Project BeepBeep – 68 RoadRunner Disc Brake Conversion – FINAL CHAPTER!

Welcome back to the #ProjectBeepBeep.  We are still following Bill’s progress on the front disc brake conversion for his 68 Plymouth Road Runner.

Did I say this is the final chapter?   Well….



Sometimes during a project you just can’t afford the time to do a video, especially when you have a friend coming by to help out.  Lets have Bill tell you how it all ended:

“I had to call in an expert; fellow I work with is a Mechanical Engineer and used to work as a Porsche/BMW mechanic before and during college. Together we got the wheels on the ground in about two hours. He recommended a last-ditch effort with the brake lines; we tightened all lines until the tube nuts were deformed. Also found an off center flare on one of the brake lines and he had a machine that fabricated the new line. Difficult to bleed; we bled the system 11 times (I counted) and went through lots of brake fluid (almost two quarts).

Took BeepBeep to the MOPAR show at Larry Miller Dodge almost immediately after getting the wheels on the ground!  Car stops on a dime and gives you nine cents change. Don’t miss power assist at all. This car will STOP!

Check it out:


I need an alignment next, but otherwise I really have no other problems to report. Everything working; oil PSI is 35 at idle, 55 at running down the road, and temp was a tick under 195F all day long.

Time to enjoy this ride!”


Bill,  thanks for the all the video and the tips you given the reader! 

Looking forward to your next ‘little’ project on BeepBeep.




Introducing #ProjectBeepBeep – Code H 1968 Road Runner

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Welcome back to #ProjectBeepBeep. Bill is working on finishing up the brake conversion. Here is a progress update. Note:  I forgot to add the credits for these videos:   Starring Bill B as himself; BeepBeep as ’68 Road Runner; Wild E. Coyote in effigy Camera Production; Mrs. Bill B and SamB Editing Tim …
Project BeepBeep – 68 RoadRunner Dash Update

Welcome back to #ProjectBeepBeep.  Thanks for checking in on the progress of Bill’s 1968 Plymouth Road Runner. If you recall mixed in with some brake updates,  Bill mentioned that he had sent out the circuit board for a restored.  Here is an update on the status of the dash.     Next up an …

Auto Factoids for Week of April 30th, 2017 – AMC, GM, Packard, Le Mans

Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids) for Week of April 30th 2017


May 1, 1954 – American Motors Corp Formed

Formed  from Nash-Kelvinator and Hudson merger.  It was still referred to as Nash-Ramber and then AMC Ramber though the 1950’s.  Styling didn’t change in the next few years and 1955-1956 Ramblers were badged as both Nashes and Hudsons, with no visible difference between the two. Rambler became a marque in its own right for the 1957 model year. The Nash and Hudson makes were continued as senior model only through 1957, after which all of AMC’s offerings were marketed as Ramblers.

1958 4 Door Rambler Ad

1958 Rambler Statesman – 2Dr.


May 2, 1918 – Chevrolet becomes part of GM.

GM was started Billy Durant by using the financing from his Durant-Dort Carriage Company to take over Buick Motor Company. He changed the name to General Motors (with Buick eventually becoming a separate brand later on).  He soon brought in Oldsmobile, Cadillac and Oakland company.  He started Chevrolet (in partnership with famous Swiss race car driver Louis Chevrolet) to help off set the financial issues as a separate company.  Durant eventually started purchasing more Chevy stock and eventually took control and folded Chevy into GM.

May 3, 1948 – Willys Jeepster Phaeton debuts. 

These were mostly powered by the Inline 4 Cylinder, L-head engine. (134.2 cid, bore 3.13, stroke 4.38, compression 6.48:1 for about 63hp). Power got to the wheels via a 3 speed transmission.  All the Willys had the same wheelbase length of 104″ with the total length of the Phaeton being 174.8″.   Production was not well-defined through out all the models offered but approximately, 10,326 Phaeton were build.

