1973 Mustang Heater Box Part 3

Thanks for checking in on #ProjectSportsRoof.  I’m working on the heater box and it is now out from under the dash.

Although the box was easy to remove, unfortunately that might have been because the two brackets that hold the unit to the firewall were broken and dropped down only hanging by the A/C block still sticking through slot in the firewall.

Take a look:


 The rust isn’t too bad.  I’ll clean that up and see how much damage exist, cut out what I can and make a patch for it.   You can clearly see the condition of the brackets and the box.

Coming up next I attempt the repairs.

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Average Guy’s Car Restorations, Mods, and Racing

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73 Mustang 351 Cleveland Rebuild – Removal 2 – YouTube

Jul 27, 2016 Prepping the engine and engine bay for removing #ProjectSportsRoof power plant.
classic ford mustang | Tumblr

Thanks checking back in with the 1973 Mustang (#ProjectSportsRoof). I’m moving right along with getting the progress on the 351C tear down posted up.
Classic Cars / Car Projects / Car Shows – Your Car/Truck Projects …

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof. With the floor pans welding, sealing and coating finished the next step was to apply the heat and sound barrier. This is …
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The 351 Cleveland is out of #ProjectSportsRoof. Yeah…I know!! It seemed like to took forever!!! Seems longer since I have driven it in months. Now if you missed …

Hey…A Car Show!!! Mustang II

It’s pretty cool to happen upon a car show in the course of running weekend errands.  I normally have a calendar event for the major shows and/or the ones I plan on attending.  But now and then I see one in passing, and of course I am compelled to stop and usually do.  Sometimes there are some real gems.  By gens  I mean  cars you don’t see at the average car show as they may not be in top condition or even restored at all (that doesn’t stop me) and the owners would enter them.

You don't need shiny paint to go to a car show. Here's #ProjectSportsRoof at it's first car show.

You don’t need shiny paint to go to a car show. Here’s #ProjectSportsRoof at its first car show.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up my son at his place and we took care of some business.  I always have my ‘old car’ radar on and it went off as we passed a little church.  We had finished all of our tasks so I stopped.  There may have been 15 cars in the parking lot with hoods up and doors open.  True to form there were a few cars that one rarely sees at a car show.

This awesome Fox-body Mustang Vert was in the line-up:

Fox-Body Vert

Fox-Body Vert w/ Whale Tail!

Oh MAN!! Look at that plumbing!!!!

Oh MAN!! Look at that plumbing!!!!


There was this 1964 Chrysler 300 K.  You don’t see many of these at a show.  Love that it’s a 2 door.

'64 Chrysler 300 K

’64 Chrysler 300 K

Cool Steering Wheel!!

Cool Steering Wheel!!

Here is a rare sight!!!  Mercury Comet Caliente VERT!!!!

This Comet is in O.K.shape

This Comet is in O.K.shape


This cars is nicely preserved and a little body work has been done, but still very nice car.

But this next car was my favorite as unlikely as that may seem, I’d buy this car and I’d show it big time!!!  Check out this 1974 Mustang II:

I think it's a sharp little car!!!

I think it’s a sharp little car!!!


Nice wheels!!!!

Yeah..that's a V8 - 302!!

Yeah..that’s a V8 – 302!!

Still lots of room under that hood.

Still lots of room under that hood.

Interior is so awesome.

Interior is so awesome.


You can tell that this car was stripped and restored.  It was painted with, even the interior,  with a white rhino lining/satin like paint.  It is just amazing and I’m was impressed.

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2nd Annual Team Tanner and Friends Car Show – Benefiting Autism Society 2

The 2nd Annual Team Tanner and Friends Car Show – Benefiting Autism Society  was a lot of fun.  Some very cool cars  there –  like these 4 beauties!!!

You can see my 2007 C6 and the 1973 Mustang (#ProjectSportsRoof) and my son’s 1991 Chrysler Le Baron vert and good friend’s 2011 Mustang vert(with the nicest seats ever!!!).


Constant reader of this blog Bill and my son Ryan

Constant reader of this blog Bill and my son Ryan

This was my son Ryan’s first car he’s entered in a car show.  The 1991 Le Baron is a true collector and is in excellent survivor condition with over 140k miles he is the only the second owner.  Bill (sitting next to my son) was the Le Baron’s first owner – that’s Bill’s 2011 Mustang V6!!!

Besides those cars – here is my favorite late 50’s car at the show.

1956 Ford Club Sedan -1 1956 Ford Club Sedan -2

1956 Ford Club Sedan -3

Clean 282 Engine!!

1956 Ford Club Sedan -4

One of my favorite attributes….a painted dash!!!

1956 Ford Club Sedan -5

The fender skirts are great and the detailed side molding is outstanding!!! (And all original!!)

