Road Trippin’ in AZ Wine Country – Porsches

What do you when you’ve been married to a wonderful woman for 29 years?  Take a road trip!!  We both have busy schedules so we decided to take a day trip though AZ wine country – which is a pretty drive on any day, but with all the tropical rain we’ve had here in the southern part of Arizona it is lush in the desert!!!!    It was a beautiful ride and we ran into this group of folks enjoying the day as well.

They were from all over AZ and headed to Tombstone for lunch.

Porches at play

Porches at play

Love this 1960!!!!

Love this 1960!!!!

IMG_20141011_104908611 IMG_20141011_104917854 IMG_20141011_104932396


They were having a lot of fun and I got to talk to John who was co-piloted this beautiful 1960.

Here is a short video of their gathering place.

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1960 Porsche 356 B T5 CABRIOLET


1960 Porsche 356 B T5 CABRIOLET

2008 Porsche Boxster RS 60 Spyder & 1960 Porsche Type 718 RS 60 Spyder.

Dearborn Steel Tubing celebrates Thunderbolt’s 50th anniversary by building a | Hemmings Daily


'64 Thunderbolt

’64 Thunderbolt

It’s been 50 years since Ford took the drag racing world by storm with its lightweight Thunderbolt, and to celebrate, Dearborn Steel Tubing, the original manufacturer of the Thunderbolt in 1964, has just produced a new Thunderbolt.

via Dearborn Steel Tubing celebrates Thunderbolt’s 50th anniversary by building a | Hemmings Daily.


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The Dynamat AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour – Part 2

We were able to see the very first Ford Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt #100 which was the last one made. There were also three other Thunderbolts, two factory Pontiac “Swiss cheese” race cars and significant race cars from the 60’s and 70’s. We were able

National Corvette Museum: Museum Owned GS90 Unveiled at 20th Anniversary Event

So what’s a GS90?   Here a share from  National Corvette Museum blog

BTW it you are a Corvette owner or enthusiasts and you are not a member of the Museum – you should be and here is the perfect reason why.  Read on!!!

History of the GS-90

In 1994, Corvette racing driver and tuner, Dick Guldstrand introduced his first and only coachbuilt Corvette: the GS90. The car is based on the Corvette ZR-1 chassis and engine designed by Steve Winter. When the C4 ZR-1 was released, Guldstrand saw an opportunity to bring back the Grand Sport he used to race with, pitching the concept of his radically restyled ZR-1 to Chevrolet. He requested several ZR-1s and a few million dollars. Instead he received one car and a blessing.

The GS90 was Guldstrand’s ultimate 475hp version of the ZR-1, incorporating influences from the Grand Sports of the early 60s inside a distinctive body style that is a throwback to the original 1963 Corvette Grand Sport race cars. Guldstrand left the ZR-1 cabin alone, concentrating instead on the chassis and engine development, and bespoke coachbuilt distinctive body.

Read entire article here National Corvette Museum: Museum Owned GS90 Unveiled at 20th Anniversary Event and see how a Lifetime Member supported the restoration of this rare car!!!


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corvette gs 90

Our top ten 250bhp+ bargains – BBC Top Gear

Of course not all of these cars are available over here on the left side of the pond!!!!!

via Our top ten 250bhp+ bargains – BBC Top Gear.

I did drive the Renault sport in Italy last year and I’d have to say it was a blast!

100% Fun to Drive

100% Fun to Drive

SEAT Leon Cupra 265

The value option of the VW group’s bulging array of hot hatches. A point rammed home by the option of a 276bhp version (until recently a Nürburging record holder), which, at £27,210, could technically slot into fourth in this list. £25,690, 261bhp

Read Top Gear’s verdict on the SEAT Leon Cupra

Renaultsport Megane 265

If a comfortable ride and the option of a paddleshift gearbox aren’t important to you, this is the hot hatch of choice. Aggressive front differential makes it exciting enough for you to wonder why you’d want rear-wheel drive. And the new Trophy-R version nicked the Leon’s Nordschleife bragging rights. £26,930, 261bhp

Read Top Gear’s verdict on the Renaultsport Megane 265

Nissan 370Z

A proper, six-cylinder, rear-drive sports car for £85 more than a tarted up Renault Megane looks like the bargain of the century. And indeed, the Zed is a fun old thing. But the key word is probably ‘old’… £27,015, 326bhp

Read Top Gear’s verdict on the Nissan 370Z

Vauxhall Astra VXR

Like the Megane 265, a mechanical diff on the front axle endows the go-faster Astra with some properly engaging dynamics, though this is a blunter instrument than its French rival. Approaching 300bhp through the front wheels ensures torque steer aplenty. £27,270, 276bhp