1948 Jeepster Phaeton

May 3, 1949 – Packard’s 50th Anniversary 2000 Gold Packards. 

These were  Dealer Driveway.  These weren’t “gold” cars but they were painted in a special paint code of Gold.  Each were powered with 327 c.i.d., 150 hp engine. The number of ’49 2000 Gold Packards produced was about 600 (some say 1500) . The event was held at was the Utica Proving Grounds.  Currently none are known to exists although you can see a few “gold painted” 49 Packards pop up from time to time.

Here is a 49 Packard – painted gold.  Is it one of the Drive-Aways?  Slight chance.

Packard’s Utica Proving Grounds.


May 4, 1923 First Le Mans 24 hour race.

The first Le Mans 24 Hour race was held just outside Le Mans, France.  Initial the race was limited to ‘production’ cars  and  two drivers, now they require 3 drivers per car and the of course these cars aren’t in your dealers show rooms.  The race was won by one of the French teams  – André Lagache and Léonard driving a Chenard et Walcker  with  3.0L I4 engine.

This is an awesome looking car!!!

May 6, 1928 Chrysler debuts the De Soto.  The De Soto wasn’t available to the public until 1929.  It sported an L-head six cylinder engine, displacing 174.9 CID and producing about 55hp.

First De Soto

Thanks for reading.



Here are your Auto Factoids #AutoFactoids for the beginning of June, 2015. May 31, 1927 – Ford produced the last Model T. There is some debate as to actual …

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AutoFactoids | Auto Factoids for the Week of April 23, 2017 April 25, 1970 – First Mazda in the US I remember seeing the first Mazda cars in the U.S. I was 12 or …

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Feb 25, 2015 Got a few huge debuts this week’s Auto Factoids (#AutoFactoids), so lets get started. Feb 23, 1954 – Ford shows off the Thunderbird for the first.

Camaro SS and RS Drive at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale – 2017

If you follow this blog you’ve no doubt seen my posts on this past January’s Barrett Jackson event in Scottsdale, Az, you might even had caught my Facebook Live videos.

Of course I have to say it’s well worth the price of admission for all that there is to see and do.

One event is the Ride and Drive where you are allowed to drive some of the new cars.  They also have a few of the more powerful cars that they only allow you to ride along with a driver, cars like the Hell Cat and Viper and some of the Mustangs.  This year I chose to drive the SS and RS Camaro.

The key is to get there early because the line get long and the track gets crowded.  We arrived at the right time and got a more personal touch.  New for this year was the Breathalyzer test conducted by the Sheriff’s department, a smart idea, considering all the adult beverages available.  But it was a bit early for that.

Here’s  quick little slide show of my trip in one of the Camaro’s.



The auto cross course they had set up was pretty tight and for the novice this would a challenge and I think it was meant to keep the speeds down.  When you attend these you are accompanied by a local drive either supplied by the dealership or by the car company for this event.

I drove the SS V8 LT Camaro first.  I found the seat comfortable and driving position was really good.  The car had quick response and the V8 really pulled great with hitting the gas.  Not as good as my  2007 C6 Corvette but I was impressed.  As an SCCA auto cross driver I found this  course to  be a bit tighter the standard down here at the regional I’ve driven often.  The SS proved to be a bit sloppy in the corners at speed and it felt like a bigger car – of course it’s it a bit larger than my Vette.  Although I made it round the course with out killing any cones, it would be understandable given how it handled.

Immediately after parking the SS, they had an V6 RS ready and I jumped in.  I really appreciated that, having the SS drive still fresh in the never endign, it would make the comparison, a bit more visceral rather than homogenized by the thought process.

