Plymouth Duster – 1972 Graphics

If you read the title you might have thought that I’d be giving you some information on the graphics that were available on the Plymouth Duster, but it’s just the opposite.

I’m looking for some information on the graphics for the car pictured below to restore a similar car.   What were the factory graphics options on Plymouth Dusters?  In the picture below, is this an option or custom work?


Thanks in advance.




Project BeepBeep – Gets Re-Hinged Part 2 – Curse of the Coyote!

Bill continues on with the swapping out the hinges on the 68 Road Runner. Excellent tips in this one!!

You gotta love ACME – if only the coyote could have gotten replacement devices for ‘do-overs’ that might have changed his fate.

Thanks Bill!!!

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Average Guy’s Car Restorations, Mods, and Racing

Bill tries out a custom set of spark plug wires for #ProjectBeepBeep. Bill has more coming up on his 68 Road Runner and I might just have something to post of …

Project BeepBeep – ’68 RoadRunner – Door Panel Tips

Feb 12, 2017 Ready for some more #ProjectBeepBeep? Bill takes you through a few tips for restoring your B-Body door panels. Take a look: Great stuff!!!

Project BeepBeep – A look at the Brakes

Mar 10, 2017 Introducing #ProjectBeepBeep – Code H 1968 Road Runner. I’d like you to take a look at one of my constant readers classic muscle car.

Project BeepBeep – Brake Actuator Rod

Bill is getting soooooooooo close to having ProjectBeepBeep on the road again.  This update takes a look at the brake actuator rod.

The Rod



Bill mentioned 303 Protectant  and here is a bit of information from the web site:

Originally engineered for aerospace and aviation applications, 303 Protectant provides superior protection against harmful UV rays that can cause discoloration, fading and cracking of vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. 303 Protectant also helps repel dust, dirt, lint and staining. Safe and effective for vinyl, gel-coat, fiberglass, carbon fiber, synthetic or natural rubber, plastics and finished leather.
303 UV Protectant Wipes for Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic, Tires and Leather, Pack of 40:

  • 303 Automotive UV Protectant brightens surfaces and keeps your car looking newer, longer
  • This formula provides superior UV protection for any rubber, plastic, vinyl, eisenglass, PVC, gel coat and fiberglass surfaces of your vehicle, such as your dashboard, windshield wiper blades, and even your tires; not for use on unfinished leathers (such as suede), fabrics (canvas) or floorings
  • 303 UV Protectant not only protects against fading, discoloration and cracking from harmful UV rays, but repels dust and stains too helping to extend your vehicle cleaning
  • Rinse-free formula leaves a non-greasy, dry matte finish with no odor and is non toxic and water based; 100 percent free of grease-producing silicone oils and petroleum distillates
  • 303 Automotive UV Protectant is an easy to use spray on formula that comes in a 16 fl oz bottle with trigger sprayer
  • We guarantee our products


California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains a chemical(s) known to the state of California to cause cancer.

More coming up shortly on the brake lines installation.

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Diamond Valley Mopars Public Group | Facebook

Welcome back to #ProjectBeepBeep. Thanks for checking in on the progress of Bill’s 1968 Plymouth Road Runner. If you recall mixed in with some brake …
RoadRunner – Average Guy’s Car Restoration, Mods and Racing

RoadRunner | Bill continues with his march toward a complete brake system replacement for #ProjectBeepBeep his 68 Plymouth Road Runner. Here is the …
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Getting some of the custom painted @fabfoursinc parts put on #projectbeepbeep. @factor55llc #jku #jeepproject #grumper #custompaint #stormtrooper …
68 RoadRunner Disc Brake Conversion – Part 5 – YouTube

Apr 24, 2017 Welcome back to #ProjectBeepBeep. Bill’s got the wheel cylinders installed for the 1968 RoadRunner and …dang…missing brake lines!!

Project BeepBeep – 68 RoadRunner Dash Update

Welcome back to #ProjectBeepBeep.  Thanks for checking in on the progress of Bill’s 1968 Plymouth Road Runner.

