Voila Bonneville | Sunday Slacker Magazine

Voila Bonneville | Sunday Slacker Magazine.

These are some awesome salt machines!!!!!  I am enjoying Sunday Slacker Mag.  Check it out!!!




Yeah. It’s a Pinto!!!! Well, part anyway.

Bonneville 2012 bonn2


Would love to drive on the Bonneville Salt some time.!!!

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bonneville salt flats racingbonneville salt flats racing

The local weather outlook for the Bonneville Salt Flats …

Those that are in the know about Bonneville realize that the weather plays a huge part of the Bonneville Salt Flats racing season. There have even been times when Speed Week has been, like a baseball game, called on 

Wrenchin’ Tip – Got 6 Volts?

I was recently talking to a coworker of mine who own a 1949 Pontiac Silver Streak Delivery Van (link –     http://wp.me/pKHNM-Bx ) and we were discussing his 6 volt system and the troubles with low amperage.

Well I just ran across a couple of interesting articles dealing with that subject.  Now I will tell you I am not “the guy” for electrical work – nope not me (I had a bad experience – ok – a couple of bad ones).  But even this one I can understand.

Increasing the power supply often means that you need to convert to 12 volt and maybe 15 years ago yes, but now 6 volts are readily available.  So here is what you do (sorry no pics)

Take two 6 volt batters and link them in parallel by connecting the two negative terminals to each other and the two positive to each other. The main positive cable goes from the positive terminal of the first battery to ground and the main negative cable is connected to the negative terminal of the second battery.  Of course in some case you may have to modify the batter shelf, but it will sure help kick up the cold cranking amps.

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Car Production Numbers. They Made How Many? 1950

Folks seem to like this segment so let’s continue with 1950.

19 major car makers existed back then and Chevy topped the production totals with 1,498,590 units followed closely by Ford with 1, 208,912.  The rest of the field were all less than have that.

Plymouth – 610,954

Buick – 588,439

Pontiac – 466,429

Olds – 408,060

Dodge – 341,797

Studebaker – 320,884  (Don’t ya wish they would have made it?  I would love to have seen their innovation continue.)

Mercury – 293,658

Chrysler – 179,299

Nash – 171,782

DeSoto – 136,203

Hudson – 121,408

Cadillac – 103,857

Packard – 42,627

Lincoln – 28,190

Kaiser – 15,228

Croslely – 6,792

Frazer – 3,700

Of note:

This was the last year for the Old 6 cylinder 76 models, while their Rocket  88 set speed records at Daytona – averaging 100.28 mph.

Packard began selling the only automatic transmission ever developed by an independent car maker.

The Rocket 88 - record setter.


Can a pick a Frazer out of a line up?  Me either. Here’s one.

1950 Frazer Manhattan Convertible

How about a Crosley?  Yeah I could do that one.

Crosley Hot Spot - circa 1950

And what did a automatic transmission look like in 1949?  Here is the Packards Ultramatic.

The looked a lot like todays automatic transmissions


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Product Review – Griot’s Garage – Long Lasting Tire Dressing Closure

So you’ve read my review and I promised to drop a note as to the “Long Lasting” part of Griot’s Garage’s – Long Lasting Tire Dressing.

Now is has rained nearly every day since I applied the dressing.

So take a look at the tires with 2 applications and 3 applications.

Tires with 2 applications of tire dressing


Here is the tire with 3 applications of tire dressing


Here is what I think as a wrap up.   Long lasting to me doesn’t necessarily mean just duration, but can it stand up to everyday driving – oh—yeah…just in case I failed to mention, the  Vette is my daily driver.  It lived up to the Griot promise.  I’ll continue using this product.

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Tanner 67 Camaro

A readers’ trip to the drag strip. Tanner Dutton making a pass in his 67 Camaro.  It was an 11.5 pass.  Not too shabby  Tanner.

[vodpod id=Video.13806343&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

Tanners's Camaro at rest. (That is not Tanner in the pic)

Readers Question – Swings in Oil Pressure.

From Michael Woodword – hey, I just got a 1993 thunderbird with a 5.0 HO. every time I come to a stop, the oil pressure drops dramatically. I was wanting to know if you would have any idea what could cause this. Thank You
But when I get back up to speed its fine.
It would be nice to get an opinion from an expert which ar
nt easy to find


ANSWER:   Michael. The pressure should drop when you stop, dramatic swings in the gauge could be a problem with the gauge or you need replace your oil sending unit.

Transformers The Movie – Do We Love Our Cars?

Do we love our cars or what?

I recent attended a showing of the latest Transformers movie (“Dark Side of the Moon“) and if you know anything about this series or of the cartoon of years gone by, you’ll know that the main characters are machines that turn in to robots.  Most of these are vehicles, cars, trucks, semis and even military aircraft.

The car group included a lot of chevys this time, a Camaro  which is one of the main stairs, an Impala and a Corvette (actually a representation of a prototype Corvette).  The  Corvette transformed into a rollerblading robot – which I thought unfitting of my favorite car.

There is the human hero and of course a hot model as his object of desire.

When the hot model was threatened or in harm’s way you could hear the audience get involved.  But when an evil robot was about to execute the Camaro character the audience got really vocal.   Kids cried at that images, thinking that the Camaro was about to get wacked,   forget about the girl….just don’t hurt the car!!!

Yes we love your cars.  Oh and the good cars – the Chevy‘s– saved the world again.

But that’s movies and you can just enjoy it with no lasting harmful effects..unless you are me or  maybe it wasn’t me but the subliminal messages.  I left wanting a Camaro, but not just any 2012 Camaro, but a yellow with black striped bumble bee Camaro.