These days you know they can get a lot of power out of V6 engine and even 4 cylinders so I was curious to see how the RS’s V6 felt with my foot pressed to the floor.  I didn’t have any specific expectations, but I was hoping to feel “WOW – this is a only a V6?!?!”, but I have to say it felt like V6.  It was clear the power wasn’t there at the start line.  However, it did get up to speed fairly quickly and by the first real corner you could feel it.  The corner? Well, let’s say it was impressive. While driving SS the ride-a-long driver bet that I’d find the RS a much better handling car in the tight corners, due to the fact that the engine was set back a bit that changed up how the car made it though the corners.  I have to say it was correct.

It’s true that in auto cross that horse power isn’t all you need, in fact, too much can make for rough runs.  The key for any auto cross car is being able to handle the corner as the fastest speed possible.  The RS made it through the course with much sharper corners and it felt really good coming out of them with not a lot of body roll, it was surprising.
So the V8 SS felt powerful (relatively speaking) – more what I’m use to with my Corvette.  The RS felt like a V6 when getting off the line, but had the better cornering than the RS, basically verifying what the ride-a-long driver told me I would find.

It’s not often the average blogger, SCCA racer and car restorer, gets to take ride in or drive the newest cars which I think is a huge gap in what you see in the big time blogs and car magaiznes, so it’s always fun to poke them with the Average Guy’s thoughts when a chance for that experience can be documented.

Thanks for reading.


barrett jackson scottsdale 2017barrett jackson scottsdale 2017

It’s Car Auction Season – Barrett Jackson Car Show – Westworld of Scottsdale‎

I love this time of year here in Arizona.  Not just because you can work on your classic/muscle car in the garage without feeling like a Christmas turkey in the oven.  I love this time of year because it’s Car Auction Season!   For the next 3-4 weeks classic cars …

Caffeine and Octane – Atlanta, GA

It’s always cool to catch a car show when you are traveling.

This past week (Super Bowl Sunday) while visiting family in Alpharetta, Ga,  (just outside of Atlanta) I got the chance to ride into the ‘big’ city and take in the event – Thanks Brian!!

There often more than 1500 cars on the first Sunday of every month and even though it was cold and damp (and it being Super Bowl Sunday and the home town team was playing) there were a lot of cars!!!

We got there as it was starting to break up but there were still a lot of cars.  Here’s a few pics.

Take a look at this awesome creation. Built on a C4 Corvette body to best look like a 1957 Chevy!

Check out this Nissan!!! It’s power plant is in the next pic.

Nice straight six!!!!

Nice custom ride!!

Here is a great look for a Road Runner.

No one standing around new anything about the car.


I wasn’t even able to scratch the surface.  There were rows of Mustangs and Corvettes, long with 100’s of European and Japanese high-end rides and not all of them ‘stock’.

Check out more here: Caffeine and Octane – Atlanta

Thanks for reading.

caffeine and octane velocitycaffeine and octane velocity

Museum Commemorates Sinkhole’s Third Anniversary With 1962 Corvette Restoration

Thought I’d pass long an update on one of the sinkhole corvettes.

Three years ago, on February 12, 2014, viewers tuning in to their morning news witnessed and heard an almost unbelievable story – a sinkhole had opened inside the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and eight Corvettes fell victim… lying at the bottom of the more than 30 foot deep gaping hole. Fortunately, the cars and building were the only things damaged as it occurred in the early morning hours before anyone was in the Museum. The story captivated those who watched it, and while the Museum initially planned to put the past behind them, the interest in the sinkhole and damaged Corvettes was undeniable.

On Thursday, February 9 the 1962 Corvette, still covered in dirt and debris from the sinkhole, was removed from display in the Skydome and transferred to a garage bay where it will undergo restoration work to bring it back, better than ever. The on-going work will be performed in the Museum, and guests will be able to see the car’s progress, oftentimes as it is happening. In addition to visiting the Museum to witness first-hand the work being performed on the Corvette, enthusiasts can tune in to Facebook and YouTube where a number of videos will be published by the Museum, providing updates and progress reports.

See the complete article at National Corvette Museum


Thanks for reading.


Mallett Hammer Corvette – Found in the NCM Sinkhole!