If you recall mixed in with some brake updates,  Bill mentioned that he had sent out the circuit board for a restored.  Here is an update on the status of the dash.



Next up an update on the disc brake conversion – almost done!!!

Sounds like Bill will be on the road in no time.

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Introducing #ProjectBeepBeep – Code H 1968 Road Runner

I’d like you to take a look at one of my constant readers classic muscle car. First let me say that Bill has been an a long quest to find a car to replace this car:   Back in the day. It was a long search with lots of phone calls with many …
Project BeepBeep – 68 RoadRunner – Disc Brake Conversion Part 5 and Some Dash Work

Welcome back to #ProjectBeepBeep. Bill is working on finishing up the brake conversion. Here is a progress update. Note:  I forgot to add the credits for these videos:   Starring Bill B as himself; BeepBeep as ’68 Road Runner; Wild E. Coyote in effigy Camera Production; Mrs. Bill B and SamB Editing Tim …

1970 Mustang Front End – What should I do?

My Nephew’s 1970 Stang needs some attention.

I get to park in my office!

Well it’s been a long week getting her back on the road. But she drove well enough given her condition.

I am looking for opinions on kits for front suspension rebuilds, mine is shot. At this point I’m probably looking for the cheapest most comprehensive kit given my pony’s condition.

My entire front suspension is not suspending, or bouncing, or quiet. Its time for a full rebuild but I’ve been waiting to blow my motor to justify a full car build! It’s been on its last leg for at least 10 years so at this point I’m trying to see how far I can go to prove Ford’s reliability before tearing her down and she just won’t die! A true survivor.

Also I have a mean top end tick I have lots of play in my lifters, I’m assuming that’s the problem. Already replaced the valve caps, but I probably lost one or two again, any tips or tricks to adjust these ticks?

Although she really like cruising at 50 mph everywhere! I had a hard time keeping it under that speed.


You will get a lot of opinions and have a lot of options.  Basically is comes down to what you want the car to be.  If you just want a cruiser I think you can’t go wrong with just building like it came from the factory.  I did that with my 1970 only difference is I use polyurethane bushing.   Polyurethane bushing improved the ride without ruining the feel of how the car would have handled when it came from the factory.  Properly greased the don’t squeak.   If you want it a bit better ride you can upgrade components as you go.

I recommend the RPS kit (it is under $300)

Front Suspension Kit, 1968 – 73 Mustang Restoration Parts Source
This suspension kit includes new upper and lower control arms with bushings and riveted ball joints installed, new spring perches and insulators and new strut rod bushings with washers.

Here is the link –  RPS Suspension Kit


1970 Mustang – Getting the Boot!!!

Replaces that is, boot as in shifting boot.  (Were you thinking…since I just got back from the Barrett Jackson Auction.. I was considering getting rid of the Stang ?   Nope..but I tell you there were a couple of cars I’d even swap for…that’s for sure!!) When the 4 speed trans got …

1970 Mustang – Replacing my Pillar Post Moldings Part I

If you searched and found or followed my posts on restoring the dash-board of my ’70 Mustang, then you might recall my planning/scheduling issues.     As I was taking the old dash pad off, I realized that I hadn’t order the plastic pillar molding.  When I finally called a few Mustang parts …

1970 Mustang – Replacing my Pillar Post Moldings Part II

I’ve the pillar post moldings painted and ready to installed.      I put on 3 coats of paint.    Now I have to remove the dash pad (again) and install.  That will be later this week, my Corvette is still in shop and the Mustang is my back up car.  Thanks for reading more to …

1970 Mustang Dash Replacement – Part Arrives!!!

Ok now I’m excited.  The dash pad replacement arrived and it looks great.  Here are some pics:          I ordered this part from Dallas Mustang, but I thinking I should have ordered directly from I’ll check the web site and see if it was cheaper there.  When you have an average guy’s budget …

Project BeepBeep – ’68 Road Runner -Disc Break Conversion Part 2

Thanks for checking back in on #ProjectBeepBeep.

Having made the decision to convert the front brakes from shoe to disc Bill gets started with this major project for #ProjectBeepBeep.

He went with a kit from Dr. Diff and here’s a brief look at some of the contents.


