Auto Factoids for 12/17/2017 Datsun 510, Lexus, Ford Probe

#AutoFactoids are back!!!  I will be changing them up a bit but they’ll still be fun.

Factoid – The Datsun 510 in the late 1960s it competed with the likes of BMW on the front lines of the then-new sports sedan category. Paul Newman use to race one.

Factoid – Lexus SC300 shared a lot of important parts with the now-legendary Toyota Supra, including the same straight six engine.


Factoid – Ford Probe was basically a Mazda 626, and was originally intended to become the new Mustang. Thankfully, those plans were scrapped because Ford was concerned of the back-lash.

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Auto Factoid 9/8/2013 – 9/14/2013

Auto Factoids are back!!!!   Lets just get started. Happy Birthday (Sept. 8, 1903) Preston  Tucker – nice cars!!!   On Sept 9th 1935 Studebaker put the first car on a Pennsylvania RR rail car headed to NYC  but the final destination was London.  (Actually there were 163 cars in that shipment.) These are …
Auto Factoids – Chevy’s LS9

Here some interesting facts for the new in 2008 LS9 engine. – It was a combination of upgraded LS3 and LS7 components  and took 3 years to develop – All 2000 units were hand-assembled in GM’s Performance Build Center in Wixom, Michigan -It displaced 6.2 liters – Bore and stroke 4.06×3.62 with a compression ratio of 9.1:1 – …

Auto Factoids for the Week of May 21, 2017 – Goodyear, Sloan and Rose

Light week this week but here are your #AutoFactoids  for the week of May 21, 2017.

May 22, 1929 –  Goodyear Blimp took its maiden flight.   Still provides some of the best auto racing coverage!!!

Goodyear Blimp.

First Goodyear Factory

Mr. Goodyear


May 23, 1875  – Alfred P. Sloan Jr. was born in New Heaven Conn.   He headed up GM as President and guided it through some iconic car designs.  He was instrumental in establishing the idea of make styling changes annually and planting the idea of  (something we consumer dislike) planned obsolescence. He also established a pricing structure by sub-brand (Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Caddy) —referred to as the ladder of success, so that they did not compete with each other, and buyers could be kept in the GM “family” as their buying power and preferences changed as they aged.   


Alfred P. Sloan – Time Magazine Dec 1926.

Alfred P. Sloan


May 26, 1906 – Mauri Rose born  in Columbus, Ohio.  This Racing Hall of Famer driver, placed second in the 1927 Indy 500. Actually won the Indy in 1941, but that was a tough victory, spanning two Maserati-powered Elgin Piston Pin Specials cars, after the first one had mechanical issues. He tossed a fit and the car owners pulled one of the other drivers from the race and give Rose that car.


The Pin

The Elgin Pin


What powered that thing? The Elgin’s  “Power Plant”

The Pin’s power plant.


Mauri in the Blue Spark car!


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Auto Factoid for Week of Nov. 30, 2014

Hope you all had a great Turkey Day!! Here is the line up of Auto Factoids for the first week in December!!!   Nov 30 1960  De Soto ceases production.  The last De Soto produced were really the Chrysler Windsor, most did not sale, even though dealerships continued to received cars after the …

Auto Factoids – Week of May 31, 2015 – Ford, Olds, Model T

Here are your Auto Factoids #AutoFactoids for the beginning of June, 2015. May 31, 1927 – Ford produced the last Model T.    There is some debate as to actual date and it’s said that the 15th million Model T rolled off the production line on May 26th, 1927 and the Henry …

AUTO FACTOIDS & C.N.N for Week of 7/26/2015 – Studebaker to Viper

Kaiser-Fraser formed July 26, 1945 – The Kaiser-Frazer Corporation was the result of a partnership between automobile executive Joseph W. Frazer and business man Henry  J. Kaiser. In 1947, the company acquired the automotive assets of Graham-Paige.  Interesting enough, Kaiser had no automotive business experience.   In 1953 the company became …