Found but not yet complete uncovered. Here is the shot provided by the National Corvette Museum. The Hammer was a 2001  C5 Z06                       By the looks of it, it will come no where near the condition of a first few cars pulled from the sink hole. Thanks for reading. Tim
Mallett Hammer Corvette – Found in the NCM Sinkhole! NOPE!!!

Looks like previous reports of finding the Mallett Hammer Corvette was incorrect. Looks like we have the rearend of the body for the PPG Pace Car.                         Seventh Down, One Mallett Hammer Corvette to Go:   In less than a week, the 1.5 Millionth Corvette… Mallett Hammer Corvette – National Corvette Museum             Stay …
1 Millionth Corvette Restoration

Craftspeople and technicians at the General Motors Design Center are painstakingly restoring the historic 1 millionth Chevrolet Corvette damaged nearly 16 months ago when a sinkhole opened beneath the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. The restoration crew is part of GM’s Mechanical Assembly group at the Design Center, which …
1,000,000th Corvette Surprise Rescue!!! “Initially there was no intention to bring the Millionth out, but as we got in there and saw more this morning we did feel like this might be our best chance,” said Danny Daniel, President of Scott, Murphy and Daniel Construction. Danny indicated that they pulled the car by one wheel …
A Mini Documentary on the National Corvette Museum Sinkhole

Watch the video, you’ll see a good close up of the first three cars and seem them on display “as is”. Thanks for reading. Tim     Five of eight Corvettes pulled from museum sinkhole; photos show heavy … National Corvette Museum’s effort to remove the eight cars swallowed by a sinkhole last month got off …
A Sinkhole Swallowed Cars at The Corvette Museum And Now Everyone Wants To Go

A Sinkhole Swallowed Cars at The Corvette Museum And Now Everyone Wants To Go | TIME. A view of a sinkhole that opened up in the Skydome Tourism up 50%….that’s great!!!   Tim   National Corvette Museum might preserve sinkhole The sinkhole that swallowed up eight Corvettes earlier this year has been something of a mixed …
Mallett Hammer Corvette – National Corvette Museum

Update from the National Corvette Museum: In less than a week, the 1.5 Millionth Corvette has gone from location unknown to being dug out from the depths of the sinkhole… regaining its status as a display car in the National Corvette Museum on Thursday. While methods of probing the mounds of dirt …
1,000,000th Corvette Surprise Rescue!!! “Initially there was no intention to bring the Millionth out, but as we got in there and saw more this morning we did feel like this might be our best chance,” said Danny Daniel, President of Scott, Murphy and Daniel Construction. Danny indicated that they pulled the car by one wheel …
1.5 Millionth Corvette Pre-Sinkhole

If you’ve never been to the National Corvette Museum, you should put that on your bucket list.  If you are a car gal/guy  you’ll love it, even more so, if you own or previously owned a corvette. Here are my pictures I took of the 1, 500,000th Corvette on one of …
A Mini Documentary on the National Corvette Museum Sinkhole

Watch the video, you’ll see a good close up of the first three cars and seem them on display “as is”. Thanks for reading. Tim     Five of eight Corvettes pulled from museum sinkhole; photos show heavy … National Corvette Museum’s effort to remove the eight cars swallowed by a sinkhole last month got off …
A Sinkhole Swallowed Cars at The Corvette Museum And Now Everyone Wants To Go

A Sinkhole Swallowed Cars at The Corvette Museum And Now Everyone Wants To Go | TIME. A view of a sinkhole that opened up in the Skydome Tourism up 50%….that’s great!!!   Tim   National Corvette Museum might preserve sinkhole The sinkhole that swallowed up eight Corvettes earlier this year has been something of a mixed …


ProjectBeepBeep – 1968 Road Runner Update Video 2

Thanks for looking back in on #ProjectBeepBeep

Bill begins the odyssey.
Will he wrangle this Road Runner and show up that old Coyote or will an ACME Anvil be his fate?  Keep up to date by grabbing the RSS feed.