Nice shiny new rotors!!

Spindle and shield

Spindle and Shield practice fitting.


Here’s a close up of how far off the shield is actually off.

That isn’t going to work as is.


There’s a lot more coming up on Project BeepBeep.

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Introducing #ProjectBeepBeep – Code H 1968 Road Runner

I’d like you to take a look at one of my constant readers classic muscle car. First let me say that Bill has been an a long quest to find a car to replace this car:   Back in the day. It was a long search with lots of phone calls with many …

Project BeepBeep – ’68 Road Runner – Drum or Disc – The Decision

1968 Ply Road RunnerProject BeepBeep Welcome back to #ProjectBeepBeep.  Bill is looking at the brakes and gets some professional assistance to help him make a crucial decision.  You know if you’ve got a lot of GO…you need a lot STOP. It not an easy decision to alter a car’s originality, especially …

Project BeepBeep – ’68 RoadRunner – Door Panel Tips

Ready for some more #ProjectBeepBeep?  Bill takes you through a few tips for restoring your B-Body door panels. Take a look:     Great stuff!!!  Thanks Bill!!! Have a few Mopar tips – Post them up or drop me a note @ and we get you video/tip posted on the site. Thanks for reading Tim                 Introducing …

Project BeepBeep – A look at the Brakes

Bill takes a look at the heavy-duty brakes that came on the ’68 Road Runner. Bill doesn’t like the stopping power that these give him and even though they are in good shape, he may still upgrade them.     Here are a couple close-ups of those heavy-duty brakes:   That’s some great information on brake …

Shout Out to Overseas Readers

Just a quick THANKS to all the readers in:



Drop a comment!!!  Let’s see your rides!!

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Lift Classic Mustangs and Avoid Suspension Damage

How To Chassis Suspension

Lift Classic Mustangs and Avoid Suspension Damage

Lift it Right: Raising classic Mustangs on a lift requires a special tool to avoid shock and strut rod bushing damage

Jerry Heasley
December 6, 2016

Anytime you need work on the suspension on anything under a Mustang you have to lift it in the air, whether on a floor jack or a lift. But what you might not have ever heard is that raising a 1965-1973 Mustang on a regular two-post lift without a support between the upper control arm and the frame rail will damage the shocks and strut rods. There’s no telling how many times over the last 50-odd years of lifting a Mustang for a simple oil change that possibly has broken shock and strut rod bushings. The numbers must be in the millions.

Ford supplied dealers with a factory service tool, which they also used on the assembly line, to support the front suspension. Without this support, lifting the car drops the front suspension down and places all that weight on the front shocks and strut rod bushings. This damage is much more than cosmetic. The car will now be unstable at speed, more or less depending on the severity of the damage. Maybe one gentle lift will not result in visible damage, but with multiple unsupported lifts, the damage gets worse.

Bob Perkins of Perkins Restoration ( showed us how to avoid busting out shock tower and strut rod bushings when raising a Mustang on a conventional, two-post lift—or any lift with side arms.

01. This 1973 Mustang front suspension drops and “hangs free” when raised on a two-post lift. This lift picks up the car with arms at the side for access to the undercarriage.

02. Most of these Ford suspension support tools from the 1960s and 1970s have disappeared. Ford shop manuals instructed mechanics to place this support between the upper arm and the frame side rail. Notice the notch on one end. This original suspension support tool has a Ford part number.

03. Because original support tools are scarce, Bob Perkins has fabricated his own for everyday use. On the left are two supports he made. On the right is an original Ford support tool from the 1960s.

04. This illustration from Ford’s 1965 Mustang shop manual shows where to place the support tool when lifting a Mustang on a lift with side arms. The shock is inside the coil spring on top of the upper control arm.

05. The Perkins-built suspension tool, as seen on this 1973 model, fits between the frame rail (bottom) and the upper control arm under the ball joint. To install, first lift the car enough for the tool to fit.

06. Bob Perkins shows us damage to this shock on a car that was lifted without a support tool. The suspension dropped down and tore the rubber bushings in the top of this original shock.

