Selecting the Right Clutch for Your C5/C6 Corvette –

A while back I ‘had’ installed a Spec Stage 3 clutch with steel/iron fly-wheel.  I did a lot of research before hand and decided that this would be a great combination for my auto cross/daily driver.  So far I’ve been happy with the switch.  It’s not as ‘street’ smooth as the stock but it helps get the torque to rubber!!  But you have to do your research.  If you noticed in the first line above I used the phrase ‘had installed’.  It is a monster job to disassemble the tunnel and you don’t want to have to do it again after find out that you can’t leave a red like without loosing rubber, nor pay the $$$ for someone else to do it.

I grabbed the article below to share, it has some great tips.

Selecting the Right Clutch for Your C5/C6 Corvette

If you’re a late-model Corvette owner and you’ve ever been in the market for a new clutch, then you’ve discovered that there is such an array of options to choose from, you could find yourself being a little bit lost and confused. To make things even more difficult, thanks to the transaxle layout of the C5 and C6, swapping a clutch is a far more involved process than on a car with a more conventional driveline. A clutch swap isn’t the kind of job you want to do twice on these Corvettes, so getting it right the first time (and having the room to grow for more horsepower and torque down the line) is critical.  Read on:

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Vooveo: 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette Clutch Kit Ac Delco …

1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette Clutch Kit Ac Delco Chevrolet Clutch Kit 381408. ac delco clutch press and driven plate kit 11-11/16 in. x 26t x 1-1/8 in. diaphragm; includes flywheel and cover; a high quality direct fit oe …

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 vs. Porsche 911 Turbo S vs. Nissan GT-R Comparison – Motor Trend

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 vs. Porsche 911 Turbo S vs. Nissan GT-R Comparison – Motor Trend.

So let’s see the Camaro got spanked at the drag strip.  I get it.  It wasn’t designed for straight stretch racing, so what’s the point Motor Trend?  Why not take a Prius and run it against the Lotus?  Oh….what?  The Prius isn’t a race car?  Huh…go figure!!

But I will say it wasn’t too shabby on the strip!!  The Z/28 ran 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds and the quarter mile in 12.3 seconds at 117.2 mph.   But it couldn’t compete with 2.7 to to 60 and 11 second @ 125 MPH (GTR) nor 2.6/10.9@ 123 MPH (911)

The Z28 and some other cars.

The Z28 and some other cars.

If you read further they complained about “racing’ tire peformance…wait for it….in 290 temps.  Seriously…read it yourself, it’s right there!!

I autocross my C6 here in beautiful…and HOT Arizona and you have to have meat that sticks (tires).  I don’t plan on taking the car up to the mountains and have it hang on to corners in the snow… much less  below freezing temps with the tires meant for track duty.

I agree with the conclusion that the Z/28 is “… a race car for the street. It’s got Recaro buckets, Pankl connecting rods, Mahle pistons, Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes (co-developed and shared with the upcoming Z06), and Multimatic dynamic spool valve shocks. But it’s not just a name-brand collection of parts, and the Z/28 is no tuner. It stands as one of absolutely the best track-focused cars in the world.”…..except that last part – I say  it was 2nd best next to the Corvette.


While I love the nostalgia that comes to mind when I see this Camaro and the Z/28 badging, I don’t think I’d spend $75K on it.  I just jump up to the  C7 Corvette Sting Ray and be done with it.

What about you?

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North Country Corvettes – NCoCC Plastic Fantastic XXXVII


They have been holding this Plastic Fantastic  car show for 37 years (the oldest and largest Corvette show…ever!!!)

Looks like a blast!!!!!

Plastic Flyer 2014 - mailer 01-15-14












The proceeds go to support the club charity, the San Diego USO.

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A Mini Documentary on the National Corvette Museum Sinkhole

Watch the video, you’ll see a good close up of the first three cars and seem them on display “as is”.



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Five of eight Corvettes pulled from museum sinkhole; photos show heavy …

National Corvette Museum’s effort to remove the eight cars swallowed by a sinkhole last month got off to a triumphant start: The 2009 Corvette ZR1 “Blue Devil” pulled from the hole earlier this week drove away from the scene of the disaster under its



1,000,000th Corvette Surprise Rescue!!!

“Initially there was no intention to bring the Millionth out, but as we got in there and saw more this morning we did feel like this might be our best chance,” said Danny Daniel, President of Scott, Murphy and Daniel Construction.

