8th Annual Tucson Classic Car Show 2014

This weekend I attended the 8th Annual Tucson Classic Car Show put on by the Rotary Club of Tucson.  I’ve attend the last 5 of these shows, twice as a participant (once with my ’84 Vette and ’70 Mustang and then once again with just the Mustang) and it has never disappointed and it’s on GRASS!!! Yes!!! No hot sticky black top parking lot or weed ridden field, but an actual grassy sports field, it’s fantastic!!!!

This year was no different and in fact it exceeded the past two years by the number of cars, value of cars and in two other aspects.  This year the show was opened up to motorcycles (way cool!!) and toss in the display of one of the rarest early and privately owned cars that hasn’t been seen in public in many years (more on that in next post).

The cars were outstanding as always and covered just about any era, from the 1911 to 2014 Corvette Sting Ray (classic from day one).  I’ll show a few of those in the a later post.

For this post I want to extol the motorcycle corral, it was small – but awesome!

I love getting to a car show early – before all the exhibitors arrive.  Getting my car set up and then watching the other participants bring their cars in.  It’s a great what to select the ‘gotta see first’ cars.  I didn’t make it that early to this year’s event, but was early enough to see the a few of the motorcycles show up and there were some fantastic bikes.   It’s a treat to see someone ride up in one of the first Indian motorcycles or a Royal Enfield…yes….they were ridden in!!!

One of the oldest Indians I've every seen running!!!

One of the oldest Indians I’ve every seen running!!!

Very Cool Bike!!!

Very Cool Bike!!!

There were some other great bikes there, like the Triumph and Norton.

Norton Commando 750 - Awesome bike!!!

Norton Commando 750 – Awesome bike!!!

1976 BMW - Norton in the background

1976 BMW – Norton in the background


Another great looking Indian

Another great looking Indian

Classic Indian - love the fenders.

Classic Indian – love the fenders.


So my goal is to get my 1966 Bridgestone Dual Twin ready for next year!!   Fingers Crossed!!!!

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2014 Rotary Club Tucson Classic Car Show: http://t.co/XiRYrf8Agq via @YouTube

Catch the Vero Amore Fire Truck at Tucson Classic Car Show at the Gregory School today till 4pm!


Road Trippin’ in AZ Wine Country – Porsches

What do you when you’ve been married to a wonderful woman for 29 years?  Take a road trip!!  We both have busy schedules so we decided to take a day trip though AZ wine country – which is a pretty drive on any day, but with all the tropical rain we’ve had here in the southern part of Arizona it is lush in the desert!!!!    It was a beautiful ride and we ran into this group of folks enjoying the day as well.

They were from all over AZ and headed to Tombstone for lunch.

Porches at play

Porches at play

Love this 1960!!!!

Love this 1960!!!!

IMG_20141011_104908611 IMG_20141011_104917854 IMG_20141011_104932396


They were having a lot of fun and I got to talk to John who was co-piloted this beautiful 1960.

Here is a short video of their gathering place.

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1960 Porsche 356 B T5 CABRIOLET http://t.co/kmeOHt5siw http://t.co/EU9Rpvmgnn


1960 Porsche 356 B T5 CABRIOLET http://t.co/kmeOHt5siw http://t.co/EU9Rpvmgnn

2008 Porsche Boxster RS 60 Spyder & 1960 Porsche Type 718 RS 60 Spyder. http://t.co/UYJk285k0f

» Detroit close to deal with last major creditor Alex Jones’ Infowars



Detroit and its last major holdout creditor are hashing out a settlement that would be a major step ahead for the city as it fights to defend its bankruptcy exit plan in federal court.A deal is close but the city and Financial Guaranty Insurance Co. are working out terms of the agreement, a person familiar with the matter confirmed late Monday.Details of the potential settlement were scarce Monday but likely involve giving Financial Guaranty Insurance Co., a bond insurer with a $1.1-billion claim against the city, a share of bonds Detroit plans to issue to settle debts with creditors, and potentially city real estate or other assets in downtown Detroit. The settlement would mirror one the city made with Syncora Guaranty, which had been Detroit’s staunchest opponent in bankruptcy before settling.

via » Detroit close to deal with last major creditor Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.



Let's Do This!!!

Let’s Do This!!!


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RT @TheD_Zone: We have confirmed that former OLSM/California 2016 LB Daelin Hayes has transferred to Detroit Cass Tech. http://t.co/XaVo6…

8th Annual Tucson Classics Car Show! Best Car Show in Southern Az! Oct. 18

Wow where has 2014 gone?!  It’s almost Oct!!!!   But that’s a good thing here in the southwest, because that means its peak car show season and there “ain’t” nothing better than that!!!

Being a veteran car show participant, both as a spectator and entrant, I attend many hot, dusty car shows in Southern Arizona.   But the Tucson Rotary Club’s Annual Tucson Classics Car Show is a premier car show, in a beautiful setting and…wait for it…wait…it is on “GRASS”!!!!

With over 400 antique, sport, classic and hot rod cars, product and food venders everywhere,  it is a day well spent with the family.

If you are entering your pride and joy, these guys know how to run a quality car show!  Well organized and professional with lots of classifications.  They really cater to the car owner.

Since I’m a Corvette lover, I really like that the Tucson Rotary Club is, again, giving away a beautiful Corvette! I never miss a chance to win a Corvette.

Oh!!! All the proceeds support local charities, like the St. Joseph’s Neonatal Unit, among others.