07. Installing a support tool also protects strut rod bushings from damage.

08. On 1965-1970 Mustangs, the shock bushing at the top is apt to break when the suspension falls without support.

09. Likewise, the shock bushings in the 1971-1973 shock tower will have to absorb the weight of the front suspension if the support tool is not used.


Perkins Restoration

Juneau, WI 53039

I thought that was a great article.
Thanks for reading.
Ford Mustang (first generation) – Wikipedia

The first-generation Ford Mustang was manufactured by Ford from March 1964 until 1973. …… “1973 Mustang Grande Hardtop – Mustang Monthly Magazine”.
1964-1973 Mustang Parts

CJ Pony Parts features 1964-1973 Mustang Parts at amazing prices. FREE shipping is included on most products, no minimum order is required. Find your First …

73 Mustang Heater Box Part 7 – The Seals & Foam Kit

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof.   In this clip we are taking a look at the Seals and Foam Kit for restoring the 1973 Mustang’s heater and A/C box.


Next few heater box posts will be putting it back together. I know…exciting…!!!

Thanks for reading.



1973 Mustang Original Invoice and Window Sticker – Marti Auto Works

Oct 22, 2016 I didn’t purchase the window sticker for 1970 Mustang but I did for # ProjectSportsRoof. Check it out: 1973 Mustang SportsRoof Window Sticker.
Average Guy’s Car Restorations, Mods, and Racing

If you look back at #ProjectSportsRoof post you’ll see the condition engine bay. During those videos I mentioned that I was going to clean it up and hit it with a …
73 Mustang 351C Rebuild – Removal 3 – YouTube

Jul 31, 2016 Getting closer to pulling out the engine for #ProjectSportsRoof. The 1973 Mustang (last of the big ‘Stangs) 351C will be pulled part and rebuilt.
The Walking Dead -Car Window Sticker- ‘Don’t Open, Dead Inside …

1973 Mustang #ProjectSportsRoof · 1998 Chevrolet Corvette Indy Pace Car Festival Car. Save Learn more at · Corvette 1998Corvette Indy1998  …

1973 Mustang Original Invoice and Window Sticker – Marti Auto Works

I’ve mentioned a few times here on Average Guy’s Car Restoration the great work that Marti Auto Works does to help car owners discover information about their Mustangs and other Fords that are important to being able to restore the cars and even help establish a value.  They own the rights to the Ford databases and records prior to 1974 (some models up to 1989).  These guys have everything..I mean everything.  Give them the VIN number and they’ll pile on the data (it’s not free but very reasonable).  They are authorized by Ford to reproduce window stickers and Protector Plates (identification plates that go on the inside door jamb) and more.

I didn’t purchase the window sticker for 1970 Mustang but I did for #ProjectSportsRoof.  Check it out:

1973 Mustang SportsRoof Window Sticker.

1973 Mustang SportsRoof Window Sticker.

That’s pretty cool but if you want the coolest thing (in my opinion) that they offer it is this:

The original Invoice!!!

The original Invoice!!!

This is the original – THE ORIGINAL – not a copy, not a reproduction – but the original – complete with pen/pencil marks and water stains – tucked way in a folder – invoice for my car.  That is beyond awesome.  The edges of the form didn’t make it into the scan but it all there.

The fact that it still exist is unbelievable and that I was able to purchase was great.  It’s a great piece to have and I couldn’t appreciate the folks at Marti Auto Works more!!!!!      

Check out the cost of 10 gallons of gas – $4.00!!!

Thanks for reading


You can find Marti Auto Works @

Average Guy’s Car Restorations, Mods, and Racing

While the block is out for machining I can turn my attention to one of the MANY other sub-projects on #ProjectSportsRoof. If you’ve followed the blog you know …
vintage motors | Tumblr

Thanks checking back in with the 1973 Mustang (#ProjectSportsRoof). I’m moving right along with getting the progress on the 351C tear down posted up.
73 Mustang 351 Cleveland Rebuild – Removal 4 – YouTube

Aug 1, 2016 I’m So close to getting #ProjectSportsRoof engine pulled and starting the tear down.


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