Good Guys Car Show 2015 Scottsdale, Az Videos

If you picked up my Twitter feed (@AGCarRestore) you would have seen a great cross-section of the cars and activities going on as they occurred in Scottsdale last weekend.  Below are the a few short videos that give you a feel of the activities and over the next few post, I’ll share some ‘most excellent’ cars.




Great sights and sounds.



 View of the Autocross pit.








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good guys car showgood guys car show

Hot Rods on Display at Good Guys Car Show

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Hundreds of car enthusiasts put their favorite rides on display at the Kansas Speedway on Sunday. Randy Paxton says there’s almost nothing like a day spent in his fully rebuilt ’68 convertible Camero cruisin’ in a car show. “Looks

Fords on 4th Ave Continued III Galaxies

While there were an abundance of Mustang and other Ford products at Fords on 4th Ave, missing was the Ford sub-culture of Mercury’s.  For the past few years you could find a small group of Montereys, Montclairs, Park Lanes, Marquis, Turnpike Cruisers, and Montegos.   I think I saw first Park Lane and Turnpike Cruiser at that event a few years gone.   They were there this years.

That being the case there were some stunning examples Falcons and their spinoffs, as well as Cougars, trucks and everyone favorite Ford Fairlane/Galaxies 500’s.


On of the larger groups were the Ford Fairlanes/Galaxies, everything from the 500’s GTA’s and GT’s it was a great representation of what I think was one of Ford best designs. Check these out:



Cobra Le Mans


Check out the specs!!!


One of my favorite wheel types.


Here one more up close:


This is a GT.


That is the 390!!!


Interior is well restored. Original steering wheel.


Stacked Headlights and Stacked Tail lights

I do have to show you one custom version – lowered.


Galaxie 500 Stacked Headlights – Single Tail lights


Perfect Interior. Nice to see the steering wheel with horn rim.


Lowered with lots of chrome in the engine bay.



Here is the group shot.

An awesome sight

An awesome sight!!


Still more to come.  Drop me a note if you a favorite Ford!!!

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CLASH OF THE CLASSICS: Ford Galaxie versus Chevrolet Impala

Before there were muscle cars, there were big block racers. Designed to do battle on track in NASCAR, they had all the trappings of a big, luxurious car but with the beating heart of rampant V8. The two main proponents were Chevrolet’s Impala and Ford
Auto collection to be auctioned to benefit Baker Center

The six vehicles include a 1941 Lincoln Continental, a 1951 Hudson Hornet and a 1962 Ford Galaxie. They are scheduled to be auctioned at the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy on the UT-Knoxville campus on Saturday. Baker, who died last year …
Red Cruze’s latest trip, to the “Dark Side of the Moon”

(I will never forget riding back from Pittsburgh in one of those 1970s blizzards with him driving his perfect 1966 Ford Galaxie. One tough winter driver, and he had no traction control computers aiding him, either.) Now, I await those new motor mounts

Fords on 4th Ave Continued II

Although the newer Mustang are awesome, you still can’t be the those of the 60’s and early 70’s, you just can’t!

Check out these fine specimens!!


Nicely restored 289


#IWantOne of these G.T. 350’s


Riding low – Nice custom


#IWantOne of these GT 500 (1967)


GT 500 (1967) Scoope-ville


Original interior – You don’t often see the steering wheel!!!


In case the 1967 GT 500 is a little rough riding, try the new version!



DSC_0142 DSC_0147


The Fox bodies had a few beauties as well.

Hard to tell from this photo but this was done in  matte yellow.

Hard to tell from this photo but this was done in matte yellow.

Nice and nicer with NOS

Nice and nicer with NOS




This car show was primarily put on by the Southern Arizona Mustang Club (SAMC) and although there was a higher percentage of Mustang, a few other Fords showed.  Those are coming up.

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soutern arizona mustang club

4th Of July 2014 Celebrations Around Southern Arizona …

The Southern Arizona Mustang Club showcases their vehicles from 7-9:00 p.m.. FC Tucson 4th of July Kino Sports Complex, 2500 E. Ajo Way, Tucson 85713. Game starts at 7:30 p.m.. Fireworks start 30 minutes after the game …

Display engines from GM, Ford and Chrysler add affordable lots to Las Vegas sale | Hemmings Daily

Keep reading my posts and you’ll eventually learn that I love engines.  There is something so comforting about an 1940-1970 engine all nicely painted and sitting on a stand!!!  Like this 302 from my 1970 Mustang!!