Auto Factoids and C.N.N for week of Sept 6th 2015 – TBird and Studebaker

Here is your #AutoFactoids and Car News Now for this first full week of September 2015. Auto Factoids Sept. 7, 1954 – Production of Ford Thunderbird begins 1955 T-Bird 2002 Thunderbird             Sept. 8, 1903   Preston Tucker was born in Capac, MI. While dubbed “Tucker Torpedo” during production no ‘Torpedoes’ were produced. Beautiful …

Auto Factoids and C.N.N for week of Sept 6th 2015 – TBird and Studebaker

Here is your #AutoFactoids and Car News Now for this first full week of September 2015. Auto Factoids Sept. 7, 1954 – Production of Ford Thunderbird begins 1955 T-Bird 2002 Thunderbird             Sept. 8, 1903   Preston Tucker was born in Capac, MI. While dubbed “Tucker Torpedo” during production no ‘Torpedoes’ were produced. Beautiful …


They Made How Many? 1959

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I was reading an article from the ” Worlds Most Excellent” automotive publishing enterprise – Hemmings.  An article in the January 2017 issue of Classic Cars publication is a piece written by Jeff Koch (who is their – West Coast/Southwest guy) on GM’s Flattop designed cars of the 1959-1960 era.  These were massive cars with huge trunks and tons of  wrap around glass.

This a 1959 Pontiac Bonneville Flattop 4 door

This a 1959 Pontiac Bonneville Flattop 4 door- ain’t it huge?

According to the article these were just a two-year deal – ’59-’60.  So that got me to thinking how many were made?

Over all car production for 1959, which still saw the likes of DeSoto, Edsel (its last gasp of breath), Studebaker,  Imperial (as a separate brand…again) and even the Metropolitan, as producer of cars.    The leader for that year was Chevrolet in first place with just over 1.46 million cars produced followed by Ford in close range with 1.45 million cars produced.  The rest of the field looked like this:

Plymouth with 458, 261 (in third place which gives you an idea how the rest fared) followed by  Pontiac with 383k, then  Oldsmobile with 382K and  Rambler with 374k.   Buick managed 285K and  Dodge produced 156k, which was just slightly than Mercury with 15ok and Cadillac with 142K cars produced.  The field rounded out with Studebaker driving 126k out of the factory and a substantial for Chrysler with just 69, followed by Desoto with 45k, Edsel with 44k and Lincoln/Continental with just 26k.  At the bottom stood Metropolitan and Imperial 22k and 17k respectively.

So an estimated 2,655,686 cars were produced by GM in that year.  That’s a lot of flattops this include Cadillacs that didn’t escape the design.


Nor did the Corvair!!

So where are the now?  I just don’t see that many around and I’m sure it’s due to the 2 year only style and finding all that wrap around glass.

Have you seen one of these cool designed GM Flattops?  Drop me a note and pic and I’ll publish it up.

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I don't really need a Lambo....but.....



Car Production Numbers. They Made How Many? 1901

This is it. The beginning of it all.     What were they making in 1901? The top producer was the Locomobile car company with a total out put for the year 1,500 cars. Winton was second with 700 cars. Oldsmobile (ahh one we’ve heard of!!) was third with 425. White came in fourth with 193. Autocar was next …
Car Production Numbers. They Made How Many? 1911

1911 oh… that was a great year!  Well I don’t actually have any proof of that, but there sure were a lot of new car makes that year.  Here the list: Alpena; ArBenz; Atterbury; Carhartt, Case, Chevrolet; Colby, Crow-Elkhart, Dalton, Gaylord, Havers, Hupp-Yeats; King; Lenox; Mighty Michigan; Motorette; Nyberg: Penn; Rayfield; …
Car Production Numbers. They Made How Many? 1922

It is 1922 and the car industry is moving right along.  Small start-up car companies pop up here and there in the 1920’s. Here is how they stacked up for 1922. Top spot was Ford  producing 1,147,028 cars. Dodge was a very distant second with 152,653 car rolling off their assembly line. Chevrolet ran …
Car Production Numbers. They Made How Many? 1928

The Roaring Twentys – a great time in US social and economic history.  1928 things still looked pretty good and no indication of the tough economic times that would lead to the terrible 30’s. 1928 saw 8 car companies fighting it out for market shares. Chevy lead the way with just over a million …

Check this Out! Renault uncovers the stunning Trezor concept in Paris

Awesome concept car!!!

