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Bastnas is a rural ore field in southern Sweden that’s been noteworthy for its mining since the late 1600s. It’s also the place where a pair of brothers decided to start a scrapyard to serve as a final resting place for the cars used by WWII servicemen.

Eventually, even the scrap yard was abandoned and nature has slowly reclaimed its sovereignty. The 15 photos below are part of a much larger set by Thomas Geersing that documents the current state of the Bastnas Scrapyard: beautifully dilapidated.




To see the rest of Thomas Geersing's photos chance the link below.

To see the rest of Thomas Geersing’s photos chance the link below.

via Beautiful Photos of the Bastnas Sweden Automotive Graveyard –

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Help finding volvo junkyard in Gary IN – Turbobricks Forums

I met a guy one time who has a Volvo junkyard with many RWD Volvos in Gary IN. I have now spent many hours trying to find his place again but can not. He is not a registered business. Does anyone know of this guy?
The Volvo Junkyard: Organ Donors Keeping Their Swedish …

Yes, old Volvos are the official car of Eugene, the posterboys of everything that defines a true Curbside Classic. They’re everywhere, at least a couple per block, in the right […]

Andy Warhol’s Mercedes-Benz W196 silkscreen could fetch up to $16 million at | Hemmings Daily

Real Car Guys Love Car Art!!!! This one might be bit ‘steep’ in prices, but I do like.

Andy Warhol’s Mercedes-Benz W196 silkscreen could fetch up to $16 million at | Hemmings Daily.




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car art

Young Saudi Men Are Mounting Their Cars On Piles Of Rocks In A Strange New …

A Saudi youth finishes building a pedestal under a car, part of a new art form called “Tahjir.” There’s a new automotive art form catching on in Saudi Arabia, and it has nothing to do with driving. It’s called “Tahjir,” or “Stoning,” and it involves

Cops and Roders Car Show 2012 – Chevelle Row

This show is to benefit the local police departments (city and count) as well as other first responders.  This is the first year in the last 4  that I didn’t bring at least one car (Vette and/or Mustang).

As will all car shows, the hosts normally try to list the cars by class, but that doesn’t always work – often car clubs make up a large percentage of the participants and if the Mopar guys want to park together they will be allowed to.  So you’ll see the “rows” that don’t seem to match up.

In this case, however the Chevelle’s got this one right.

Chevelle Row

Another beautiful Chevelle

SS version

More coming up.
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Tucson Classic Car Show 2012 Carbon Grand Sport


Greg’s new ride.

It is a beautiful Carbon Grand Sport.  Of course Greg has already tweaked the engine.  (Oh…BTW it is one of only 365 produced!!!)

I opp’ed to take just one car and that was the Mustang – left the Corvette at home   :^(

There were some awesome Corvettes there!!

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Dom Romney




Vintage Volkswagens & Photography
September 28, 2012

Dom Romney

Dom Romney is an internationally award winning automotive and motor sport photographer working out of London, England. At only seventeen Dom started as work as a press photographer before decided to set up his own business – Dom Romney Photography was born in the spring of 2010, and has grown quickly in to a brand with clients across the globe.

Working solely with editorial and commercial clients, Dom’s high contrast vibrant work has already won him numerous awards and recognition from his peers. Along with his success as a photographer, Dom also provides lectures at the world renowned Citylit centre in london, teaching on a mix of techniques and technologies.

Dom writes “I got the call from Fast Car magazine to shoot this awesome aircooled for their wild card section, however to do justice to its American barn-find heritage, it needed to be shot in barn! Typical English barns are normally of concrete and corrugated steel construction, a far cry from the traditional timber barns you get in the States and hardly a nice photographic backdrop. After locating a plausible wooden barn in middle england (a task that was harder than you’d expect) we set about shooting it. To add to the vintage, weathered feel and to give the image the same feel as that satin, suede patina, we processed the images with some warm muted textures which I think really make the feature. Here is a small selection of my favourite images from the shoot.”

You can view more of Dom’s photography at


What does a Harley and a 1938 Buick have in common?

The answer is nothing (other than being American made) normally.

However this Harley is owned by one of my co-workers.  It’s a beautiful bike with some unique features.

See  if you can pick out the features.  They easily discernible in these pics.

Drop me a note with what you see.



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Tucson Cars and Coffee



Tucson Cars & Coffee July 2012

We were lucky enough to have a cloudy morning for this month’s Cars and Coffee. The diffused light that the clouds provide makes my job really easy! Enjoy the photos.























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ZR 1- From Red Stripe Photography


ZR1 Deliciousness

Went back to visit my family in Louisiana this past weekend; I always have a good time when I’m back there. There’s always something new with the family that we’re able to catch up on, or a new eatery that just opened up to check out. Never Trust A Skinny Food Critic blog has the scoop on the places we ate out at. My blog is mostly about cars/photography however and if you’ll remember, I’ve done a post in the past on my brothers ZR1. I had the pleasure of shooting the ZR1 again, but this time the car is vastly more improved and with updated modifications. I’m really impressed by the looks of the car and how the subtle changes really changed the previous stock ZR1.  I didn’t get to drive the car this time; my brother was always in a hurry hence the quick photo shoot in the driveway. It’s too bad too because I had a sweet spot picked out in my mind for the shoot.  But these things happen and there just wasn’t enough time. I did the best I could though to show the beauty of this ZR1.  Hope you guys enjoy.


One of the reason we were in a hurry…see the rain clouds?  I thought it would have been kinda cool to do a photo shoot in the rain but my brother wasn’t having it.

I give that ASS 4 thumbs up!!

The door sill reminds you that you’re stepping into a ZR1

Custom logo wheels for the ZR1

What’s a car without a stereo system.

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Car Show in – Rothrist, Switzerland

Remember a few post ago that covered MOPAR’s in Sweden? (Short Link:  I wrote how interesting it was to see US sheet metal in other countries.

Well check out this car show in Rothrist, Switzerland.  This is from Andres Palomares who lives in Bern, Switzerland.  There are some great examples of US car history in this show.

Switzerland is beautiful and visited Interlaken several times while living in Europe.

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