Here is Bill’s latest video

More coming up the ’68 Road Runner including a good video on replacing the vapor barrier in your Mopar car.


Thanks for reading.


’68 Road Runner Dash







Introducing #ProjectBeepBeep – Code H 1968 Road Runner

I’d like you to take a look at one of my constant readers classic muscle car. First let me say that Bill has been an a long quest to find a car to replace this car:   Back in the day. It was a long search with lots of phone calls with many …

Lift Classic Mustangs and Avoid Suspension Damage

How To Chassis Suspension

Lift Classic Mustangs and Avoid Suspension Damage

Lift it Right: Raising classic Mustangs on a lift requires a special tool to avoid shock and strut rod bushing damage

Jerry Heasley
December 6, 2016

Anytime you need work on the suspension on anything under a Mustang you have to lift it in the air, whether on a floor jack or a lift. But what you might not have ever heard is that raising a 1965-1973 Mustang on a regular two-post lift without a support between the upper control arm and the frame rail will damage the shocks and strut rods. There’s no telling how many times over the last 50-odd years of lifting a Mustang for a simple oil change that possibly has broken shock and strut rod bushings. The numbers must be in the millions.

Ford supplied dealers with a factory service tool, which they also used on the assembly line, to support the front suspension. Without this support, lifting the car drops the front suspension down and places all that weight on the front shocks and strut rod bushings. This damage is much more than cosmetic. The car will now be unstable at speed, more or less depending on the severity of the damage. Maybe one gentle lift will not result in visible damage, but with multiple unsupported lifts, the damage gets worse.

Bob Perkins of Perkins Restoration ( showed us how to avoid busting out shock tower and strut rod bushings when raising a Mustang on a conventional, two-post lift—or any lift with side arms.

01. This 1973 Mustang front suspension drops and “hangs free” when raised on a two-post lift. This lift picks up the car with arms at the side for access to the undercarriage.

02. Most of these Ford suspension support tools from the 1960s and 1970s have disappeared. Ford shop manuals instructed mechanics to place this support between the upper arm and the frame side rail. Notice the notch on one end. This original suspension support tool has a Ford part number.

03. Because original support tools are scarce, Bob Perkins has fabricated his own for everyday use. On the left are two supports he made. On the right is an original Ford support tool from the 1960s.

04. This illustration from Ford’s 1965 Mustang shop manual shows where to place the support tool when lifting a Mustang on a lift with side arms. The shock is inside the coil spring on top of the upper control arm.

05. The Perkins-built suspension tool, as seen on this 1973 model, fits between the frame rail (bottom) and the upper control arm under the ball joint. To install, first lift the car enough for the tool to fit.

06. Bob Perkins shows us damage to this shock on a car that was lifted without a support tool. The suspension dropped down and tore the rubber bushings in the top of this original shock.

07. Installing a support tool also protects strut rod bushings from damage.

08. On 1965-1970 Mustangs, the shock bushing at the top is apt to break when the suspension falls without support.

09. Likewise, the shock bushings in the 1971-1973 shock tower will have to absorb the weight of the front suspension if the support tool is not used.


Perkins Restoration

Juneau, WI 53039

I thought that was a great article.
Thanks for reading.
Ford Mustang (first generation) – Wikipedia

The first-generation Ford Mustang was manufactured by Ford from March 1964 until 1973. …… “1973 Mustang Grande Hardtop – Mustang Monthly Magazine”.
1964-1973 Mustang Parts

CJ Pony Parts features 1964-1973 Mustang Parts at amazing prices. FREE shipping is included on most products, no minimum order is required. Find your First …

73 Mustang Lifters Adjustment

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof.  My goal to get the engine by Christmas is in jeopardy, so I need to get cranking on getting it all back together.

There’s been a few set back – like losing a couple of bolts that had to be ordered.  A career change has slowed me down some as well.  But I’d like to have the engine in by Christmas and driving it by the end of Jan. 2017.

