Mini Car Show – TMC

It always cool to stumble upon a car show regardless of size.

TMC (Tucson Medical Center) opened up a new office just down the road.  My wife is a commercial interior designer and does a lot of work through her company for at the TMC facilities.

We were aware of the Grand Opening for this new building but we weren’t there’d be a car show.  Here a few of the cars that showed.

You just could walk past this 1959 GMC 100 Pickup.  So nicely restored.


Love the steel painted rims!!!

Lots of Chrome on that front end!!

Still being powered by the straight six! The golf club hood prop is a custom touch!

Sparse interior but 100% effective.

Here is a great looking 1962 Ford pickup  – still sporting its original V8.

Are you kidding me?  Look at this beautiful 66 Malibu!!!


327 Engine (245hp) with Factory Air!!!

Back end jacked up just right!!

There is a lot of tire on that back axle!

That’s all original interior folks!!!


Here are a few more Chevy’s

Beautiful Super Sport w/vinyl top

Wow…is that a BLOWER on top of that power plant?

And another BLOWER!!

56 Chevy Sporting a huge radiator

1980 El Camino – In great shape.

Beautiful Impala…OH…YES..that a Corvette LS3 engine!!!

If you are going to have only one Mopar show up, you want it to be the GTX!!  Take a look:


Plymouth Belvedere GTX.

Yes that is a 426 Hemi….going to find two carbs under that air cleaner.

Clean and original interior.

Here a few more of the cars that showed up.

Thanks to my wonderful wife who didn’t mind an interruption in our errands to spend a few minutes at this show.

Coming up more on #ProjectSportsRoof and #ProjectBeepBeep and keep an eye out for our first Facebook Live event.

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1973 Mustang SportsRoof – Floor Pans Getting To It! – Part One

The last three post we basically a run down of the extent of the rust damage in the floor pan areas on #ProjectSportsRoof.  As you saw the right side was bad, especially the under the rear seat on that side and the left side not as bad.   Interesting enough it ended up being about the same work for both foot wells and a lot work for the whole under the rear seat.  (You’ll notice in at least one of the videos I mentioned that all I needed to do was to buy the panel for under the rear seat – but I was wrong.  Those just are reproduced.  What I ended up doing was purchasing a 3rd foot well pan and “modifying” that to get the whole patched.)

As this is my first time actually doing floor pans, I did a lot of “making sure” up front work to limited the size of the mistakes I might make.  Last thing I needed to do was cut in the wrong place or make the opening to big.  As you know the Mustangs of that era only had  sub-frames and the floor for the most part were what held them together.  A major screw up there and you’ve weakened the structure and then it’s body off complete floor replacement – NOT IN THE BUDGET!!!

Here’s some of the preliminary work.


So of course there isn’t a rear panel (see above) and the drain in the panel is not plugged with a rubber stopper, but with a metal screw down plate – sealed with seam sealer.

I worked the left side first (some I could keep the car mobile – for pulling in and out of the garage) so I left the driver’s seat and most of the carpet in place.


Coming up is the first cuts of the right side floor pan and fitting of the replacement panel.


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Tucson Classic Car Show 9th Annual – High Interest Cars – Le Mans Cars

Normally I cover this car show pretty extensively here on Average Guys Car Restoration, Mods and Racing.  After all I haven’t missed but one since it’s start, and I’ve entered 3 cars, twice.  I just love this show, it on the ‘grass’!!!  That’s a rare treat here in the American Southwest.

This year I just managed to make it and after just arriving from a series of long flights from Italy 1 day ago, I just didn’t have it in me to get that intense this year.  In fact the weather the night before was filled with thunderstorms and a good deal of rain.  I nearly skipped going.  But I remembered what I call the High Interest Cars that were showing up.  I’m talking about a set of 3 Le Mans cars including the Porsche 917 – WOW!!

Take a look at these beauties:





These aren’t are just race cars, these are THE race cars you’ve seen race and win.

More High Interest Cars coming including a Jensen Interceptor III.

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Rotary Club to hold car show fundraiser

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8th Annual Tucson Classic Car Show (

8th Annual Tucson Classic Car Show – Real stories about Classic Cars and the people who own them.