The Renault Trezor's single-piece roof lifts for entry and exit

The Renault Trezor’s single-piece roof lifts for entry and exit(Credit: Scott Collie/New Atlas)

The Volkswagen I.D. concept may be as important as the Beetle (according to Volkswagen, anyway), but it’s not the prettiest all-electric concept car in Paris, not by a long shot. A real contender for that title is the Renault Trezor, a gloriously curvy, 350-hp grand tourer with clamshell roof, Formula E-based powertrain and “Multi-Sense” autonomous technologies. If this is what the future looks like, we can’t wait to go there.

The Trezor picks up where Renault left off with the passion-red 2010 DeZir concept in terms of swoopy, show-stopping design. Renault says that in the same way the DeZir influenced the styling elements of future products, like the 2012-introduced Clio and 2015 Kadjar, the Trezor will inform the shape of things to come.

And that’s great news because the Trezor is easily one of the sexiest cars on display in one of the world’s sexiest cities, a city that’s currently playing host to both the 2016 Mondial de L’Automobile and Fashion Week. The Trezor would feel comfortable at either.

As we reported way back in 2010, the DeZir was inspired by “falling in love.” It’s been five years, that love is running deeper than ever and now blossoms into “maturity and commitment” in the Trezor. In other words, the DeZir was red-hot lust embodied, and the Trezor is a stronger, committed relationship (that clearly hasn’t lost a step in the sex and passion departments). It’s all very fitting for a Paris debut.

Like the DeZir, the Trezor is defined by voluptuous front and rear fenders, which come across more smooth and sensual than muscular. The new concept stretches out more dramatically than the DeZir, its long, flowing hood teaming with a roofline that slowly descends to the rear bulge between the fenders.

Renault Trezor

Though still a two-seater, the new, 185-in (4,700 mm) concept is more than a foot and a half (475 mm) longer than its 2010 predecessor and sits on a wheelbase with an extra 7.6 in (194 mm). The 80.6-in (2,048 mm) front and 83-in (2,106 mm) rear tracks work with that wheelbase to grab hold of the road with the custom Continental tires.

Up front, the Trezor is defined by the cavernous side intakes dropping down from the sharp headlamps and the curved indentation created with help from the chin down below. The rear-end design includes a fiber optic lighting fixture with integrated laser light. “Under braking, the torsion and stacking of the optical fibers creates an interesting visual effect and increases the intensity of the light,” Renault syas of the design.

Renault Trezor at the 2016 Paris Motor Show

The low-stance carbon fiber bodywork delivers a slippery drag coefficient of 0.22 and helps keep weight to 3,527-lb (1,600-kg) in conjunction with the carbon monocoque.

The Trezor gives off a first impression of being a full-blown supercar, and word of an F1-influenced powertrain temporarily supports that idea. The electric engine is more modest in output, though, a rear-mounted 349-hp unit derived from the same technology that drove the Renault e.dams car to two Formula E championships. Its 280 lb-ft (380 Nm) of torque help it fire to 62 mph (100 km/h) in four seconds flat.

Renault Trezor

Individual front and rear battery packs help keep the motor spinning and weight distributed evenly. A Formula E-derived energy recovery braking system helps to extend time between mandatory recharges. In place of the usual fuel filler door on a gas vehicle, Renault has an analog battery level indicator, a refreshingly simple alternative to the ubiquitous smartphone app with systems info.

The Trezor looks like the type of sporting GT that you’d look forward to driving from point to point (and points beyond), but it does include Multi-Sense autonomous mode, along with neutral and sport modes. The steering wheel doesn’t tuck away, like in the VW I.D. and other concepts, instead widening out to open up a better view of the dashboard. The newest front passenger can use the digital dash for watching video content, playing games or doing all those other things one would do on any digital display. The exterior lighting pattern changes in autonomous mode as a signal to other road users.