It must be subliminal messages, I had the same desire after watching Will Smith zip through the empty streets of New York City in the 2007 Shelby GT500 Mustang in his move ‘I Am Legend’ yes the red with white stripes.

2007 GT500 Mustang

2012 Camaro


You know you want both too!!!

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Product Review – Griot’s Garage – Long Lasting Tire Dressing Prt 2

Before I attempted to use the tire dressing, I washed the car and gave the rubber a good scrubbing.  For the actual application I used an old sock.  When I first poured the dressing on to the sock, it was a bit runny, but still has some consistency.  Keep in mind the temperature, 105 degrees in my garage where I  stored it and where I was applying it and about 108 outside.  I was a bit concerned, because with two show cars (one, a trophy winner and white!!) and having the tire dressing flung all over the paint isn’t cool, which is exactly what I won’t use the Eagle One brand.

I gave 3 of my 07 Vette’s tires two coats and I have one 3 coats.  Take a look a the results.

First coat:

First coat - not even - most likely due to the sock.

Another first coat

An additional note – these pics were taken in my garage with a less than optimal source light.

Now with the Vette  moved out into the sun and two coats.

Two coats - pretty nice coverage.

I really liked the 3rd application.

3 coats created a good look

So know I’ve given each tire 3 coats and since I don’t do this for a living, the next test had to wait.  I had a few ‘honey-do’ chores, before I took the Vette for a drive.  So the car sat in the sun for about an hour – temp was about 108.

With the to do list completed, I  needed  to take the Vette out to toss some air in the tires.  Yes…average guy tools = small compressor  that doesn’t hold enough air to top off four tires..heck…it can barely do one…got to upgrade one of these days.

Here is where the rubber meets the road and hopefully the tire dressing doesn’t meet the paint, but first a note. I did in fact drip some of Griot’s Garage – Long Lasting Tire Dressing on my chrome wheels and sure enough it cleans off with moist rag.

Take a quick spin about 1.5 miles from the house and I don’t drive 30 miles an hour…the tires spun pretty hard the entire trip.

At the air pump here is what I saw.

Light running

Same here.

I’ll mention, again the temperature and I think that might have something to do with it, but really this wasn’t bad.  The real test was whether or not it spread to the paint and since it’s a black car you aren’t going to see it as easily – it’s a clear liquid as well.  So a quick swipe with a white showed me all I needed to know, it came back clean.

So I’m pretty pleased with how the product worked.

As far as the “long-lasting” part.  I’m not going to be able to render a fair opinion yet for a couple of reason:

1.  I just put it on

2.  We don’t get much rain here in Southern AZ  but it is the monsoon season so it has rained 3 times since the application.

So that will have to be in Part 3 later on.

I need to add a few notes as I always do when I review a product. (Some of that laws school was worth the $$$.)

I don’t work for Griot’s, my only connection is that I”m on their mailing list.  This is the first product I’ve purchased from them.

I did see a tweet from someone related to Griot’s Garage commenting on this review, but don’t know the individual.

I’m not Consumer Reports or Consumer Digest.  I only comment on products I use in my search for “stuff” that works well for me.

Whenever I write about a product I try to follow the  instructions provided and always give any variances or events/conditions that might impact the outcome.

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Product Review – Griot’s Garage – Long Lasting Tire Dressing

From time to time I check out a product that I hear about, in this case, from a repetitive mail from Griot’s garage.  This is a catalog of sorts, with a lot of merchandise and everything you need to spruce up your ride.

Thier “Long Lasting Tire Dressing” is the first item I’ve tried.

If you recall I did a review a while back on a tire gel here is the link: ” Like and Don’t Like – Products (Tire Gel) and Tools (Thread Chasers)”

Here is my new try:

[vodpod id=Video.13290806&w=425&h=350&fv=file%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fvid299.photobucket.com%252Falbums%252Fmm296%252Ftimsweet2200%252FVIDEO0058.mp4]

Tire Dressing, posted with vodpod
Now before we start, the bottle you see in the video has instructions and to be fair, I’ll give you any variations.
The direction say, roughly, clean the tire, apply with application pad and that a light application will give you a shine and subsequent will increase the luster.  Not much there to go on.
Now you need to know that I applied the dressing with an old sock.  Most manufactures always try to sell something extra and kt, which is an “applicator”, the magic potion and a terry cloth/micro fiber towel.  I normally don’t go for that sales pitch.  So that was the only deviation.
A couple more variables:
1.  The dressing was stored in my garage.  The temperature in there today was about 105 degrees. I applied the dressing while the car was in the garage.
2. The temp outside was about 108.
3.  As you will see my Corvette’s tires have small sidewalls and a lot of small raised text and logo.
Ok so here are a couple before pics:

Before, notice the off-color

More of the discolor and you can see there isn't must sidewall.

Lots of raised lettering

Raised logo

Coming  up application and an opinion.

Thanks for reading.

Car Production Numbers. They Made How Many? 1926

Are you like me and like numbers and history?

Here are some numbers for car production for 1996.

At the number one spot was Ford with 1,426,612 followed by:

Chevy                    547,724

Buick                     266,753

Dodge                   265,000

Hudson/Essex   227,508

Willys-Overland/Whippet       182,000

Chrysler              135,520

Pontiac/Oakland     133,604

Ford was really knocking out some cars.

Here is a 1926 Willys-Overland Whippet


1926 Essex


In 1926 GM purchased all the shares of Fisher Body Company from the Fisher brothers and build a new building in 1927.

1926 was the first year for Pontiac, is sported a 40 bhp, 187 CID L-head 6.

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