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Action Shot Contest – Average Guys Muscle, Classic …

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1965 FIA World Manufacturers’ GT Championship – Bob Bondurant

You no doubt know about Ford and Carroll Shelby’s Cobra winning the 1965 FIA World Manufacturer’s GT Championship – breaking Enzo Ferrari’s reign on the in that event.   But this short video tells more about what Bob Bondurant endured during those races.   He is a true racing icon.


I’ve had the thrill of running Bondurant course here in Phoenix, AZ., include the F1 event held at Phoenix International Raceway.   All great experiences from a well run organization.


Check out the story of how the U.S. Team (with Bob and two English drivers) took home the win.



Enjoy and thanks for reading.


1965 ford cobra gtcarroll shelbybob bondurant

Are ‘Vette owners more extreme about their cars than most? | Corvetteforum

Are ‘Vette owners more extreme about their cars than most? | Corvetteforum.

Sharing this from the Corvette Forum.

After you read this you might think, Corvette drivers are … well….Richard Craniums… but I think this is an issue with any car person with a car they love. community-ocd-600x396 My wife is like that with new cars – Nissan and two Lexus brand cars over the years.  I’ve been less so, I think with my ’70 Mustang (now going to a large collector) and my two Corvettes (C4 and C6) – well maybe not.

But generally I don’t make people take their shoes off before getting in my car.  No smoking of course and eating and drinking are fine.  Spills will get you tossed out at the next stop however.

Got “Not in my car!!!” moment?  Share it here.

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I love the unwritten rule that #Corvette drivers wave to each other on the road. Can’t wait to have my one one day. #ThanksMom
Study Shows Chevy Corvette Drivers Among Safest | Chevy …

Corvette convertible drivers among the safest, study shows. We all know Chevy Corvette drivers are passionate about their cars. One clear indication of this is how safe they are when it comes to their driving – well, some may 


Spotted: Jaguar F-Type in the Wild

I saw my first F-Type on the streets the other day.  It wasn’t just a sighting, it was a drive along.

The convertible as white and I think it looked great in motions.  We drove side by side for about 10 blocks and it seemed quick (not as quick as my C6 – had to prove that – without breaking any laws or freaking out the cars around us) and had a snappy take off.

However, with my windows down and my stereo off (that almost never happens) I got a ear full of how it sounded.  Sorry to say I was not impressed.

I expected to have been, with power specs like this:

3.0 liter V6 Supercharged 3.0 liter V6 Supercharged 5.0 liter V8 Supercharged
340 @ 6,500 380 @ 6,500 495 @ 6,500
3.33 x 3.50 in.
(84.5 x 89.0 mm)
3.33 x 3.50 in.
(84.5 x 89.0 mm)
3.64 x 3.66 in.

I don’t know which model I was driving along with, it didn’t like the sound.

We’ve all seen/heard the Hondas and Nissans with the “enhanced” sound effects mufflers.  The F-Type sounds like the Jaguar was trying too hard to create the “muscle” car sound and missed by several octaves (at least).   A baffling problem given such a good looking sports car.

Great looking coupe

Great looking coupe


The Convertible.


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Tesla in the Wild

Maybe for some of you Left Coaster (maybe Right as well) a Tesla isn’t as rare as it is out here in the Southwest.   But for in the smallish city they are rare.   So the excitement of seeing on in our non-assuming neighborhood is a very cool site.

Of course as you might expect I missed the it, (by a day!!) but I have a lot of associates and friends that will snap a shot of something and toss it may way.

These pics were from our personal trainer – outside the very studio I worked out the day before.  Lucky Christine is also friend  and is often tips me off when there’s an AOI (Auto Of Interest) about.

So she when she saw the Tesla she snapped a couple shots for me.  So vicariously I’ve seen my first Tesla in the wild.  (Come on now…that funny!!!)

Here are the shots.  It the S-Model sedan.

Tesla S-Model

Tesla S-Model – I love the wheels

A bit aggressive looking front end.

A bit aggressive looking front end.

