Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction – Scottsdale, AZ 2017 Videos 8-9

Welcome back to  our recent trip to Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction 2017 in Scottsdale, AZ.  Keep in mind these videos were part of the our Facebook Live event and I’m sharing them here on our blog.  Quality is ‘iffy’ in spots but if you’ve never been to some this huge it’s cool to see some of the areas that the TV coverage doesn’t always show.

This next video is more of the staging area and a look at a few of the cars coming up.  You’ll see the ’69 Road Runner that appeared in Hemming Muscle Machines publication, it is as nice in persons as it was on pages of the magazine.


This video is at the Hillbank display.  These are beautiful cars and the all aluminum bodies are awesome to see.  The Daytona coups are built on CSX 9000 chassis (the originals were built on CSX 2000 chassis).  They have the 427 Cobra engine and the 427 S/C. You can find out more at WWW.HILLBANKUSA.COM .

Thanks for reading. A few more videos coming that include an impromptu conversation with one of the sellers and one of the guys working to get the cars up on the stage.


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Barrett Jackson 2017 Scottsdale Auction Chevrolet


Auto Factoids for the Week of Jan. 15, 2016 – Ford, Caddy, Turbo Bus!

Here are your Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids) for the week of January 15, 2016.


Jan 16
– A.J. Foyd’s birthday – born this day in 1935 in Houston, Texas

A legend’s Birthday

– Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon were debuted on this date in 1977.   Who would have thought that one of them would sport the Shelby name plate?

4 Cylinder Turbo – AWESOME!!

Jan 17
 – Cadillac shows off its first car at Madison Square Garden on this day back in 1903 – the Run-About.

1903 Cadillac

 – Corvette debut, at the NYC Motorama in 1953

From the 1953 Motorams – Corvette Display

 – Ford Motor Co. begins offering public shares in 1956 – everyone loved the T-Bird!!!

Stocks and T-Birds offered!!!

Jan 20
– Chevy builds the last car back in 1942 just before WWII. They were one of the holdouts after the first Presidential request to stop production to support the war effort.

1942 Grill – No more Brightwork for a while!!

Jan 21
– GM produced the 1st Gas-Turbine vehicle was exhibited in 1954 in NY.  It sported the GT-300 engine.


Thanks for reading.


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Stairway To Car Doors

It seems that car culture here in Arizona is everywhere.  (Or is it just me?)  I always have my eye peeled for cool cars and car artifacts, I’m sure my wife thinks I need therapy, sometimes they pop up in surprising places.

In a recent trip to the cool Southern Arizona town of Bisbee – which is right next door to Lowell, AZ (check out my post –  click – Road Tripping – Cars – Lowell, Az. we ran across something unique.

Bisbee is a mining town build, mostly, on the side of a mountain.  One of its main attractions are the many stairs that you can climb to reach different street levels.

So many stairs that they hold the Bisbee 1000 – The Great Stair Climb annually an it’s a big deal!!



Well the stairs we claimed only number 181 and well.. they are pretty steep.  As we climbed I had to stop twice…to view the follow….not because I was winded…much!!!

Check these out these yard gates:

img_20161008_122107666 img_20161008_122228266


Thought I’d share these.

Thanks for reading.


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Auto Factoids for the Week of Aug. 28, 2016 – Goodyear, Porsche

Here are your Auto Factoid for this last week of August 2016.


Aug 29 1898  Goodyear Tire & Rubber incorporated – With a capital stock of $100,000 and 13 employees, they began November 21, 1898, with a product line of bicycle and carriage tires, horseshoe pads, and poker chips.

First Goodyear Factory

First Goodyear Factory


Aug 29 1876 Charles Kettering Born Dayton, Ohio 1876 – Kettering founded Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (Delco) (which started in a barn) and later became head of research for GM (1920-1947)

Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company, or Delco.

Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company, or Delco.


Sept 2 1893  Frank Duryea car driven  – it wasn’t much just the typical ‘run-a-bout’ and I think kudos goes to Frank’s brother Charles as well 

1994 Duryea

1994 Duryea

Sept 3 1895  Duryea Motor Co.  incorporates –  Almost two years to the very day of the first drive, Duryea Motor Co. becomes a reality.  They produced some beautiful cars like:

This is the Model C Touring car. Production continued until 1927.

This is the Model C Touring car. Production continued until 1927.

Sept 3 1875 Ferdinand Porsche born  Mafferdorf, Bohemia – You may have heard of Freddy (as his Mom called him) Porsche, if not you know his cars:'s a Hybrid!!

Oh..BTW…it’s a Hybrid!!




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Good Guys Car Show 2015 Scottsdale, Az Videos

If you picked up my Twitter feed (@AGCarRestore) you would have seen a great cross-section of the cars and activities going on as they occurred in Scottsdale last weekend.  Below are the a few short videos that give you a feel of the activities and over the next few post, I’ll share some ‘most excellent’ cars.




Great sights and sounds.



 View of the Autocross pit.








Thanks for reading.





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Auto Factoids for the Week of 2/1/2015 – Kaiser Week

Here are your Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids) for the first week in Feb. 2015!!!