Read Top Gear’s verdict on the Vauxhall Astra VXR

Subaru WRX STI

It’s a particularly old school way to get hold of a shed-load of power for not a lot of money, but there’s plenty to like here: stocky manual gearbox, rally kudos, simply enormous rear spoiler. Its heinous thirst betrays its £-per-bhp honours somewhat. £28,995, 296bhp

Read Top Gear’s verdict on the Subaru WRX STI

VW Golf R

The finest all-round hot hatch on sale also offers a very healthy amount of power and premium loveliness for its sub-£30k price tag. Hugely fun four-wheel-drive system results in a better modern-day take on the rally-rep Impreza than Subaru’s own WRX STI. £29,900, 296bhp

Read Top Gear’s verdict on the VW Golf R

Audi S3

Same engine as the Golf R, but Audi will take an extra £745 off you for demanding your German hot hatch has four rings on its front grille. Not quite as fun to drive as its VW relative, but it’s still the best S3 yet. £30,645, 296bhp

Read Top Gear’s verdict on the Audi S3

BMW M135i

The S3’s closest rival, and a car which delivers an extra 20bhp, priced at an entirely reasonable £10 each. The Beemer is also more entertaining, owing to its rear-wheel-drive chassis and sonorous six-cylinder engine. £30,845, 316bhp

Read Top Gear’s verdict on the BMW M135i

Volvo V40 T5

The least fun car in our top ten, the Volvo V40 is undoubtedly rather sensible in this company. But it’s a very pleasant thing, nonetheless. Its characterful five-cylinder engine is nearly ruined by a dim-witted automatic gearbox, though. £31,900, 254bhp

Read Top Gear’s verdict on the Volvo V40

Peugeot RCZ R

Further proof of Peugeot’s return to form. The RCZ R is not only ludicrously powerful for a car with a 1.6-litre engine, it will also oversteer like a exuberantly driven 205 GTI if you want it to. Who needs a TT? £31,995, 266bhp


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Timbbc america top gear

This is the 707bhp SRT Charger Hellcat – BBC Top Gear

Rowan Horncastle14 August 2014

This is the 707bhp SRT Charger Hellcat

Dodge’s tuning wing unveils the fastest and most powerful production four-door in the world. Run for the hills

via This is the 707bhp SRT Charger Hellcat – BBC Top Gear.



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hellcat charger

Why Dodge Is Building a 707-Horsepower Hellcat Charger

Fiat Chrysler unveiled the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat on Wednesday. Like its Challenger sibling, the Hellcat Charger is being positioned as an extreme high-performance car that is also a practical daily driver. Source: Fiat Chrysler. To the

Father of fallen driver lashes out at NASCAR racer Stewart: Commentary

Father of fallen driver lashes out at NASCAR racer Stewart.


The headline above is from and the link is above so you can read the story.   Below is my commentary.  I invite your comments.

I have to say this is very sad. A young racer lost his life and a veteran driver will forever have to live with that incident. There is no judgement here as I’m able to know what actually transpired other than what a couple of video clips may or may not show.

Moving forward, I think racing organizations should take a look at two aspects of racing – the pit maneuver (the bump) and the conduct while on the racing surface (track and pit row). Suspension and banning maybe appropriate when a driver intentionally bumps another and/or a driver leaves his car after an accident and approaches cars in motion either on the track or pit row. (For example.. throwing your helmet at a moving car!!)

I understand the intensity of the moment. As a police officer and a racer I’ve felt the same type of emotions under specific conditions. i

If you lack the internal tools to be able to avoid a physical confrontation, then yourself grab a camera crew (so the world can see you defend your honor – or lack of it) and take it back into the pits or the winners circle and punch it out there!!

Intentionally hitting another car or otherwise needless endangeringyourself and other drivers or track crew, should get you banned…someone will come along and fill the void….there are lots of hungry drivers out there.

Racing organizations, racing teams and race track officials…get some backbone and stop this behavoir or pack it in!!!





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What Tony Stewart must do in wake of fatal accident

Tony Stewart has overcome some big obstacles and conquered some enormous challenges throughout his career to become one of NASCAR’s biggest stars and most accomplished drivers. But the three-time Cup champion has never faced a challenge like …

2015 Mustang “OK” to Buy Date is NEAR!!!!

The information posted over at Mustang6g says that Tuesday September 10 is the ok to buy date your 2015 Mustang. According to Mustnag6g this means that dealers will have the ok to begin selling stock inventory. Special orders on this date will then begin production. According to the post at Mustang6g this is to limit any glitches on special order vehicles. The 2015 Mustang convertible wont’ begin production until September 15. Its ok to buy date is not slated until October 27.


via 2015 Mustang Production And Sales Schedule Revealed By Mustang6g – StangTV.