Like how the rear window blends into the roof.

Like how the rear window blends into the roof.

Here are some specs:

  • Body
  • Lightweight aluminum body reinforced with high strength, boron steel elements
  • UV and infrared blocking safety glass windshield
  • Rain sensing, adjustable speed windshield wipers
  • Frameless, tempered safety glass front windows
  • Solar absorbing, laminated safety glass rear window with defroster
  • Flush mounted door handles
  • Manual folding side mirrors
  • 19″ aluminum alloy wheels with all-season tires (Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 245/45R19). Note: optional 21″ wheels come with Continental Extreme Contact DW 245/35R21 high-performance tires
  • Aluminum roof
  • Halogen headlights with automatic on/off and LED daytime running lights
  • Backlit side turn signals, front side marker lights and rear reflex lights
  • LED rear taillights and high-mounted LED stop lamp
  • Powertrain
  • Model S is a rear wheel drive electric vehicle. The liquid-cooled powertrain includes the battery, motor, drive inverter, and gear box.
  • 60 kWh microprocessor controlled, lithium-ion battery
  • Three phase, four pole AC induction motor with copper rotor
  • Drive inverter with variable frequency drive and regenerative braking system
  • Single speed fixed gear with 9.73:1 reduction ratio
  • Suspension, Steering, and Brakes
  • Double wishbone, virtual steer axis coil spring front suspension and independent multi-link coil spring rear suspension
  • Variable ratio, speed sensitive, rack and pinion electronic power steering
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Traction Control
  • Anti-Lock disc brakes (ABS) with ventilated rotors and electronically actuated parking brake; front: 355 mm x 32 mm; rear: 365 mm x 28 mm
  • Charging
  • 10 kW capable on-board charger with the following input compatibility: 85-265 V, 45-65 Hz, 1-40 A (Optional 20 kW capable Twin Chargers increases input compatibility to 80 A)
  • Peak charger efficiency of 92%
  • 10 kW capable Universal Mobile Connector with 110 V, 240 V, and J1772 adapters

Got a Pic of a local Telsa – drop me a note.

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I liked a @YouTube video Tesla Model S – Megafactories HD 720p Super Carros
Yes, you can get your hand stuck in Tesla Model S door handles [w …

In this short and kind of absurd video, someone tests out what happens if you leave your hand in the Tesla Model S door handle too long.


Plush 1973 Caddy –

Sometimes just wandering the junk yards either in person or virtually can spawn some ideas for a quick  blog entry.

One of my favorite places to conduct my virtual tooling round is They put a lot of hard work at delivering a very useful online tool for locating parts.

So while wandering around their site I found this 1973 Caddy.  Now I grew up in the 60’s and ’70 (why does that seem like a long time ago?) and having spent some of those years  either hanging out in or working in one my Dad’s body shops (he started and closed several in that time span) I was close to the car scene (not that I liked it much at the time).  I remember the auto industry’s move into the long, thick cushioned Ford LTDs and Thunderbirds as well as the GM Buicks and Caddies.

With shows like Starky and Hutch and Mod Squad showing off some of the (criminal element or shady characters often drove them) plush mobiles,  the excess they represented was easily noticed – I think Huggy Bear has a plush T-bird – he was often portrayed as a “business man” that organized a all women work force (any one get that?).

The 1973 Cadillac came with two engine.  The most powerful was the standard V8 which displaced 500 cubic inches and had a bore and stroke of 4.30X4.06 inches.  They had 5 main bearings, hydraulic lifters and 10.0:1 compression ratio.  Top it off with the Rochester Quadrajet four barrel and you’d get about 375 hp.

Now the Eldorado came with the Eldorado V8 which had a smaller stroke 4.306 inches, reducing the compression ratio to 9.0:1 and produced only 365 hp.

You’d need every bit of that power, because these cars topped out at over 5,000 lbs

1973 was the year GM produced their five millionth Caddy (it was a DeVille, however, not an Eldorado).

