Action Shot Contest – Average Guys Muscle, Classic Whatever You Got.

I’m a member of a lot of groups/pages on FB and they all are great, but I grow weary of the static, standing by the side your car photos!!!

  Let’s see some action!!!!!

Average Guy’s Action Photo/Video contest starts today 7/12 and runs through 7/19.  Let’s see your classic/vintage, muscle, race car (even just your daily driver) in action. There will be at least two categories – still action shots and videos.

Only a couple of rules:

1.  Be safe.

2. It has to be you and it has to your car.

3.  It has to be an action shot either a still photograph or video.

Something like these:

Auto crossing with my C4 at Bondurant facility.

Auto crossing with my C6 Sports Car Club of American (SCCA) Sole Class.


Lining up my ’70 Mustang at the drags against a Ford Focus!!!!

There will be prizes given away, including car art take by one of the artist on  and we’ll check the budget for some on-line auto parts gift cards as well.

Get you pics or videos to us either on our FB page  or email them to or

This should be fun!!!!

Tim Sweet


Car Show Supporting Team Tanner and Autism Awareness

I’ll be there with my C6!  We’ll have section just for Corvettes!!!


Great Cause!!  Great Fun!!!

Great Cause!! Great Fun!!!


Let me know if you going to attend and we’ll meet up.

Go to:    to get your registration form.

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Researchers look at boy-girl differences in autism

It has long been clear that autism strikes boys more often than girls. But when girls do get the condition, they tend to be at the severely affected end of the spectrum. Now, a group of geneticists thinks they’ve figured out why. Boys, it seems, can
corvette[ ATTRIBUTE: Please check: to find out how to attribute this image ]



Slacking 101 – What’s coming up?

So I’ve been slacking since getting back from our Italy trip. Ok…that’s not exactly true.  Some slacking has taken place, however some time has been spent recovering from reconstructive surgery on my right shoulder – yes my shifting side!!!!!   They called it bicep tendon relocation, which is severing the upper connection of the tendon and relocating somewhere in the joint. See the actual surgical pic below….no…I’m kidding…no pic…seriously, ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

It’s been about three weeks and I’ve started physical therapy…or as I call it “pay as you go torture”.  Slowly coming back and I at least, with the proper adjustments do the driver’s seat, I can lay my arm on the console and shift the Vette – thank the Car Gods for short throw!!!!!

This also means with a bit of adjustment to the driver’s seat…Smile typing with both hands is now possible.

So coming up will be a gratuitous post on my new line of services that include auto restoration project management and certified auto appraisals.  I plan on continuing the Lost Classic Truck series and I have a few more engine pieces to do as well.

You’ll also see a piece I’m writing on a drag strip and some interesting figures on racing teams and as promised, some details on the cars and driving in Italy.

I’m also giving way some collectible cars from Motor Mint so get me your email and you’ll be entered to win.

So grab the RSS feed and drop me some comments on the articles.


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corvettes at carlisle

[VIDEO] 2013 Corvettes at Carlisle – Downtown Parade

One of the highlights of Corvettes at Carlisle is the Saturday evening parade where hundreds of Corvettes make their way from the fairgrounds to downtown Carlisle. Leading the parade was Bill Miller in a classic C1 

Average Guys Car Restoration Mods and – Register and Win

Update:  First drawing is July 15, 2013.

I haven’t held a contest in a long time.  So it’s way over due and I have a lot of model cars and DVDs to handout.

So here is what I’m going to do.

I going to take the next 20 individuals that register with Average Guys’ Car Restoration, Mods and Racing and toss them into a virtual hat and pick 10 winners.  They will receive one of 10 Motor Mint model antique cars.

You just need a valid email address to register at and you will be entered to win.  If you comment on one of the articles, you’ll be entered twice.

I never share personal information with anyone and no one but myself has access to your email.

Good luck and thanks for reading.





National Humane Society Charity Ford Shelby Mustang Raffle

National Humane Society Charity Ford Shelby Mustang Raffle.

Last Change to buy tickets.  Plus this is a GREAT cause!!!

Drawing is in TWO Days.

Auto Factoids for Week of Aug 12, 2012

Back by popular demand (Ok, not really, I just like doing them.)

But I’m going to add a  give-away on the end of each one.

On Aug 14 in 1877, Nicholas Otto gets a patented for his 4 cycle combustion engine.

From the ZweiRad Museum Otto’s 4 cycle engine.

On the same day Paris, France creates the first every license plate in 1893.  Or was it?  Sources agree that it in fact Paris, France but the date isn’t clear as some sources say it was Leon Serpollet of Paris, France, who obtained the first license plate in 1889.

License plates were first required in the United States by New York State in 1901.

There ya go.

A sad note on the very next day (Aug 15) in 1956 an early car manufacture ceased production.  Packard closed its doors.