So, as my self-imposed deadlines are coming fast, I picked up with the adjusting the lifters.  Here how that looked:


These will have to be adjusted several times when after it’s run a bit.

Coming up next I have to put the intake on, carb, distributor, fuel pump, so check back and see the progress. Grab my feed and you’ll get notified when I up date the progress.

Thanks for reading.


1973 Mustang – Engine Bay Work

If you look back at #ProjectSportsRoof post you’ll see the condition engine bay.  During those videos I mentioned that I was going to clean it up and hit it with a rattle can.  Again this isn’t going to be a concours restoration, it’s going to look nice and it’s going …

1973 Mustang Original Invoice and Window Sticker – Marti Auto Works

Oct 22, 2016 I didn’t purchase the window sticker for 1970 Mustang but I did for # ProjectSportsRoof. Check it out: 1973 Mustang SportsRoof Window Sticker.

73 Mustang 351 Cleveland Rebuild – Removal 4 – YouTube

Aug 1, 2016 I’m So close to getting #ProjectSportsRoof engine pulled and starting the tear down.

73 Mustang Heater Box Part 6 – Fiberglass Work

Thanks for checking back in on #ProjectSportsRoof.  If you recall there was a lot of damage to the heater box, but rather than purchase a new one I opted to see if I could repair this original.

As of this post I’ve cleaned up the box and used JB Weld to put the pieces back in place and I’m ready to apply some fiberglass to harden everything up.

Here is a look at the fiberglass work.

What’s coming up next on the heater box work is a good look at the kit that you can buy that has some of the rubber seals, clips and replacement pads for the internal air flow doors.  We are going to install those and but the box back together.  I know you are on the edge of your seat for that one.

Thanks for reading.


1973 Mustang – Project Sports Roof – Fender Fitment Part II

In these next two videos, you’ll see just how ‘off’ these fenders are in some areas and surprisingly how well they fit in other areas. If you have an experience or a hit for anyone taking on this part of a restoration – drop a comment here and we’ll share them.   Thanks …
Average Guy’s Car Restorations, Mods, and Racing

I know…it’s a bit of let down moving back to the heater box for # ProjectSportsRoof when the beautiful 351 Cleveland that’s going to power the 73 Mustang is …
351C Removal and tear down – YouTube

Jul 19, 2016 Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof. This the beginning of rebuild of the 351 Cleveland for the 73 Mustang.


Check this Out! Renault uncovers the stunning Trezor concept in Paris

Awesome concept car!!!

The Renault Trezor's single-piece roof lifts for entry and exit

The Renault Trezor’s single-piece roof lifts for entry and exit(Credit: Scott Collie/New Atlas)

The Volkswagen I.D. concept may be as important as the Beetle (according to Volkswagen, anyway), but it’s not the prettiest all-electric concept car in Paris, not by a long shot. A real contender for that title is the Renault Trezor, a gloriously curvy, 350-hp grand tourer with clamshell roof, Formula E-based powertrain and “Multi-Sense” autonomous technologies. If this is what the future looks like, we can’t wait to go there.

The Trezor picks up where Renault left off with the passion-red 2010 DeZir concept in terms of swoopy, show-stopping design. Renault says that in the same way the DeZir influenced the styling elements of future products, like the 2012-introduced Clio and 2015 Kadjar, the Trezor will inform the shape of things to come.

And that’s great news because the Trezor is easily one of the sexiest cars on display in one of the world’s sexiest cities, a city that’s currently playing host to both the 2016 Mondial de L’Automobile and Fashion Week. The Trezor would feel comfortable at either.

As we reported way back in 2010, the DeZir was inspired by “falling in love.” It’s been five years, that love is running deeper than ever and now blossoms into “maturity and commitment” in the Trezor. In other words, the DeZir was red-hot lust embodied, and the Trezor is a stronger, committed relationship (that clearly hasn’t lost a step in the sex and passion departments). It’s all very fitting for a Paris debut.