Before driver and passenger start kicking back and watching video content on the dash display, they need to saddle up into the cabin through the lifting single-piece roof/hood. With no doors to open, the driver and passenger straddle the leather-wrapped sides to get in, a throwback to classic race cars. Inside, Renault takes the bucket seat to a new level with its full-wrapping driver and passenger pockets trimmed in warm, supple red leather.

Renault Trezor interior

The wooden dashboard was designed in conjunction with French wooden bicycle company KEIM Cycles, its specially prepared ash wood structure supporting the large L-shaped central OLED UHD touch display and control center and digital instrument panel. The multimedia system automatically recognizes the driver’s smartphone, and apps are exported to the vehicle display for him or her to organize and use as desired.

The red wood of the dashboard extends forward under the hood, wrapping a pair of custom suitcases snugly. Leather straps hold that luggage in place.

The Trezor makes its world debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, which opened to the press on Thursday. We pretty much gave up any sliver of hope of production the minute we saw it, but Renault does say the car “previews trends likely to be seen in future Renault models.” So there’s that.

Take a look at the Trezor in action below:


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Renault Trezor Concept Official Photos and Info – News – Car and …

The Renault Trezor is an old-fashioned dream car. Read more and see pictures at Car and Driver.
Renault Trezor concept: the EV is the car we prey gets made | British …

2 days ago Renault Trezor concept: Thought EVs were boring? You were half right, but you’ll be completely wrong if this goes into production.

73 Mustang 351C Rebuild – Tear Down’s Final Conclusion

Thanks for continuing to follow #ProjectSportsRoof.   The 351 Cleveland has been torn down and you’ve seen the major components and their deplorable condition and it is time now to get it to the machine shop.

It’s not easy finding a good shop.  While I was hunting around for a machinist I asked a few car guys I know for suggestions and found the two that were recommended were out of business.  That is not uncommon.  It is often times more expedient to just drop in a crate  or re-manufactured engine (long or short block) and that’s tough to compete against.  I was concerned that I’d have to transport the 351C block 100 miles away to check get the work done.

While I was searching for a shop, I was simultaneously search for a re-man’ed long or short block.  Of course I was specifically looking for a closely date code 351C and I was told that those blocks are not plentiful.   I took my local search to the hot rod shops (by hot rod shops I mean, shops that sell hot rod parts) in town and the shop I chose was recommended by several.  I double checked the review that were available and these guys have a very good rep.  I’m going to withhold the name until I get the block back.



 Luckily I had the block still bolted to the engine stand.  That and my cat-like reflexes (HA) kept a disaster from occurring.


Hoisted!!!                                                                                                                                                                    ^^^ lots of Mustang parts

Not withstanding my attempts to bounce the block off the garage floor it is finally suspended and ready to get loaded.

Tied Down

Tied Down – This is the fastest this engine has done in months!!!


Upon arrival at the machine shop two guys unloaded the block and I asked them to measure the current bore and the size of the crank.

The results were as follows:

The stock bore is 4″ and the measurements of the current bore is .030  under making the bore 4.030.   You’ve seen the condition of the cylinders and the shop recommended to take another .010 off making the proposed bore 4.040″.

Now the crank was measured as well and it was .010 machined from stock thickness.  Purposed is to take it down another .010 to .020 under.

The shop recommended to replace the cam, so that will happen.

This ended the speculation about the originality of the engine.  Clearly this was rebuilt at least once.

Now decisions need to be made.  But first let’s take stock of where we are and then play a little “What If”, shall we?

Using this standard formula for determining displacement:  Bore2 X Stroke X 0.7854 X Cylinders  (laid out below from a spreadsheet)

Bore X Bore  X Stroke X 0.7854 X Cylinders = Displacement
Stock 4 4 3.5 0.7854 8 351.8592
Current 4.03 4.03 3.5 0.7854 8 357.1568801
Proposed 4.04 4.04 3.5 0.7854 8 358.9315699

Just cleaning up the cylinders will move  the displacement  from 351 (stock) to 358 as proposed.  That is currently where we are.

