blood relation of the sports car,” the chairman said, “while the West Coast rod has the style of the dry-lakes roadster, of Bonneville and the whole Ford ‘flathead’ V8 scene, probably what most people envision when they hear
Video: Jay Leno Takes a 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster for a Spin

Jay’s latest adventure takes a deep dive into hot-rodding history with this beautiful 1932 Ford Highboy roadster . But don’t pass this off as just another deuce coupe . No, this car is the deuce coupe. Jay has with him Bruce Meyer, the car’s restorer