Danny indicated that they pulled the car by one wheel from where it was lodged and it swung free into the cavern. They were then able to lift the car and place it to rest, upside down on the bottom of the sinkhole. Finally, the Corvette was hooked up by its two tires for final lifting out of the sinkhole, much like the process to retrieve the 1993 40th Anniversary.

“Went like a champ, we were tickled to death,” added Daniel.

“The Millionth Corvette has been through a lot, but the damage at first glance seems to be less extensive than what it could have been, especially given the precarious spot the car landed,” said Bob Hellmann, Facilities and Displays Manager at the Museum. “The undercarriage and frame look to be in good condition and everything is repairable.”

The Millionth Corvette was built at 2:00pm on July 2, 1992 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Just like the first 1953 Corvettes, it bears a white exterior, red interior and is a convertible. The car was donated to the Corvette Museum by General Motors. In a press release from 1991, Jim Perkins, General Manager for Chevrolet at the time, said “We’ve been looking for a way to support the goals of the museum, which are to enshrine a great car and the great people who made it an American institution.” This donation came two years before the museum that exists today had opened its doors.

1milthCorvete 1millthCorvette2


She looks a little rough to me.

I have to take a minute to give job well done to the crew working the rescue.  Lots of people appreciate their efforts.  I having pulled a RV from a 100 ravine with a tow truck, it’s nerve racking job….these guys are pros.

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National Corvette Museum Sink Hole- Restore the Vetts?

Keeping the proper prospective, (no humans were harmed) but it’s a shame to lose those beautiful one of a kind, historic cars.

So what’s next?

Apparently they believe the rest of the National Corvette Museum building it’s self is sound as is the rest of the grounds under the 184-acre Motorsports Park, which is opening in August.

But what should happened to the cars?

Should they be restored?

Should they stay as they are and preserved?

Let me know what you think.


Give me some feedback and I’ll send it on the Museum folks.

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1 and Half Millionth Corvette

1 and Half Millionth Corvette



Aaron Robinson: So Long, Convertibles – Column – Car and Driver

Aaron Robinson: So Long, Convertibles – Column – Car and Driver.

Thought I’d share this article from Car and Driver.

My first car was a convertible – 1966 Impala. It was given to me in 1976 when I graduated high school.  I lived in upstate New York and being young I could squeeze out a good 5 months of top down.   But speeds were slower then and gas was cheap so cruising wasn’t half your paycheck and you could still hear the stereo.  But when it got down to the middle up winter in the Adirondacks, nothing stopped the code from getting in and you sure could tell how light the car was when you had to drive on snow and ice.

My next convertible was my 1984 Corvette, of course wasn’t really a rag top but a targa top, which is a perfect alternative to a folding cloth top and much better than a mere sun roof.  But I know live a weather environment 180o from where I had my first convertible.  Here in southern Arizona you can maybe squeeze out 5 months where it’s great to run with the roof off without melting like a carton of gelato in a microwave oven or freezing your assets off when it 29 – Yeah it gets that could here!  However, depending on how sensitive to hot and cold you are and whether you mind lifting the lifting the top out of the rear cargo area you in the summer time often start out the morning with the top in the back and pop it on when the temp climbs past your liking.  EXTRA BONUS – it keeps the cool air in 90% better than the cloth top.  I enjoy by C6 topless.

Oh, as a side note the C4 top was a pain to remove – the C6 much easier to remove and replace!!!

You might know this car.  Yup my c6.  Only Corvette to show up.


Rag Top '66 Impala

Rag Top ’66 Impala


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Are ‘Vette owners more extreme about their cars than most? | Corvetteforum

Are ‘Vette owners more extreme about their cars than most? | Corvetteforum.

Sharing this from the Corvette Forum.

After you read this you might think, Corvette drivers are … well….Richard Craniums… but I think this is an issue with any car person with a car they love. community-ocd-600x396 My wife is like that with new cars – Nissan and two Lexus brand cars over the years.  I’ve been less so, I think with my ’70 Mustang (now going to a large collector) and my two Corvettes (C4 and C6) – well maybe not.

But generally I don’t make people take their shoes off before getting in my car.  No smoking of course and eating and drinking are fine.  Spills will get you tossed out at the next stop however.

Got “Not in my car!!!” moment?  Share it here.

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I love the unwritten rule that #Corvette drivers wave to each other on the road. Can’t wait to have my one one day. #ThanksMom
Study Shows Chevy Corvette Drivers Among Safest | Chevy …

Corvette convertible drivers among the safest, study shows. We all know Chevy Corvette drivers are passionate about their cars. One clear indication of this is how safe they are when it comes to their driving – well, some may