It was a Packard Caribbean

In 1984 on Aug 16, John DeLorean was acquitted of cocaine charges stemming from an alleged deal to help raise funds for the car company. He worked at Chrysler, Packard, GM (responsible for the GTO) and then his company producing the now famous Delorean DMC-12.

Back to the Future.The company still exist – original parts were purchased and now lives in Humble, Tx. Find them here on Facebook

Finally, in 1905 on Aug 18, Cadillac got it’s crest trademarked.

Caddy Crest Chart from


Add a relevant comment to this Auto Factoid and you be entered in the monthly Auto Factoid Give Away.

This month:

1/32 scale 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee (new in the box)

1/32 Scale 69 Super Bee.

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Corvette Mouse Pad Give Away – Corvette Engine Contest Final Winner

Here you have the final winner:

Roy Obert (you’ve seen his work here – Quickiefilms) from  Mi., with his C3 – with a tiny but functional engine.

The specs? Oh...he just says..."Bad Ass".

What a profile!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the fun.  More contests coming up.

Thanks for reading.


Give Away – 1934 Ford V-8 Deluxe Roadster

Finally, I’ve gotten around to this Give Away.

This is for a National Motor Museum Mint, 1934 Ford V-8 Deluxe die-cast model car.

1934 Ford V-8 Deluxe Roadster

In 1934 these cars would cost you a whopping $710.  There were about 6,863 produced each powered by a 221 Cubic Inch V8 with 85 horse power.  To day in top condition these beauties fetch up to $40,000.00

Comes in the original packing with the Certificate of Authenticity.  These are great collectible cars.


Email ( or post a picture of your 1930’s or 1940’s car and a quick note about it – no matter the condition.

I’ll collect them and post them up.  The readers of my blog will vote.  The winner will be mailed the car, however I don’t need your mail information unless you win.


There are more give cars coming up.

Thanks for reading.


1934 Ford V8 Deluxe Roaster and 1932 Ford Convertible Sedan Give-Aways

Yup you read that correctly.

I’ll be giving away  two (2)  National Motor Museum Mint die-cast (metal) Ford licensed replicas.

1934 V8 Deluxe Roadster (image is of the card that comes with the car)


1932 V8 Convertible Sedan (Image is of the card that comes with the car)

Want to know how to win?

Grab my feed/subscribe or follow The Average Guy’s Car Restoration, Mods and Racing ( or and stay tuned for details.

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First General Lee to be auctioned at Barrett-Jackson

Yes another posting for the up and coming Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottdale.  If you are going in person or just watching on the Speed Channel, you’ll enjoy the cars they have coming up.

I recommend going in person.  There is a ton of things going on at Barrett-Jackson events, it’s even fun for non-car people.

If you are going to Scottdale this year…give me shout.  It would be fun to meet up and say “hey”.

This from Hemmings Daily emails.

1 comment

Photos courtesy Barrett-Jackson

One of the most famous television cars in history will cross the block in Arizona later this month at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale. Lot number 1291, a 1969 Dodge Charger base model with a V-8, is said to be the very first Charger used in the making of The Dukes of Hazzard. It’s also the very first Charger destroyed in the making of the show as it was laid waste and left for dead after being used to jump over a Hazzard County police cruiser (presumably that of Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane).

Movie and TV cars are tough to estimate before an auction, but The Dukes of Hazzard was all about the car, making the orange Dodge Charger every bit the center of the action as much as Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke. It’s kind of hard to imagine a car upstaging Daisy Duke, but this Charger did. Replete with a Confederate flag on the roof and distinctive “01″ on the doors and known by car fans and casual viewers alike as The General Lee, the Charger has been instantly recognizable for more than three decades since the show’s 1979 debut. And the value of 1968-1970 Chargers today likely owes something to the show’s popularity.

Wearing the VIN XP29H9B193680, this particular car was dubbed Lee 1 by Warner Brothers in 1978. It has the distinction of being the only General Lee to appear on every episode of the show out of some 320 or so used – and used up – by Warner Brothers during the show’s seven seasons and 145 episodes. That first jump over a dirt ramp, 16 feet up and 82 feet long, nearly bent the car in half when it landed on its nose, even with a trunk full of concrete used to balance the front-heavy machine. Although that pretty much wrote off Lee 1, the shot of that jump became an iconic and enduring moment in the show’s opening credits until it went off the air in 1985.

Edmunds Inside Line ran a thorough piece on the discovery and restoration of Lee 1 five years ago that tells a bit more of the background of what was otherwise a pretty ordinary used car back in 1978. The restorers put the car back to its condition as it was used on that fateful day in 1978, meaning hastily and sloppily painted with a nowhere near concours-quality finish.

Like any car up for auction, all it takes is two determined bidders to drive the price up. With a no reserve sale, Barrett-Jackson viewers will know exactly what the car is worth when the hammer falls. The question, really, is how much provenance can a plain-Jane 1969 Charger have with some cheap day-glo orange paint and sloppily applied numbers and flags.

The Barrett-Jackson auction takes place January 15 to 22 in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more information, visit