Now let’s play What If!!!  What if I increased the bore a bit more?  Here is what that look like in displacement terms.

Taking up the bore one more .010 to 4.05″  looks like this.

Bore X Bore  X Stroke X 0.7854 X Cylinders = Displacement
Option 4.05 4.05 3.5 0.7854 8 360.710658

4.05 is the furthest  I want to do with the bore – if it’s possible.  I know one Mustang owner that has his bore 4.06″, however, I’m not comfortable with that. So we’ve increased the displacement 360.

Now let’s work on the stroke.  The machining of the crank will net little to no change in the displacement. To increase that I’d have to go with a different crank.  So what do those number look like?  Leaving the bore at 4.04 and increase the stroke yields the following increases:

Bore             x                  Bore                      x             Stroke                    x                   0.7854                    x        #Cylinders                                            Displacement

Option 4.04 4.04 3.75 0.7854 8 384.5695392
Option 4.04 4.04 4 0.7854 8 410.2075085 Basically the 400

Let’s go a bit further with the increase in bore:

Bore             x                  Bore                      x             Stroke                    x                   0.7854                    x        #Cylinders                                            Displacement

Option 4.05 4.05 3.75 0.7854 8 386.475705
Option 4.05 4.05 4 0.7854 8 412.240752
Option 4.05 4.05 3.85 0.7854 8 396.7817238 Off the shelf long stroke cranks
Option 4.04 4.04 3.85 0.7854 8 394.8247269 Off the shelf long stroke cranks

Care to share your thoughts on the build?   Drop me a note!!!

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73 Mustang 351 Cleveland Tear Down Video 7 – Mains and Pistons …

Aug 25, 2016 Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof. This the beginning of rebuild of the 351 Cleveland for the 73 Mustang. 73 Mustang 351 Cleveland …
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The 351 Cleveland is out of #ProjectSportsRoof. Yeah…I know!! It seemed like to took … Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof. I’m getting ready to pull the 351C …
classic ford mustang | Tumblr

Thanks checking back in with the 1973 Mustang (#ProjectSportsRoof). I’m moving right along with getting the progress on the 351C tear down posted up.

1973 Mustang 351 Cleveland Tear Down Part 1

Finally the fun part begins.  Well actually it’s all fun, just varying degrees of it.   Welcome back to the 1973 Mustang project dubbed:  #ProjectSportsRoof.   We have the 351 Cleveland out and now I’m going to begin disassembly and see if we can get to the bottom of the “bottom end noise” it developed.

Here’s the first video.  Don’t be distracted by the Corvette t-shirt from my corvette club, it’s ok to own both!!


Here’s a look at one of nuts from the torque stall converter:

They are pretty rounded.

They are pretty rounded.

As you can see I didn’t have you watch as I unbolted the fuel pump or the brackets, even though this is Average Guy’s Car Restoration which equates to average skill set, average tool hoard  and average (or below) budget, but I’m thinking you get the removal of a couple of bolts.  If things get tricky (for me) I’ll cover it.

Next up we get the intake manifold off and heads.

Thanks for check back.



351C finally on the stand!

Classic Cars / Car Projects / Car Shows – Your Car/Truck Projects …

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof. With the floor pans welding, sealing and coating finished the next step was to apply the heat and sound barrier. This is …
restorable classic cars | Tumblr

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof. I’m getting ready to pull the 351C from between the fenders of the 1973 Mustang SportsRoof for a complete rebuild.

73 Mustang 351 Cleveland Rebuild – Removal Part 5

This is the last post related to prepping the 351 Cleveland in #ProjectSportRoof for removal.

Originally, I had planned to lift the engine out with the carb still attached.  However, after the first test fit to see how the Duralast leveler  (I’ve never used one before – last engine I pulled out we used straps on the 318) would be attached, it was clear that the carb had to come off.  I thought I’d just be able to attach the Duralast the front part of the engine but unless I added more chain it just wasn’t going to bolt up.

Moving the leveler back a bit to the center if the engine, allowed it to be pull it out with just enough clearance, keeping mind the space limitations between the car bumper and the concrete rise at the garage entrance.