The 302

The 302


I could decorate my house with them, of course Mrs. Average Guy’s Car Restoration and Mods would have something to say about that, for sure.  I would if I could!!   Being so inclined, lead me to wanting to share this article out of Hemmings.  Enjoy.

Last weekend’s Rogers Classic Car Museum sale in Las Vegas, Nevada, truly offered something for everyone interested in mostly postwar American automobiles. In addition to the 200-plus cars that crossed the block, the sale featured an affordable array of display engines from American automakers, covering the period from 1949 to 1966. Sold for display purposes only, most engines were incomplete and likely suffering from a variety of mechanical problems, making them potentially unsuitable for use in restorations. Unlike most display engines, none were cut away to show the inner workings of valve trains, or pistons within cylinders, or transmission gear selection. As mechanical sculpture, they were interesting pieces, guaranteed to spark conversation, and ideal centerpieces for a finished garage or rec room.


1954 Mercury 256 CID

1954 Mercury 256 CID

Dodge Red Ram Hemi

Dodge Red Ram Hemi

Chase the link below to see the rest of the article and pictures.

via Display engines from GM, Ford and Chrysler add affordable lots to Las Vegas sale | Hemmings Daily.


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#Classic Cars

Auto Factoids for the Week of Feb 8, 2015 – N.Y. To Pairs 1908 – Ford Flatty

As we run through the middle of the 2nd month of the year, here are your Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids).   A light week this week.


 Feb 10, 1942 – Pontiac stops car production for WWII

- As you know WWII took a lot of sacrifice on many countries and their citizen and even corporations.  A lot of resources were used in producing automobiles, in particular metals that could be used to produce planes and Liberty ships and ammo.   That is why the U.S. government asked the car industry to halt production and assist in producing just about anything to support the war effort.  Pontiac was one of the last to comply with the request.  Pontiac’s main contribution?  It was the 20-mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft cannons.   Check out what they could do!!!

Feb 11, 1932 – Ford announces new V8 engine

The Model A was history and the Model 18 ruled – with Ford’s new FlatHead V8 in 1932 (also referred to as the Ford Flathead or Flathead Ford or just Flatty).  It lived on in the Model 40 in 1933 and 1934. It continued on the 1950’s.

1932 Flatty

1932 Flatty


Feb 12, 1908 – Start of the New York to Paris car race.

- The race route was from NYC, Albany, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Valdez Alaska, Japan, Vladivostok, Omsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin and finally Paris. It was sponsored by the New York Times and the LA MATIN   (Paris news paper) and finished 169 days later.

Asia Europe Route - 1908

Asia Europe Route – 1908


US Route 1908

US Route 1908


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Trajka z silnikiem Ford Flathead V8

Oczywiście, trójkołowe motocykle są świetnym rozwiązaniem dla wszystkich tych, którzy z jakiś powodów nie posiadają już pełnej swojej sprawności i nie mogą jeździć konwencjonalnym motocyklem. Skoro to stwierdzenie mamy z głowy, to co musi wydarzyć …
Porsches, hot rods featured at Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

“The East Coast rod is a blood relation of the sports car,” the chairman said, “while the West Coast rod has the style of the dry-lakes roadster, of Bonneville and the whole Ford ‘flathead’ V8 scene, probably what most people envision when they hear
Video: Jay Leno Takes a 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster for a Spin

Jay’s latest adventure takes a deep dive into hot-rodding history with this beautiful 1932 Ford Highboy roadster . But don’t pass this off as just another deuce coupe . No, this car is the deuce coupe. Jay has with him Bruce Meyer, the car’s restorer

H.E.M.I. Show – Come, see, and hear, the largest all Mopar show in Arizona.

The H.E.M.I show is back, Saturday, March 7th, 2015. 8 AM -3 PM. Sponsored by Universal Technical Institute and Mopars Unlimited of Arizona. The biggest all Mopar car show in Arizona has a NEW LOCATION. This year the show will be at UTI, Universal Technical Institute, 10695 W. Pierce St, Avondale, AZ 85323.

The H.E.M.I show is back, Saturday, March 7th, 2015. 8 AM -3 PM. UTI, Universal Technical Institute, 10695 W. Pierce St, Avondale, AZ 85323

The H.E.M.I show is back, Saturday, March 7th, 2015. 8 AM -3 PM.
UTI, Universal Technical Institute, 10695 W. Pierce St, Avondale, AZ 85323

More space, more vendors, more swappers, food trucks, and over 50 professionally judged classes and all Mopar.