Now days these cars are being restored and finding used parts keeps the cost down, most cars of the 70’s aren’t going to bring you big bucks when they are done.  This 1973 Caddy has a lot of parts and looks to be a project car that’s either taken to long to finish or replaced  by a ‘cooler’ project.

Still has the Engine

Still has the Engine

Grill and Headlight assemblies are all there!

Grill and Headlight assemblies are all there!

Looking at the pics all the lenses seem to be there as well!!!

Looking at the pics all the lenses seem to be there as well!!!

Check out the other parts cars at


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Highlight Car – Jensen Interceptor

Call me crazy, but I love these cars.  I have only seen one in running condition and it was well restored.  I’d love to own one.

The Jensen Interceptor debuted in 1966, but not originally – that was back in 1950 (I’ll cover those in a separate post.).  These hand-built in Kelvin Way Factory, West Bromwich  in the England from 1966 – 1976.   The body style designed by Carrozzeria Touring of Italy and changed from fiber glass bodies to steel.

1966 Jensen Interceptor

1967 Interceptor

So what was this car made of?   Let’s take a look.


These cars were by….wait for it…………………..Mother MOPAR!!!

Yup these cars sported a Chrysler V8.  The Mks I – III  used either the 6.3 or 7.2 liter engines.

The 1966 started with the 383 CID which continued through 1970 knocked out 335 hp.  The 383 was nurtured in 1971 dropping down to 250 hp.  So Jensen decided to use the 440.  They offered to versions, one had a 4bbl  Carter carb making about 305 hp.  The second  was topped with three 2 barrel Carters and pushed 330 hps out of the block – we know this engine as the 440 Six Pack – only 232 of these were produced.!!!

In 1972 the 440 suffered the same fate as the 383 – the Six Pack was no longer available and the 4 barrel was de-tuned to 280 hp and again in 1976 dropped to 255.  Jensen continued to use the engines.


The Jensen team selected the Chrysler’s TorqueFlite 727 automatic (3 speed) and 4 speed manual.

The curb weight was between 3500 – 3600 hundred pounds (about the same as a 1969 Cuda).

Other features:

Electric windows

Reclining front seats

Wood rimmed steering wheel

Radio with twin speakers

Reversing lights

Electric clock

Power steering  (after Sept ’68)
Jensen produced the Mk I, MK II and MK III from 1966-1974.  They came in 2 door convertible, hatch back and coupe.

Jensen Interceptor ‘Vert


Power specs:  0-60 in 6.4 seconds and top speed 137 mph (oh…I’m betting it would do better than that).


From Wikipedia:


A convertible with powered soft top was introduced in 1974 mainly intended for the American market but also sold in Europe. 267 convertibles were made.[3]

Rarer still is the Coupé version with just 60 made,[3] derived from the convertible and therefore without the distinctive rear window of the regular car that was introduced in 1975, a year before the company’s demise.

Jensen FF

Main article: Jensen FF

Jensen were one of the first manufacturers to equip a production car with four-wheel drive, in the 1967 Jensen FF (Ferguson Formula). At the time it was hailed as a remarkable development, coming also with Dunlop Maxarat mechanical anti-lock brakes and traction control. The car is five inches (127 mm) longer than the Interceptor, and although looking virtually the same the extra length is identified by an additional side vent ahead of the doors on the front flanks, an extension to and additional swage line in the leading edge of the front wing (fender). Press articles from the time quote “drag-strip” performance when describing the car. In total 320 FFs were produced; 195 Mark I, 110 Mark II and 15 Mark III. [4]

The Jensen Interceptor R

A Jensen specialist based at Cropredy Bridge rebuilds original Interceptors using modern components.

In May 2010, Jensen International Automotive was set up, with the financial backing and know-how of Carphone Warehouse founder and chairman Charles Dunstone who joined its board of directors. A small number of Jensen Interceptor Ss, which had started production under a previous company, are being completed by Jensen International Automotive (JIA), in parallel with JIA’s own production of the new Jensen Interceptor R; deliveries of the latter have started (beginning of 2011) at the Oxfordshire-based manufacturer and restorer. Tony Banham is JIA’s Managing Director.


The New Interceptor? Jensen Interceptor XL concept!!


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