Here’s where you might be a bit disappointed.

I had made arrangements with my neighbor Dan (Dan did the welding on the floor panels for me) for a Friday he had off to pull the engine.  I was going to “work” from home that day and we’d carry out the task in the morning – it’s pretty hot here in Southern Arizona this time of year.  Well, I had an issue at work and I had to run in for what I hoped would be only a few minutes – it took until noon.

By then, it was over 100 degrees and when I pulled into my driveway Dan was outside working on one of his projects.  After apologizing  I changed in to some grubby clothes real quick and we got to work.  By then it was about 106 degrees out and of course we are doing this outside.  We should have been done by  time we actually started and Dan’s adorable twins we hoping to make it the pool before their Dad had to head off to work for the evening.

I mention this all because I’m setting up you for the disappointment, (there is nothing more exciting than getting the engine out – well maybe putting a new one in, it’s a milestone worth capturing on video).  Given the above circumstances, I felt it very unfair to ask Dan and the twins to hang out while I stopped to talk you all and then perform a task and then record.  So I have no shots or video of pulling the engine out.

I can tell you that the torque converter gave us a bit of a problem and here’s one of the reason:


The nuts holding the torque convert on were pretty well-rounded. They been off before.

As soon we had the engine out and got the hoist over the concrete rise between the drive way and the garage floor, I thanked Dan and the twins (they were standing in the garage in full swimming attire – flippers include) for waiting for me.   Again a huge thanks to Dan the Neighbor!!!!  And yes the twins go to the pool!!!

Now I’ll start the tear down and see what’s going on with the 351C.

Thanks for reading.



Average Guy’s Car Restorations, Mods, and Racing Tagged: projectsportsroof … We are moving right along on #ProjectSportsRoof,with the 351 Cleveland rebuilt. Still getting it ready to be …
73 Mustang 351 Cleveland Rebuild – Removal Part 3

6 days ago We are moving right along on #ProjectSportsRoof,with the 351 Cleveland rebuilt. Still getting it ready to be pulled from the engine bay In this …
restorable classic cars | Tumblr

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof. I’m getting ready to pull the 351C from between the fenders of the 1973 Mustang SportsRoof for a complete rebuild.

1973 Mustang SportsRoof – Carpet Laid

Thanks for picking backup with blogging of the work done on the 1973 Mustang Sports Roof (#ProjectSportsRoof).

The floors are done and the heat and sound barrier are completed and it’s time for the carpet.

I’ve seen some pretty awful quality carpet for cars and I’ve had friends that attempted to use the one piece kits with not great success.  I chose to go with ACC Carpet 2 piece set.  Because my car was ordered special ordered with the Mach I Interior I went with their “Original Style Molded Fastback Mach I for 1971-1973” (CJ’s Part Number MC9-V).  It is really well-formed and pre-cut for steering column and even dimmer switch.

The pieces come folded in a box and needs to be laid out flat for a while before installing. Luckily I live in Arizona and the sun makes quick work for that.


Here are the two pieces laid out on the hood of #ProjectSportsRoof.


This image shows the pre-cuts and forming in the front piece.  ‘A’ is the cutout for the steering Column, ‘B’ is the quality built-in vinyl floor mat, ‘C’ is the cutout for the dimmer switch and  ‘D’ is the very well-formed door jamb and finally ‘E’ is the transmission tunnel formed part.

Here’s a pick of how it just lays there and conforms to the floor.


Now check out the full shot with the front sections in place and the shift bezel in place.  Looks pretty good, yes?


At point ‘A’ you can see the contour of the floor mat portions of the carpet piece.  ‘B’ is the hole with the seat mounting stud protruding (you have to cut that) and both ‘C’ locations show just a simple X cut to allow the seat bolts to slip through.

This last still shot is with the rear pieces laid out.



You can see the forming in the carpet where the rear mount of the front set lays.  The circle is where I had to cut to allow the bolt to slide in.

Here is  little video.