Vintage, Classic, Muscle, Truck, Jeep, FWD, Neon, Prowler/Viper, AMC, new Challenger, Charger, and Dart classes, survivor class, and a display only class plus many more. Stock and modified in most classes.

Personal Touch Dynamometer chassis dyno on site all day. See which Mopar will make the most power at the Dyno challenge. Special award for the highest horse power Mopar.

Come, see, and hear, the largest all Mopar show in Arizona.

Go to for more info and to register show cars, swappers, and vendors, Just print and mail in the form by February 16th for reduced pre entry fee for show cars.

Entry is free to spectators. Show car $20 pre register by Feb 16th, $25 day of show, $15 Display only, Swap/Vendor space $20/$50, Dyno Challenge $30 2 pulls, enter as often as you like.


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mopar car show


1969 Shelby GT500 set for Auction off after 40 years in storage | Digital Trends

By Joe Mahan — March 24, 2014


From dust to dust, people and cars come and go, but sometimes the old is reborn … and out of the dust emerges something immaculate.

A 1969 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 428 Cobra Jet is a mouthful to say but it will drop any car enthusiasts jaw. This particular garage-find was owned and perfectly preserved by a now-deceased automotive connoisseur and set for auction — hot on the heels of the submersible Lotus Esprit used by James Bond in “Never Say Never Again” and a ’63 Ferrari GTO that became the most expensive car ever sold.

Larry never washed the car for fear of scratching the paint job or cause even the slightest bit of rust. Yahoo News estimates that the only time the car was ever washed was before delivery. Accordingly, the car is in absolute showroom condition, except for a layer of dust.

GT 500  Love the hood!!

GT 500 Love the hood!!

This snake features a larger, 428-cubic-inch Cobra Jet engine mated to a four-speed manual transmission, which has run only 8,500 miles in total. The spark plugs, belts, fan, and hoses are all original. The only items that are not from 1968 are the tires.

Considering that this highly collectable GT500 has sat idle since 1973, it’s an extreme rarity. The Mustang was originally purchased for just $5,245 in 1969. Now, though, it should sell at auction for over $100,000.

The car will be auctioned off by Ron Gilligan Auctioneering on April 25.

It also looks like pack-rat owner also owned a 1971 Ford Ranchero with only 53,000 miles on it, and get this … a 1974 Ford Econoline Custom 100 van with only 554 original miles. Both vehicles are for sale along with a variety of other mint, perfectly maintained vehicles from the estate.

via 1969 Shelby GT500 set for auction off after 40 years in storage | Digital Trends.


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Drag Pack-Equipped 1969 Mustang Shelby GT500 To Hit Mecum Kissimmee

This 1969 Shelby GT500 that will hit the auction block later this month is one of those rare Drag Pack-equipped Shelby Mustangs. Only 1,157 GT500 Sportsroofs were built, but 25 of those came with the Drag Pack and 4.30 gears. An of those, only seven
Beware the Super Snake: Ford reveals Shelby Signature package for 5th-gen …

The automotive world may have shifted its focus to the sixth-generation Ford Mustang, but the previous breed is still going strong. Shelby has just announced the Signature Edition GT500 Super Snake, a rip-roaring tribute to the Mustang’s fifth generation.

Car Upholstery/Interiors: “Muscle Car Interior Restoration” Book Review


Every now and then I share a book that I’ve found useful while I’m doing a restoration or managing a restoration for some who loves their car and wants is restored, but doesn’t have the knowledge or time to manage it themselves (in progress a rare 1975 VW standard – article forth coming as we are just about to marry the body back on the chassis).

A few posts back I mentioned the upholstery project I did on my 1970 Mustang (now residing in a small collection in Nebraska).  Along with the upholstery I did a lot of work on the interior – dash, carpeting, headliner…the works.  I was reminded of the books I used for the process and one in particular was authored by Daniel Strohl entitled “Muscle Car Interior Restoration”.


There are a few books out there but this one covered the fundamentals very well.  So well, in fact that I’m going to give a copy away to one of my readers.  Drop me a note  at or or post up on my Facebook page – with a pic and some info.

Muscle Car Interior Restoration  by   Daniel Strohl

Muscle Car Interior Restoration by
Daniel Strohl


You can catch Daniel’s writings over on and the Hemmings Motor News.  As you know I love the Hemmings’ publications.  

Get me a pic of your project (completed or in progress – love the in progress photos) and get chance to pick up a free copy of “Muscle Car Interior Restoration”.


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Post Script:  Other than a happy consumer, I have no relationship with Hemmings or Dan Strohl.