Like the DeZir, the Trezor is defined by voluptuous front and rear fenders, which come across more smooth and sensual than muscular. The new concept stretches out more dramatically than the DeZir, its long, flowing hood teaming with a roofline that slowly descends to the rear bulge between the fenders.

Renault Trezor

Though still a two-seater, the new, 185-in (4,700 mm) concept is more than a foot and a half (475 mm) longer than its 2010 predecessor and sits on a wheelbase with an extra 7.6 in (194 mm). The 80.6-in (2,048 mm) front and 83-in (2,106 mm) rear tracks work with that wheelbase to grab hold of the road with the custom Continental tires.

Up front, the Trezor is defined by the cavernous side intakes dropping down from the sharp headlamps and the curved indentation created with help from the chin down below. The rear-end design includes a fiber optic lighting fixture with integrated laser light. “Under braking, the torsion and stacking of the optical fibers creates an interesting visual effect and increases the intensity of the light,” Renault syas of the design.

Renault Trezor at the 2016 Paris Motor Show

The low-stance carbon fiber bodywork delivers a slippery drag coefficient of 0.22 and helps keep weight to 3,527-lb (1,600-kg) in conjunction with the carbon monocoque.

The Trezor gives off a first impression of being a full-blown supercar, and word of an F1-influenced powertrain temporarily supports that idea. The electric engine is more modest in output, though, a rear-mounted 349-hp unit derived from the same technology that drove the Renault e.dams car to two Formula E championships. Its 280 lb-ft (380 Nm) of torque help it fire to 62 mph (100 km/h) in four seconds flat.

Renault Trezor

Individual front and rear battery packs help keep the motor spinning and weight distributed evenly. A Formula E-derived energy recovery braking system helps to extend time between mandatory recharges. In place of the usual fuel filler door on a gas vehicle, Renault has an analog battery level indicator, a refreshingly simple alternative to the ubiquitous smartphone app with systems info.

The Trezor looks like the type of sporting GT that you’d look forward to driving from point to point (and points beyond), but it does include Multi-Sense autonomous mode, along with neutral and sport modes. The steering wheel doesn’t tuck away, like in the VW I.D. and other concepts, instead widening out to open up a better view of the dashboard. The newest front passenger can use the digital dash for watching video content, playing games or doing all those other things one would do on any digital display. The exterior lighting pattern changes in autonomous mode as a signal to other road users.

Before driver and passenger start kicking back and watching video content on the dash display, they need to saddle up into the cabin through the lifting single-piece roof/hood. With no doors to open, the driver and passenger straddle the leather-wrapped sides to get in, a throwback to classic race cars. Inside, Renault takes the bucket seat to a new level with its full-wrapping driver and passenger pockets trimmed in warm, supple red leather.

Renault Trezor interior

The wooden dashboard was designed in conjunction with French wooden bicycle company KEIM Cycles, its specially prepared ash wood structure supporting the large L-shaped central OLED UHD touch display and control center and digital instrument panel. The multimedia system automatically recognizes the driver’s smartphone, and apps are exported to the vehicle display for him or her to organize and use as desired.

The red wood of the dashboard extends forward under the hood, wrapping a pair of custom suitcases snugly. Leather straps hold that luggage in place.

The Trezor makes its world debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, which opened to the press on Thursday. We pretty much gave up any sliver of hope of production the minute we saw it, but Renault does say the car “previews trends likely to be seen in future Renault models.” So there’s that.

Take a look at the Trezor in action below:


Thanks for reading.

Renault Trezor Concept Official Photos and Info – News – Car and …

The Renault Trezor is an old-fashioned dream car. Read more and see pictures at Car and Driver.
Renault Trezor concept: the EV is the car we prey gets made | British …

2 days ago Renault Trezor concept: Thought EVs were boring? You were half right, but you’ll be completely wrong if this goes into production.
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