I’m very please with this carpet.  As of this blogging I haven’t finished trimming it. In real-time it’s been a few months.  I had to put the seats back in and get it to a charity car show.   Before I had a chance to get back to carpet, the Cleveland developed a bottom end knock and that’s were we are today.  I can finish up more interior work while the engine is out.

The 351C rebuild is coming up next for #ProjectSportsRoof.

Thanks for reading!!!


1973 Mustang SportsRoof

1973 Mustang SportsRoof

Average Guy’s Car Restorations, Mods, and Racing

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof. With the floor pans welding, sealing and coating finished the next step was to apply the heat and sound barrier. This is …
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Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof. With the floor pans welding, sealing and coating finished the next step was to apply the heat and sound barrier. This is …


1955 Ferrari 375 Plus Cabriolet at the 2016 Elegance at Hershey — Mind over Motor

Ferrari ownership and postwar royalty seem to go hand-in-hand, especially one offs. This 1955 375 Plus Cabriolet is a one-off specialty car built for the ex-King Leopold III of Belgium, and is a mix of the older engineering that put Ferrari on the map in the early Fifties and newer styling features that would later […]

via 1955 Ferrari 375 Plus Cabriolet at the 2016 Elegance at Hershey — Mind over Motor

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Northern California Cars – Driveby (VW-Hot Rods) and U.S. Coast Guard TRACEN

Every now and then I get to tag along with my wife as she hops around the country working on Interior Design projects for her employer Aviar Design (a commercial design firm).

This trip was to Petaluma, Ca, where beautiful farmland meets redwood forests meets the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  It also the home of U.S. Coast Guard TRACEN training center and some awesome cars.

But first a shout out to the often unsung heroes – the men and women of the United States Coast Guard.  They keep our coast lines and your families safe!!   After nearly 35 years of being assigned to and around military installation all over the world (both Jill – ret. E8 and I -12 years- are USAF veterans) I think the Coast Guards training facility in Petaluma is one of the most beautiful anywhere.  The facilities are top of the line, the installation pristine and teeming wild turkeys, deer and a host of woodland animals.  We’ve enjoyed our both are trips there.  The hospitality was unsurpassed.   Thanks warriors!!!!!



Let’s talk about cars.  Although not as plentiful as you might see in Southern California (we lived there for 4 years) but they are there.  We didn’t have the time for stop and photograph all we was but there are some awesome trucks (hey…it’s farm country) and a lot of hidden gems with tons of potential.  After all this is where they filmed portions of the awesome car movie – American Graffiti.  Just outside of Petaluma, there’s a farm with a 69-70 Mustang tucked under a cover to protect it from the marine layer as it rolls in and out of the farmland and redwoods.   The hills are dotted with homes that have 1950-1970 truck parked under over or in full service.

Here are a few I was able to get a few shots of some for the unique motor cars.

Take this 1930’s Ford Hot Rod – straight out of the move American Graffiti!!!

Check out those headers!!!!

Check out those headers!!!!













I had to get a shot of the vintage tread, redline, red steel and wiiiiiiiiiiiiide white walls!!!!

I had to get a shot of the vintage tread, redline, red steel and wiiiiiiiiiiiiide white walls!!!!












A little further up North in the Anderson Redwoods we ran into the a 9 hole golf course tucked between redwood trees..what????? Parked in the parking lot was a good example of the 1980’s Firebird TransAm

Crager SS mags, fender scopes!!!

Crager SS mags, fender scopes!!!














There were a huge number of VW vans – heck it’s California after all.  There are the traditional VW buses and the Westfalia van’s every where – still!  Check out this drop side van.

Nicely restored!!!

Nicely restored!!!

Framework is there for the canvas top.

Framework is there for the canvas top.

One of the coolest we notice was this work in progress.

Citroen Van

Citroen Van

The owner has plans for the French work horse as it’s clearly under surgery.   Think of the possibilities:

CitroenVan H Van Citroen Van Citroen Hy Van


This is just a sampling of the car culture in Northern California.  I’m hopping to make it back there with a couple of days free to just explore and peak under some of those car covers.


Thanks for reading.


1973 Mustang SportsRoof

1973 Mustang SportsRoof