Artico – it’s vinyl upholstery by another name

Leathercloth. Naugahyde. Ambla. These are just a few of the words that car-makers have used to name vinyl upholstery. Name and euphemistically disguise a badly hidden truth in fact, because vinyl has almost always been seen as inferior to cloth trim or
Warning: Hikers crossing in Bennington, Vt.

If that’s you, don’t miss the Hemmings Auto Museum (216 Main St., 802-447-2496,, open May-October, free), a small auto museum featuring vintage vehicles on display. And hiking deserves a second mention, as there are so many great …



ABANDONED!!! 1939 Packard Henny Hearse

I don’t know too many car peeps that don’t have a soft spot for abandoned cars.  Either they stir up distant memories of years gone by or inspire you to think of all the possibilities for that misused piece of iron.  One of my hobbies is to photograph abandoned car when I get the chance.  Whether they are just sitting in a junk yard, or field or even being used as advertising they mark the passage of time.

On the outskirts of Tombstone, AZ. is where you’ll find this car.  It’s easy to spot as it is the ‘landmark’ advertising car to get you to stop at the Boot Hill gift shop.  Clearing abandoned at some point, it was dragged to its current post many years ago and is a bit of a tourist attraction.


Greeting you at the edge of the town "that's too tough to die" Tombstone, AZ is this 1939 Packard.

Greeting you at the edge of the town “that’s too tough to die” Tombstone, AZ is this 1939 Packard.



As you can tell it purely used as prop now.

As you can tell it purely used as prop now.


This Packard 120 still retains it 288 Straight Eight engine.  Look like with a little TLC it will roar to life.

This Packard 120 still retains it 288 Straight Eight engine. Look like with a little TLC it will roar to life.


The 288  (sometime called the Super Eight) produced 150 hps.  Not a lot  for all that American Steel.

The 288 (sometime called the Super Eight) produced 150 HP. Not a lot for all that American steel.  But speed wasn’t a factor when you are headed to the local ‘boot hill’.


It's a fair piece to bring a body to Tombstone, AZ from Texas.

It’s a fair piece to bring a body to Tombstone, AZ from Texas.


Although the Arizona heat is tough on car interiors this one still retains all of its details.

Although the Arizona heat is tough on car interiors this one still retains all of its details.  Has the shift column and I’m betting the new for 1939 Overdrive.


Henny began using the Packard chassis 1937 replacing the stretched Model A chassis.

Henny began using the Packard chassis 1937 replacing the stretched Model A chassis.


This old hearse has a ton of character and prominent place at the edge of town.


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On The Road To Pebble Beach In A 1939 Packard

One by one, the engines of 22 classic cars come alive. Some cough with a wheeze, some need coaxing and some hum with precision. Whatever their personality, they all start. This is the first miracle of the road trip. Gathered in a semi-circle around
Powers, beloved journalist, dies at 93

Murphy owns a 1939 Packard Super 8 Henney Hearse and Powers always wanted a ride in it. Murphy was willing, but somehow it never worked out. A funeral has yet to be scheduled at St. John’s Cathedral, but Murphy vows that when it happens, Powers will …




Pininfarina’s aerodynamic 1960 X Concept was 50 years ahead of its time

The name Pininfarina is synonymous with expensive and elegant Italian sports cars such as the Maserati GranTurismo, Alfa Romeo Spyder and a log file of Ferraris such as the 365 GTB/4, Enzo, F40 and Testarossa. The global design legend does much more than style beautiful cars though, and ample testimony will appear at auction this week in the form of a little known 1960s concept car. With its four wheels arranged in a diamond shape, the tiny aerodynamic four-seater Pininfarina-X had a drag coefficient of 0.23, indicating that Pininfarina was a long way ahead of the rest of the world in exploring the critical area of aerodynamics, long before it was fashionable.

via Pininfarina’s aerodynamic 1960 X Concept was 50 years ahead of its time.


drag coefficient of 0.23

drag coefficient of 0.23

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Pininfarina Aerodynamik-Historie unterm Hammer

Pininfarina hatte das Model X ausgiebig getestet und sogar rund 145 km/h erreicht. Damit war der X deutlich schneller, als ein normaler Fiat 110. Trotz des Mißerfolges war Farina von der Aerodynamik in den Bann gezogen und ging abermals auf Professor …
Things to know about Barrett-Jackson car auction

Featured cars include a 1969 Ferrari 365 GTS by Pininfarina and a 1932 Packard Deluxe Eight Individual Custom Sport Phaeton by Dietrich. Details: Jan 14-16. Preview runs 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Wednesday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Thursday and Friday. Auction runs 5-9 …