1956 Ford Club Sedan -6

This 1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan has 282 engine, 3 speed column shift and has just over 30k original miles.  It all original except the tires (the spare is original).  This was an Ebay buy and originated in PA.

There were a couple beautiful pickups and a Lotus and 1988 Shelby Dodge Charger – very cool!!

The voting, interestingly enough, was done by the car owners and everyone that came to view the cars.

Trophies were handed out and one of the winner was this car:

#ProjectSportsRoof took home one in the 1970's/Under Construction category

#ProjectSportsRoof took home one in the 1970’s/Under Construction category

Yup lots of love shown to my 1973 Mustang SportsRoof.

It was a small but fun show.  Lots of time to have long conversations with the owners and the crowd.

Thanks to Hagerty Insurance, Mothers Wax and Car Guy Garage for supporting the car show.  We raised awareness and money for Southern Arizona  Autism Society!!

Oh…and if you are in Tucson, AZ there is a walk that raised money for this worthy cause as well.

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10 Annual Autism Walk - Tucson, AZ

10 Annual Autism Walk – Tucson, AZ


2nd Annual Team Tanner and Friends Car Show – Benefiting Autism Society

A fun car show for a  GREAT cause!!!   Autism Society of Southern Arizona.


Bring your classic beauty, your muscle machine, your chopper,  your tuner, your daily driver or your project car!!!!  Heck – bring your farm tractor!!!!   You’ll get a swag bag with goodies (Car Guys Garages  free t-shirt offer, Hagerty Insurance and more) and a cool T-Shirt. There will be raffles for collectible die-cast cars, and other prizes from O’rielly’s Auto Parts, Hot Rods at Old Vail Road, car wash packages and more.

Come on out and hang out with some cool cars!!!!



I’ll be there with my 1973 Mustang and 2007 Corvette!!

See you there.



07 and 73

07 and 73









Barrett-Jackson Sleeper Cars – Results

In a earlier post I picked out two sleeper cars that were totally awesome (does anyone use that phrase any more?).  Here is how they did at auction.

The odd Pontiac Beaumont – Chevelle/Nova/Chevy II build by GM and sold North of the border by Pontiac-Buick dealerships throughout Canada brought a nice price.  Seems someone liked the 375hp, 396 – Chevelle SS trim car to the tune of $32,000.00 (USD).  Yeah…no kidding!!!!


Love the side vents!!! Can you tell yet?
Looks like a plain Jane Pontiac from the backside!!

I love this car!!!

The other sleeper was a 1966 Chevy Chevelle 300 Deluxe.  It was a plain jane looking Chevy with painted steel wheels. But it had a big surprise – 502 crate GM motor with 502 hp.  AWESOME!!!!  As was the hammer price…………………… $41,800.00.  WOW!!!!

It's a 1966 Chevelle Custom 300 - sleepy little car isn't it? Just a great little every day (back then) commuter car.

Of course there were many, many other awesome cars. Look for a few more posts on the Barrett-Jackson auction from last week.

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barrett jackson scottsdale 2016

Barrett-Jackson Car Auction Scottsdale, AZ 2016 – Opening Day

As usual I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with the lineup of cars for this years Barrette-Jackson Auctions in Scottsdale, AZ.

I spent the entire day looking over the offering and even with other auctions running just before, during and just after, you are going to see some great auction fun!!!

One of my favorites of course are the Mustangs and there are plenty there!!!  That being said, I did not see a single 71-73 Mustang in the tents – but I do see at least one in the catalog.  But you have to love what was on display in one corner of this massive complex.

The Boss 429 Corner:


More coming up from Barrett-Jackson!!!


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1973 Mustang – Project Sportsroof – Leaks, Pertronix & Leaks! Part I

As I march down the dark path that is the diagnostic process to find out the health of the 351 Cleveland, the first steps are to clean up a few leaks (mainly so it doesn’t bleed fluids all over the garage floor and driveway) and replace the points and condenser with a Petronix system.

If you are not familiar Petronix it’s a simple electronic ignition system (as compared with a MSD electronic ignition system) that keeps your car looking stock, as it all tucks under the distributor cap.

First I need to trouble a few leaks.  If you wonder why I’m whispering in the any of the video it’s because to avoid the 100 plus temps I get started early.

Of course the power steering has nothing to do with the engine, but it is substantial and annoying.  As a side note, when is a garage not a garage?  When it’s the most used entry way into your home.   Hence the desire to tackle these leaks before  move the Mustang under cover.  Of course I can put something on the floor but you know as well as I do, that doesn’t matter, because one of the unpublished laws of physics, that goes something like  “Car fluids defy all published laws of physics and go where the hell they want.”

Here is the power steering cleaned up a bit.

We'll see if leaks again. On to the next leak!

We’ll see if it leaks again. On to the next leak!