Here a peek at this beauty:


Win this 2003 C5 Corvette Convertible!!!

Win this 2003 C5 Corvette Convertible!!!

For more information on the rules for the give-a-way and the car show navigate over to WWW.ROTARYTCC.COM and you can purchase your tickets for a chance to with this beautiful 2003 C5 Convertible (and other prizes) and enter your vehicle.

Maybe I’ll see you there and we talk cars!!!!

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See you there!!!!

See you there!!!!




Elvis Presley’s BMW 507 set for complete restoration – Road & Track

I’m not sure they should restore it.  Maybe just preserve it.

Elvis'  BWM 507!!!

Elvis’ BWM 507!!!

Only 253 examples of the BMW 507 were ever made, and Elvis Presley owned two of them. The first, a white ’58 roadster, he famously gifted to his Fun in Acalpulco co-star Ursula Andress; the other, a ’58, has been in storage for over 40 years. Now, BMW Classic has obtained Elvis’s “lost” sports car and will give it a full restoration.This Bimmer’s circuitous history begins in March 1958, when the U.S. Army officially inducted its most famous Korean War draftee. While assigned to the Third Armored Division, Elvis met hill-climb ace Hans Stuck, who was racing a 1957 BMW 507 at Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry in southern France. Presley was smitten with the 150-hp drop-top. After having its 3.2-liter V8 rebuilt and a new four-speed manual gearbox installed, he leased it that December.


Read the article at  Elvis Presley’s BMW 507 set for complete restoration – Road & Track.


Awesome car none-the-less.

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“Elvis’s BMW 507: lost & found” exhibition comes to Munich

Elvis’s BMW 507: lost & found” exhibition comes to Munich. 27 July 2014. After nearly 60 years, the BMW 507 formerly owned by Elvis Presley returns to its birthplace. You can currently visit the Roadster, still untouched, in the BMW Museum – but when
BMW plans to restore 507 Roadster previously owned by Elvis Presley

BMW has revealed intentions to restore a 1957 507 Roadster which was originally purchased by king of rock ‘n’ roll Elvis Presley. The BMW 507 Roadster seen here had a white paint and rolled off the assembly line in 1957 with the chassis number 70079.
Elvis’ BMW 507 | Dieser Oldie ist ein echter Rock ‘n’ Roller

Der Kult-Roadster ist noch bis zum 10. August in der Sonderausstellung „Elvis’ BMW 507: lost & found“ im BMW-Museum zu bewundern. So lange bleibt der Scheunenfund im Originalzustand, danach geht’s zu den Experten der BMW Group Classic.

Maserati centennial exhibition in Modena — WordPress.com

A UNIQUE exhibition dedicated to the Centennial of Maserati was inaugurated in Modena this week.

Maserati 100 – A Century of Pure Italian Luxury Sports Cars retraces the story of the Italian car manufacturer through an exhibition featuring some of the Trident marque’s most significant road and racing cars and to learn about the individuals who shaped its history.

via Maserati centennial exhibition in Modena — WordPress.com.

Headed to Modena next October (2015)


Maserati is celebrating 100 years and although it was started in the Italian city of Bologna but eventually moved to Modena in the 1930’s  where it’s headquarters still operates.  The area is called “La Terra dei Motori” or Motor Valley and host not only Maserati, but Ferrai, Lamborghini, Dallara and Pagani as well as Ducati, Malaguti and Bimota motorcycle manufacturers.   We are headed to the Modena area Oct 2015!!!!


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lamborghini museum modena italy

29th Annual Chevy Showdown – Corvettes

There is almost never a bad day for a car show, especially here in Southern Arizona.  Today was cool and a bit overcast, but extremely windy and so much tree pollen (as well as other stuff) it covered anything standing still.   That may have what caused the light turnout for cars as well as spectators for the 29th Annual Chevy Showdown, which is limited to classic cars (up to 1972 with a category for 73-89).  This is put on by the Classic Chevy Club of Tucson and there were a few sub-clubs attending like the local Corvair and Nomad club.

But I’ve never had a bad time at a car show and this one had a lot to offer.

I attended the 27th Annual Chevy Showdown here in Tucson, AZ and the turnout was much higher that year and I saw at least one familiar car – I’ll cover that later.

I wanted to share the Corvettes that showed up. So here are some shots.

The only C3 to show.

The only C3 to show.


C2 Showed up in forces. Sorry I didn't get a good shot of the C1's.

C2 Showed up in force!


Sorry I didn’t get a good shot of the C1’s and no C4 showed.

More coming up from the Chevy Showdown.

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Amelia Island 2014 Preview | Mind over Motor

Amelia Island 2014 Preview | Mind over Motor.


A great car show with some excellent photo ops for cool cars!!


Amelia Island


Amelia Island











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BMW displays Calder art car, racers and classics at Amelia Island

The first BMW art car — a 1975 3.0 CSL wearing a paint job designed by Alexander Calder — headlined a class of significant cars from the German automaker at the 2014 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. It was joined by a BMW M-powered McLaren F1 


A Mini Documentary on the National Corvette Museum Sinkhole

Watch the video, you’ll see a good close up of the first three cars and seem them on display “as is”.



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Five of eight Corvettes pulled from museum sinkhole; photos show heavy …

National Corvette Museum’s effort to remove the eight cars swallowed by a sinkhole last month got off to a triumphant start: The 2009 Corvette ZR1 “Blue Devil” pulled from the hole earlier this week drove away from the scene of the disaster under its