I think we can call this Kaiser Week as 3 of our factoid are related to the Kaiser auto manufacturing. In fact the month starts right off with Kaiser factoid.

Feb 1, 1947 – Graham-Paige sold out to Kaiser.

Beautiful Supercharged car.  1937 Graham Custom Series 120

Beautiful Supercharged car. 1937 Graham Custom Series 120



Feb. 2, 1899  – Renault Freres incorporates.

1899 Renault Type B Coupe

1899 Renault Type B Coupe

1900 Renault Type C

1900 Renault Type C


Feb 4, 1913  – Mr. Perlman patents a demountable auto tire-carrying wheel rim.



Feb 5th was a busy day in automotive history with: 

Leaded gas available in 1923 (Ethyl)

Ethyl gas.  Huge collectable these days.

Ethyl gas. Huge collectible these days.

AMC purchases Kaiser-Jeep Corp 1970.

This wouldn't be the last move for Jeep, soon it would be come part of Chrysler and then, as it is now,  part of Fiat.

This wouldn’t be the last move for Jeep, soon it would become part of Chrysler and then, as it is now, part of Fiat.


Mr. John Dunlop was born in Dreghorn, England in 1846.  Of course he went on to start Dunlop tires.  Here’s the beginning time line from History of Dunlop Tires :

  – 1888 John Boyd Dunlop’s son is struggling to ride his tricycle. He is riding it because he has a heavy cold, for which a doctor has prescribed a very unusual cure: cycling. To make the child’s ride more comfortable, Boyd fits his tricycle with tires made of canvas bonded with liquid rubber. Boyd patents what turns out to be a very big idea.

– 1889 Cyclist Willie Hume is the first to adopt Boyd’s invention for racing, winning a slew of events. It’s the start of Dunlop’s legendary run of racing success.

–  1902 Dunlop wins the grueling Paris-Vienna race.

– 1922 First Dunlop tire using steel rods and canvas casing provides triple the service life of other tires used until then.

Feb 6 – One more time for Kaiser this week as they debuts their Sliver Dragon in 1951.

The Dragon was a series through 1953 for Kaiser.  This one has the Continental tire package.

The Dragon was a series in 1951 and 1953 for Kaiser (There were no Dragon’s in 1951. This one has the Continental tire package.

The color was a Mariner Gray but dubbed “Silver Dragon”.  The it was called the Dragon because of the padded vinyl top looked like dragon skin (at one point it was internally called the “Dinosaur”).

Feb 7 – There were a couple of happenings on Feb 7:

– Dutch introduced the first automatic transmission – the DAF 600 in 1958.  DAF was a compact family car and the Variomatic was a continuously variable transmission.

 – In 1942 the U.S. Government orders passenger car production stopped and converted to wartime purpose, which wasn’t immediately accepted by all car manufacturers.

Thanks for reading.



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Car Collecting – Going Small with Dealer Promotional Models

I’ve written a few articles on car collecting and a couple covered collecting model cars.  I’m particularly fond of dealer promotional cars ( click here: Car Collecting Scaled Down – Promo Cars ). 

As with any hobby you have to be aware that sometime what is offered for sale might not be the real thing.  If you do a quick search on Ebay you’ll find hundreds of model cars for sale.  Look closer and you’ll see many labeled “Dealer  Promotion” models.  But look even closer and you’ll see there are many that misuse that label. 

Promotional models were model cars used by dealership at the time a car was new (or new for the year) and they were often staged around the showroom for customer to touch and look at.  Many of the models had a list new features listed on the bottom. 


Bottom of a Ford Galaxy.

Bottom of a Ford Galaxy.

This is the bottom of a 1960s Ford Galaxy.  You can see a list of features.

This is the bottom of a 1960s Ford Galaxy. You can see a list of features.

The models were normally one color with minimal detail

The models were normally one color with minimal detail and no real functionality outside the rolling wheels.



For example, take a look at this:


Plain non-functional model - chrome wheels and rubber tires that roll.

Plain non-functional model – chrome wheels and rubber tires that roll.


Much like the Galaxy above it is plain and non-functional.

Nondescript white box.

Nondescript white box.


Stamped “1984 Corvette” – first year of the C4 body style

Now look at this:

Here is a 1950 Chevy Pickup.  Supposedly a dealer promo.

Here is a 1950 Chevy Pickup. Supposedly a dealer promo.

It's in a newer box with warning on it...not something printed on toys back in 1950.

It’s in a newer box with warning on it…not something printed on toys back in 1950.


If you really can’t tell this shows it was made by Ertl in 1995.


See the difference?  How can these be ‘true’ promotional models if they were produced in 1995?

Clearly the Ertl model is not a true dealership promotional model but a replica.

I failed to realize that as the seller advertised it as a “promo” model.  Not to say it’s not a nice model it is and depicts a 1950 Chevy pickup closely.  However, it is not a dealership promotional model.


Caveat emptor!!!

Thanks for reading.


Do you have a collection of model cars?  Let us know.

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