Now we’ve got one more leak to take care of and that is the valve covers. Check it out:


I’ll get Part II post up here shortly.  I’m breaking it up as too many videos tend to slow the loading on the page.

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1973 Mustang – Project SportsRoof – What are You Gonna …

I get a lot of questions on just what I’m going to do with the Sports Roof. Some of those are posed as inquires of interest and others can be interpreted as “What the.

1973 Mustang – Project Sports Roof

As I posted before, after a vigorous (not read ‘desperate’) I finally found my next personal project. The 1973 Mustang Sports Roof Fastback is what I settled on.

1973 Mustang Project SportsRoof – Interior Walk-Through

Welcome back to the #ProjectSportsRoof. As the discovery process continues we move to the interior. Now each area of the car (engine, body, interior,




Ron Scott’s 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Has a Split-Window Personality

Emulation is probably one of the most commons things in the car hobby. We see a car at a show or race and are instantly entranced by its siren song of looks, performance, and imagination-stimulating allure. And after enough exposure, commitment to building a duplicate becomes irresistible.

Ron Scott Jr. had always loved the vintage race look on classic Corvettes. Wide wheel flares, spoilers, race-style wheels and brakes, the growl of a powerful V-8 through headers and race exhaust, they all had him entranced to the point he wanted to build one of his own. He wanted a car he could not only show, but also take to track days and autocross events as well. After searching online, he found a suitable candidate on eBay to start his build with.

“I found the car on eBay for $35K. It was rough, with some bodywork completed and a second-gen LT1 out of an early fourth-gen Camaro sitting in the frame. It was pretty much a roller with no interior, wiring, or anything special. It was perfect for what I was looking to do, as we didn’t want to modify anything that was nice.”

See the rest of the images and store @  Ron Scott’s 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Has a Split-Window Personality.




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super chevy show 2015super chevy show 2015

Good Guys Car Show 2015 Scottsdale, Az Videos

If you picked up my Twitter feed (@AGCarRestore) you would have seen a great cross-section of the cars and activities going on as they occurred in Scottsdale last weekend.  Below are the a few short videos that give you a feel of the activities and over the next few post, I’ll share some ‘most excellent’ cars.




Great sights and sounds.



 View of the Autocross pit.








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good guys car showgood guys car show

Hot Rods on Display at Good Guys Car Show

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Hundreds of car enthusiasts put their favorite rides on display at the Kansas Speedway on Sunday. Randy Paxton says there’s almost nothing like a day spent in his fully rebuilt ’68 convertible Camero cruisin’ in a car show. “Looks

Fords on 4th Ave – Torino, Trucks and Fav’s

So I’m going to warp up the articles on the Fords on 4th Ave car show and getting ready for live tweets from Good Guys show in Scottsdale, Az tomorrow.

In a previous post I mentioned the lack of Mercury’s (other than Cougars) at the show, there were only a couple Thunderbirds and sadly only one Torino. I love  the Torino! I should have kept my 1974 GS with Cobra Jet engine!

1974 Grand Sport Torino

So as a warp up I thought I’d share my (non-Mustang) favorites from the show.


First up is the one and only Ford Torino.


Very Nice 1973 Torino. Love the body style! This one didn’t have any of the badge and I couldn’t tell if it was a Grand Torino. It appeared to have a 351 engine.



Can’t say I like the grill.



Nicely done and mostly stock!!!


Here is the oldest Ford in the show:


1915 Ford Model T.



Doodlebug – defined as vehicle used for work around the farm. My Grandfather had one (1930’s Ford) and we called it the Doodlebug.



This Falcon is amazing!! Nice V8 (351 I believe).


Yes I know it’s a wagon!!! But check out the quad exhaust exiting in front of the rear wheels. Now that’s very cool!!


Interior was so nicely done!!!


Fairlane 500 Retractable!!!!

Fairlane 500 Retractable!!!!


This Fairlane GTA was the bomb!!!

This Fairlane GTA was the bomb!!!

The Econoline had a V8 wedged between the seats!!!

The Econoline had a V8 wedged between the seats!!!


Hope you enjoyed this recap of Fords on 4th Ave, here in Tucson, AZ.

Thanks for reading.



Fords on 4th Ave Continued III Galaxies

While there were an abundance of Mustang and other Ford products at Fords on 4th Ave, missing was the Ford sub-culture of Mercury’s. For the past few years you could find a small group of Montereys, Montclairs, Park Lanes …
It’s Car Show Season….YES!!! Fords on 4th Ave!

‘The most wonderful time of the year!!!’ No not Christmas – BETTER! It’s car show season!!! From March though Oct here in the southwest is prime car show.
Fords on 4th Ave Continued II

Although the newer Mustang are awesome, you still can’t be the those of the 60’s and early 70’s, you just can’t! Check out these fine specimens!! Nicely restored.