Can't wait to how they sell!! Still have to wait until Oct. if you want the 'vert version

Can’t wait to how they sell!!
Still have to wait until Oct. if you want the ‘vert version


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2015 mustang sales brochure

Bugatti to replace the Veyron with an even faster hypercar hybrid

Based on its talks with “Bugatti insiders,” Autocar reports that the next-generation hypercar will be capable of flipping the last two digits of the Veyron’s 268-mph 431-km/h world record, reaching speeds up to 286 mph 460 km/h. Bugatti’s computer simulations suggest that the new car will also be quicker, launching to 62 mph 100 km/h in 2.3 seconds.

via Bugatti to replace the Veyron with an even faster hypercar hybrid.



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bugatti hyper hybrid

Roush previews their own version of the 2015 Mustang | Mustang News

As we get closer and closer to the 2015 Mustang getting into customer hands, we are also starting to see more previews of the various aftermarket Mustangs that will be built. We’ve earlier shown you versions from Saleen, Steeda and Galpin Auto Sports, and now we can show you the newest one from Roush. The company today released a photo with the outline of what is presumably a 2015 Roush Mustang on their Facebook page, although with the exception of the 5-spoke wheels it’s impossible to tell some of the design changes.

Roush didn’t offer up much information either. They simply said to “keep a close eye on our page during the coming weeks as we start to pull back the curtains and reveal what Roush Performance has planned for the 2015 Ford Mustang.”

From the looks of the image we suspect the photo is real and not just a rendering like other previews. This wouldn’t be a huge surprise, as Roush has close ties with Ford and often collaborates on engineering. In the past Roush has had early access to create parts for the Mustang and often is first to market with their aftermarket version. We fully expect to see a Roush Mustang in the next couple months, so stay tuned!

via Roush previews their own version of the 2015 Mustang | Mustang News.


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Roush Teases Their 2015 Ford Mustang – We Reveal More with Crude Editing

While we don’t know anything about the 2015 Roush Mustang, we do have the shadowy image above that teases the next generation aftermarket tuned Mustang and thanks to my very questionable photo editing skills – we have an even better look at the fine …

roush mustang


Engine Line UP – 1964-1966 Griffith

Ok…how many of you stopped to Google Griffith?

Not a commonly mentioned classic car, right?

Well the Griffith was developed by a Ford dealer, Jeff Griffith.  It was a tubular frame with a British TVR body bolted on.  He produce the cars in that configuration, until the source of the TVR bodies dried up he found replacement with a sleeker (nicer looking in my option) by Intermeccanica in Italy.

So what powered this homogenized sports car?

Well since Jeff was a “Ford” guy so you can bet he at least had a Ford iron block in the mix.  The total production of the Griffith was 285 cars from 1964 t0 1966.

The TVR Body looks great!!!

The TVR Body looks great!!!

This 1964 Griffith in the British TVR body had two engine options.  Both were Ford 289.   Both were overhead valve and had cast iron blocks.  The first option had a bore and stroke 4.00″ x 2.88″ and a compression ratio of 9.0:1.  Five main bearing and hydraulic lifters topped with a Ford model C3AF-9510B two barrel it produced 195 bhp.  The second option matched up with the first option, except with a higher compression ratio (10.5:1) and topped with the Ford model C30F-9410AJ “4” barrel. That boosted the bhp to 271!!!  That’s a heck of a jump…but wait…keep in mind this car weighted only 1450 lbs!!!!    Think about that!!!!!

Love the British Racing Grreen in this '65 Griffith

Love the British Racing Green in this ’65 Griffith

For 1965,  TVR bodied car matched the two options in the previous year to the ‘T’.

'65's 289

’65’s 289

1966 was a different animal. No more TVR bodied Griffith, this baby tucked it’s power house iron in an Italian steel body from Intermeccanica.   And like the body…the Ford engine was gone.  In it’s place was a Plymouth V8…yes a MORPAR!!!!  It was an iron block with overhead valves. Bored and stroked to 3.63″ x 3.31″  and a compression ratio of 10.5:1.  Add in the 5 main bearing and solid lifter and top it off with a Carter 4 bbl. carb (ADB3853S) and you could coax 235 bhp out of it.  Not bad…down from the 271 with the Ford 289.   However the car with it’s new Italian designed steel body, weighted over 1000 lbs more then the TVR version, topping the scale at 2540 lbs.

Sharper looking with the new body!!

Sharper looking with the new body!!


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TVR Griffith 200

The TVR Griffith 200 (or Griffith Series 200) was a lightweight fibreglass -body sports car . make was TVR and the model was Griffith 200.